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Time can be cruel,
it waits for who it chooses,
other's it refuses,
It drags on by,
for some who are in sorrow and pain,
for some it moves quickly,
when finally happiness is their gain,

Time has a mind of it's own,

who it picks or why is unknown,
For some, time goes by kindly slow,
when their lives hold happiness,
it stops to let it grow,
it'll fly...
they don't suffer before they die,
Time is no particular friend of mine,
Purposely dISrUPting this life,
that I've always known.
@©Author Ven J. Arnold
June 2029
From my experience I've found TIME, to be a purposeful enemy to some, but I don't understand it. Why does it not go slower for some who are having happiness but for other's it'll slow down so they can smell the roses longer. It punishes some while giving other's privileges.
A M Ryder Dec 2016
When it's blown to pieces, that's when it becomes art.
Art is a demon, a demon that drags you along.
It's messy and ***** when it pours out of you.
It's not something you can stop even if you should.
Maybe your wife leaves you
Maybe your kid runs away
Maybe you go insane..
You throw yourself away to be an artist
70 Percent Feb 2018
Sodium deposits in my legs.
Why do my pills look like eggs?
All of my clothes turned into rags.
Watch me as my elbow sags.
My life has fallen to the drags.
look at that beautiful old hag.
This is a beautiful place.
Я хочу деньги
Sodium deposits in my leh=gs
Я хочу деньги

— The End —