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Man Feb 4
in her clenched hand
she held a rose,
recently wilted
i saw its thorns
dug into her palm
like wire barbed

small and unassuming
gasping for breath
she had the heavy scent
of gasoline
each iris was a match lit
and she laid her gaze on me

let me be your fuel,
burn me down
and lament over the ashes
At first light, I turn my head
towards an open window
and listen to the dove’s lament.
I know his pain. I know his cry.

He weeps in such a way
that makes me wish
I could answer,
but only God or another dove
can heed that call.

I turn my head away from the window,
pull warm covers back over my ears
and wait for him to fly away.
N Dec 2020
There is
a foul taste
in my mouth

A cave with circus
elephants in my chest

A sinking ship
in my stomach

A grieving cloud
in my tearful eyes

It is as though I
have died after you
Kitt Dec 2020
one: "mom"

crossing the line she had drawn in the sand
cussing me out from holding my hand
these rules and lies all she made up
her chalice of fire scorching my cup

rue the day she came to know
the silent demon hid in my soul
pushing memories out of the way
and succumb to a chasm of arid dismay

two: "rules"

forget the burning in your *****
forget the cursed mine of coins
forget the lashings from her lips
forget the sinner b'twixt my hips

eyes that sting when open too long
voice that scratches when given song
bodies that itch for cursed delights
heart that relates pleasure and fright

three: "Mary"

blessed are they that feel the burn
holy is she that ignores the yearn
but what should she get for crossing her thighs?
not honor nor respect, but labor and sighs

'sainthood becomes her,' the elders all say
'so honest! so pure! and see just how fair!'
whilst only yesterday they'd cursed the *****
remanded to outcast; covered no more.
Kaim Dec 2020
night shocked me, again,
as I fell deeper,
and flown out like winds -
it had froze my sanity,
it stole my soul,
and that was the first night
in grief, I drowned,
soaked in night's down pouring -
shivering, shivering,
then, it shocked me again
the night has flickering lights
only to see me devour alive.
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
you were the one who
smiled at me from across the room
just to keep our secret.

you were the one who drove
and drove and drove endlessly just
to show me your favorite song.

you were the one who held my hand
under the blanket we shared
in a room full of people.

you were the one who got excited
when you thought that just maybe
i was excited too.

you were the one who held me as we woke
and would do things that
showed me you felt like yourself.

you were the one who showed a small bit
of who you really are
and left me scrambling for more—

and now you are the one who never calls,
the one who never looks,
and the one who never happened at all.

who are you to me?
i really miss what we had :(
After days at stretch
of his stoic distress,
of an endless time,
of their golden lapse,
that the dawn of an echo
of past souvenir
made way for a picture
of clarity and of fear.
Never, not once, it seemed
he was a part indeed
of the world that
had left him in dire need
of a path to walk
or a need to fulfill
the vision of visionaries
the oath of infidels.
A broken ship ever
aground in an empty bottle
protected by none
and threatened by the slightest tremble,
did he realize the folly
in his mind’s decree,
the doldrum is the curse
while the wind lets you free.
BSween Oct 2020
The cello strains;
It sobs with me.
Laments a love
That cannot be.

The minor keys
that cannot sing
Play mournful notes
On broken string

Until the end of this discord
A melody worth waiting on.
Such harmony is thus restored
For I shall see my love anon.
Meca Sep 2020
Engulf me in love,
Break me in half,
Only once-more,
Only encore,
Lament time
Isabella Sep 2020
...A blue aurora full of brume, an atrabilious expression of grief
A haunting sight watched by the moon, sheltered by the cobalt reef
An arrantly perfidious man, where arrogance lies beneath
Distressing her and even then, apologies never escape his teeth...

‘Tis a broken song to sing, a bleak melody to ponder
The aching loneliness does bring, wounds not healing any longer
Tune flows out like streams of blood, lyrics sharp and somber
A poet’s hurt such as a flood, waves crashing ever stronger

Teardrops of the mighty flood, have now trickled to a river
Feet treading through the layers of mud, in their failing feat they quiver
A siren weeping ripples here, mourning love you refused to give her
That plangent song caresses ears, touch chilling as a shiver

Her throat burns yet she goes on, soft enough to make the earth quake
The very ground you step upon, rumbling with her tragic ache
How do you turn a blind eye, she’s been torn by your mistake
Her very soul does cry, while you can hardly even shake

She exonerates all you have done, furthermore she does beseech
Perhaps she’s lost but you’ve not won, alas her heart you shall not reach
A precious gem amidst the coal, enchanting those who wander near
The scene is stirring as a whole, dulling any calm presence here

A storm has passed tonight, though you still do not repent
Siren sings beneath blue moonlight, of the love she does resent
A lullaby to make you tremble, deep beneath the twisted torment
No longer shall she dissemble, all but you shatter at the poet’s lament
added a few paragraphs and rewrote some lines, enjoy <3
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