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Petrichor May 5
         You've turned into dirt.

Twisted away in fragile positions,
You've turned into dirt.
          How does it feel to be this vulnerable?

To be plucked from your home, and bought with dirt to be sold off to the husband who forgot his wife's birthday?

To be called 'beautiful', only to be left rotting away?
To sit beside a bed of 'beautiful' red roses, who think they'll be safe forever. To know they'll turn into you, you who has moulded into dirt.

These eyes fall on you now,
   they feel guilt,
      they feel remorse,
(they feel happy?)
          they feel like a murderer.

They run to drench you with water.

                           The poor white tulips,
                                              and the poor pink roses
                     will you be fixed from this phase of dirt?
Here is to those bouquets of flowers the lucky ones received.
Perhaps, you were lucky,
perhaps the flowers were not.

PS. I've written a poem after a year so it's definitely not my best work, not even close. Perhaps as I continue, it may get better?
Sa Weol May Apr 24
I pray for a lucid dream tonight,
In a sky colored carpet floor,
Seasoned with bluish tulips
on the ground,
In a pure white long dress,
decorated with pearls,
with happy people beside,
Seeing tall pine trees,
With a calming cloudy weather,
Bits of sunshine
that balances the mood of the setting,
Singing behind the white cottony curtain,
Someone's listening
and waiting for me,
Curtain opens,
Ended the song,
Take down the microphone,
I see someone from a bit distance,
A sudden music played,
That made everyones happy tears fell
and touched,
I walk towards where the man is,
Blurred, but as I go forth to him,
Little by little,
He is getting clearer
From afar, I know
That it is you,
At the end
Of the altar.

Ashlynn Rose Dec 2020
In our garden, I will plant your tulips next to my wildflowers, only because your two lips always happen to find their way into the wildest parts of my soul.
ava Nov 2019
Floating on my bed
was hoping for autumn
yet I woke to spring
watched as fields of tulips spread
heads bouncing in the breeze
purple, pink, white
they shied away from my peering eyes

my slick hand held as a hostage
sweat covered in a thick layer,
the grass tickling my fingers
as the shy sun slowly started closing in
it was time to go home
away from my small paradise
it was time to float again.
Cedric Nov 2019
Autumn leaves fall down,
I lay on a bed of withered leaves.
Beside me are tulips,
All in a colorful yellow.
Gaze at a blue rose,
Imaginary and unique,
Longing for peace - love.

Garnering my strength,
I toil to sow my own seeds.
I sink on my bed,
Losing all my colorful fervor.
Becoming one with the Earth I loved,
Attuning  my soul to the flowers.
An acrostic of yellow tulips and blue roses; of death of love
Anastasia Sep 2019
red roses
and tulips
in your hair
on mine
a day
like this
in the air
on my waist
cherry taste
this love
of mine
by crimson twine
blood drips
from tiny ******
sharp thorns
with ruby tips
with all of my being, i love him
Anastasia Jun 2019
roses in my ribs
lilies on my lips
pearls in my pockets
tulips on my tongue
honeysuckles on my heart
tiger flowers on my thighs
marigolds on my mirror
you make me bloom ♥
Logan Robertson May 2019
in the face of spring~
tulips eye the first rain drop~
ahead of sunshine~

Logan Robertson

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