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em Mar 17
a year ago today, you left me
you sat there, at my darkest hour and decided
that i wasn't what you wanted anymore

i was naïve to believe in a forever for us
and even more so for thinking you'd save me from myself.

since then,
while i still feel a vacant spot in my heart
and in my soul,
i'm okay

even though i know you'll never call me again
i've grown to a point where if you came back to me,
i'd be just fine, without you.
really put my heart into this one.
I don't miss you, because the phrase 'I Miss You,'
Doesn't explain how my body aches;
To hold you,
To feel you,
To embrace you.
I yearn for you, 'Cause unlike Superman I can't live without my kryptonite.
I hunger for your voice to echo in my ears,
Simply because it is my favorite symphony.
I search for your fingers to caress mine,
So that they will become vines for ever in twinned.
I thirst for your affection;
Like a black man does for kool-aid.
Like a dying man does for first aid.
I crave for your love,
so hurry up and give me my fix.
I don't miss you.
I want you.
Amanda Francis Mar 2017
Turns out you were right!
You always liked to have the last word.

....I am too good for you...
Nisren Nov 2014
Oh how I ache to see you.
To be in your enchanting aura,
basking in the warm glow emanating from your radiance.
Your beautiful hazel eyes consume my soul,
blushing and smiling, our lips met.

— The End —