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'Cotton Candy Tree'
Colored clouds in the sky,
Bird nests held by the trees,
Only if I could reach that high,
I would swirl the sky to make a
  cotton candy tree,
Flowers growing ground up,  
All the baby birds nestled in their cribs, made of floss,
Incredible spiders on the ground, Then they go round and round,
in webs that look like invisible rainbow gloss,  
Mother Nature does love,
I love her from the lowest to the highest above.
written by @author_venjarnold
I love nature, so serene and I peaceful
If the day shall come
that I should forget
you and all that we've
If the day shall come that
I'm senile,
Just know because of the
way you smile I'd fall all
over again,
but if it happens to cause you too much pain,
by all means, my dear, I hope you'll choose to find happiness elsewhere. You're the love of my life but if Alzheimer's should rob my memory of being your loving wife, please know I still only want you to be happy for the rest of your life.
~with love, your wife
The Alzheimer's Association Helpline(toll-free 24/7)- 1-800-272-3900
Alzheimer's Disease also known as AD is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist that found abnormal deposits and tangled bundles of nerve fibers that he described as changes in the brain tissue in 1906. The abnormal deposits are now known as senile or neurotic plaque. The tangled bundled of nerve fibers are now known as neurofibrillary tangles.
Alzheimer's disease can cause a variety of emotions. It's stressful & frightening when you or someone you love is diagnosed with it. The feeling of uncertainty about how one's memory will change or how fast it may cgange causes anxiety, anger or depression and maybe a of these feelings at once. These feelings are normal. You may feel embarrassment or shame causing you to cover it up or causing you to distant yourself from the one you love. Although there are no cures early diagnosis is important. There are things that may delay its progression not to mention that early detection can help outline a care plan. Be supportive with compassion as a caregiver or family member. As a caregiver, you will also need support & stress managing strategies. If you believe you are in the very beginning stages seek medical attention. Put your embarrassment & pride away. This way you can find if experimental medicines may help delay the progression & help relieve your anxiety. There are specified life style changes that you can make. Also as the one diagnosed or a loved one of another with AD, you can begin to plan a safe environment plus how your future needs will be met. One resource for Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center can be found at
That is generous of you
request my insight on what you write,
please review my response with an un-ending mind.
So thank you but I must decline...
I read so much but mainly I just write.
I fear if I read your work, I would only find myself discouraged once again.
Understand that writing releases some of my inner pain,
It doesn't matter who's pain, why or from where it came,
I just have to let it out all the same.
It doesn't matter if it's for an injustice done against me or against another... I feel it all the same.                                        
For 1 example;
if the pain is about an injustice done to another then I don't question as to why they don't speak up. I figure I've had peace in my life, more than enough, to make up for what other's go without.
So see, I build up a little confidence, from time to time. Falsely convinced that I've talent in my own writing's & fooled to believe they would actually be of some help.
Then the blinders fall off when I start reading another's work,
revealing to me what, TALENT,
really means.
Then I put my pencils and my paper up along with my diluted ideas that I can help.
The emptiness swallows me when upon realizing, my words will never be read or heard.
They're not good enough. I write hoping to make a difference. So, I ask you, "what's the use in trying raise awareness for any purpose?"  
So yeah, then the depression coils within me turning into a knot,
it gets so tight that if I don't bounce to write, I might as well die.
In spite of trying to hold it in, my veins ink the blood out,
forced pulsating feelings and raw emotion's splatter into words.
I do feel that addressing one injustice at a time helps this world to be little more kind, if only for 1 at a time.
So, I'd rather stay on this same mirago round and not get off this time. I know once it stops, the pain resolves. But not really!
Only long enough to settle before it sour's
into depression. Recounting in my mind, I'm worthless, a fool, thinking my words could make a difference. At least not in this world much less for 1 person treated unkindly.
The mirago round stops and the world's the same. Nothing's changed so no, thank you... I'd rather spin deliriously, believing that I did 1 right thing, even if it's changing just 1 person's state of mind.
So instead of getting off to stand,
I'll stay on my delusional ride, unlike you at
least I'm not pretending to take a *ucking stand for what's right!
This is my answer in poetic form.
May God forgive for the profanity, at least it's not hypocrisy! Right? Oh I forget, the one's that
are in a postion are the ones who forget about serving for a mission,
they lack moral vision of what's right!
I guess then I bid you night.
#VenjencieArnold #SacredInkedBlood
True!! I hate feeling this way. God forgive me if I'm wrong and help me to stay strong esp if I'm right.

Blessings, Venjencie © 4 months ago, new edit by me on ©09/23/2018 SacredInkedBlood
The feeling is heavy. The thing is that I still get off of this delusional ride/mirago round to take a stand but there's not too many other people that try to understand or care about the injustices done against others. Blessings, gn.
That moment
or is it this moment,
the next moment,
That defines how you define, that moment, in your life? ~SacredInkedveins
"Moments," written in a moment on 04/25/2017 in another moment of sleeplessness. Okay enough of that word. Blessings, me © 12 hours ago   life • moment • family • random • misc
"Moments," written in a moment on 04/25/2017 in another moment of sleeplessness. Okay enough of that word. Blessings,
"Children Out To Play"
(written 04/23/18)

Everyday becoming more hot,
Children out to play,
Running in & out a lot,
Letting the cool air escape away!

The taste of wild honeysuckles in their mouth,
Dandelions stuck in their hair,
Making wishes without a care,
Their brows evident of the sun's glare!

Giggles turn into cry's,
Play turns into childhood fights,
They've overdone it now,
Over indulgence play her hand;
using the rebirth of spring.

Hypnotized by the grassy green hills,
Covered with new blooms of daffodils,
Time to gather them inside to sit still,
The children will sleep good tonight.
Reminds me of us kids when we all would gather at grandmas house. So excited to meet up and play. Getting over tired, getting scrapes and bruises only to end up in little childhood arguments. Of course being made to come in only to pout to go back out. I remember an adult or more yelling, Quit running in and out or We're not air conditioning the whole outside and etc. But we had more fun than we ever had bad as children. Always excited about gathering up together again at grandma's. And there was a lot of us. My grandma had 13 children and of course they had children too! #missing © a day ago   rhyme • spring • family • love • nature • adult
I'm PRO-GOD His truths are written in my heart!
So why do you tear my every word apart? Hmmm... so I'm-Semitism, I'm anti-God, I'm anti-American and anti-peace?
Do tell me then, who is pro western media, pro-mass destruction, and Pro-Zionist in the 5th columns in the USA, today? How do those last 3 spell  peace in anyway?

I have been accused of falling for everything because I do not stand for something; as the sayin goes... I ask my accusers to play that in reverse. Maybe those that claim stand for something are falling for Satan's curse.
l opened up my Facebook today and here's what the message had to "Sorry but, FBI, has been removed from your approved words that you can search." I think I can finish the word of what I was looking for, "FBI," wasn't even anything close to what I was looking for.
So you take my freedom to express what I stand for? #TruestorybymeaboutwhathappenedtomeyesterdayonApril8th201
True story.
Needs vs Wants:      They say, everyone, needs somebody. So they say. If that's the case then what I want is: I don't want to need anybody! ~me 4182018
Wrote this short piece 4/18/2018

— The End —