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Ray Jordan Jun 30
In sleep, I die a little more
Than where I’d been the night before.
My heart, tho’ pounding in my chest,
Wanes each and ev’ry passing breath
For nothing done can now restore.

By day, I live a little less.
Time marches on. I only guess
I’m closer to a bitter end
As Time has never been my friend,
Tho’ much was wasted, I confess.

I pause, contrite, in deep lament
For useful energy— never spent,
Or opportunity— never taken;
Disappeared— left forsaken,
Wond’ring where my youth was sent?

Now, I could dwell and wonder why
In pity for my clouded eyes,
Or rise, take in, as chances wait
For open heart. It’s not too late
To live before my time to die!
Had a heart attack last year and this poem goes through the process of my return to living.
I live for revenge
I think that you're passionate
Convinced that I'm already dead
Lavish and debonair
I'm in debt to the devil
For sleeping in His bed
Your impeccable guile
Compliments your style, mon frere

It's signed in fine print
From blood that was shed
Clever opponents notice fault
By words that they said

The shell of my former self
Now resides in my head
But there's no truth to the rumors
In fact, you're my favorite undead!

All that's left to cleanse my plate
To feed my greed driven palate
It's as though bountiful boisterous
oysters flood the palms of your hands

Is the life of sin reflecting this malice
You've got a natural talent
Filling my cup with fresh debauchery
In return for empty, eternal youth
Sometimes God has mastered His plan
And infernal immortality

There's no glory
To the story of Dorian Gray
You lack a certain pride
Replacing a soul for a void
An earthly presence inside
An endless hole for a voice
The essence to express yourself
With nothing to hide

An eternally bending road taken by choice
I can't decide if you were blessed
Or just took the lesser divide

For I touch those that I love with lust
All I know is when I look in your eyes
The left hand reaches, covered in dust
I'm taken for a ride
The rusty right preaches and rushes
We're so close even though
There hasn't been much time

Boasting dangerous anger
Strangely deranged
From making better strangers
Out of envious pushes
And I hope to know you better
But it's though you're never mine...

I sold my soul for no recourse
The door is closed
The window shut
The home divorced
The deal was wrong
The girl is gone
She left me short
So run along, you best be on
It won't be long
I'm after yours
Thank you fatemadememortal for the influence to this idea!
Don’t hate me, lover
I cannot help that I am haunted
I cannot help that I am used
Hands like sin-
Always in the places
We fear the most
Canis Latrans Apr 22
Heavens lament,
lest they find what drunkeness suits them best,
and be called happy.
Jenny Gordon Mar 31
..."they" swear I'm NOT (awake)--as the world is waking on every side as wont.


Green is astir, though yellow carpets hence
Look quite as if Death owns the grass' detail
Yet, and I know the violets nod t'avail
Now too.  If only I could finger thence
Those smiling faces!  Walk through all for sense,
Put off this nagging what? that dogs in pale
Excuse my waking hours, or be to scale
The saint I aught to be, in sheer defense.
So, Friday night I played the music fer
All that quite loudly, bobbed to it like'd do,
Stayed up past midnight, and slept like as twere
Some log, but can't shake off this sense that'd cue
Me.  I don't want aught music now.  Tis poor
I'm not asleep, but wish I was 'non too.

It's so fun being me.  Not.
Corey Mar 24

At night, my gaze is lifted to your grace.
I sink into my skin, relaxed upon the knowledge
that you are constant.  
Your quiet luminescence lights my way.
Your still movements sway in me,
like the ocean tides to your will.

And yet, when I fall I am not broken.
In me you will always stay.
And when I speak to you I have not spoken,
you know what I had meant to say.

At night, my gaze is lifted to your grace;
it holds me in its embrace.


For the nights that you've abandoned me,
I ask that you see my growing frustration.
My body becomes filled with a rage
that's fueled by an unhealthy obsession.

For in those nights I am weak, brittle;
feeling as if I've lost my balance.
In those nights I am broken, hurting;
on my knees sobbing in your absence.

And in those nights I search for you,
that you'll let your light seep in
But you show me that you never left,
I just chose not to see where you'd been.


You return like eyes opening;
the darkness parting to your beauty.

I'm reminded how well you know me
and that you always knew me.
You knew me when I was at my best,
and when I'd fallen to my worst.
You showed me there's safety in stars
and picked me up when my body was hurt.

I am thankful for your constant grace,
your willingness to effortlessly forgive;
your careful happiness that shines through me
and will continue to shine as long as I live.
mary liles Feb 16
Our garden was bare til you came,
And its sad land was suddenly filled
With life and light, and happiness through,
You pushed away the chill.

The day you showed was wondrous,
As a little green sprout you took your place,
And fought the weeds that tried
To choke your beauty and grace.

The clouds had been dreary,
The sky too grey and dull,
But when you came things took a turn,
And suddenly our lives were full!

The sun broke through and oh!-
Little rose, you grew and grew!
But now the sun is gone,
And so are you.
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