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Fire is so beautiful...
so captivating!
It baffles me,
how something
so beautiful can be so destructive!
I can be fire.
- SacredInkedBlood
It's true that things so beautiful can destroy you and even your soul. Be very cautious in this life.
Pat Dec 2018
Irony and strength combined
A brilliant mind
Stubborn and proud
Yet so kind

Captivates me like never before
Constantly orbiting towards your word
You undid me
You ignite me

So eager to know why is it you breathe
So eager to find out what does lie beneath
To unravel you whole
To know your soul
To meet your core
Aaliyah Salia Oct 2018
"Let not this world deceive you,
don't let it win,
don't make it your companion.
Don't drown in the fear it instills in your heart,
don't heed its sinful, yet captivating words.
Don't give in to its limitless beauty,
don't smile when it kisses your skin.
Don't let it force you to take a puff,
don't let it intoxicate you.
Don't let it order you,
don't let it make you dependent on it because eventually, it'll leave you.
Let not this world deceive you, my friend,
it might be kind-hearted, it might love you, but it'll also take you to **** with it.
It's a poison no one dares touch,
it's a prison no one dares enters."
What do you think of this world?
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
God's love is delight itself
it is beauty itself
it is tender yet fierce
sweet yet wild
steadfast yet unpredictable
enveloping yet freeing
captivating yet boundless
protective yet empowering
certain yet never boring
relentless yet gentle
secure yet mysterious
trustworthy yet exciting
all-consuming yet unfathomable
He is everything
you’ve ever hoped for, dreamed of,
longed after or imagined
and so much more
He is the Lover of your needy,
thirsty soul and He fights
continually for your heart
Sudeshna D May 2018
​Your voice was all I heard
The way you said every word
So genuine, honest and true
Captivating, but scary too..
Because I lose myself, my control
When your voice tickles my soul.
Things around get a bit blurry
Pupils dilate, speech gets slurry!
All the anxiety, this rush that I feel
Your voice'll cast a spell and heal.
Helene Marie Apr 2018
The fairy lights
danced in your eyes
as you twirled around;
Your bare feet on
the soft and summery earth;
Your laugh filling
the peaceful lull
contained in the time capsule
of the slowly melting dusk,
and it was in this moment
that they looked at you
with an awe-filled mist
clouding their eyes,
and they realized
how captivating you were
from the way you moved
to the way your smile
skipped across your lips
and lit up your face
like the stars twinkling
in the darkening sunset sky
above your heads
you are a time capsule..
jennifer delong Apr 2018
Wild and Colorful
sky's gone crazy , I say
Look it's lost control

Clouds are swirled
With colors so captivating
the sun has the sky lit to the eye

It's breathtaking & wild
It's got us in perfect attention
Staring gasping for words

Cameras clicking
It's got a heavy metal rhythm
Can you feel it
Can you dig it

Sky of wild imagination
Dancing with the wind
Twirling & Twisting

Sky & cloud gone crazy
Do you feel it
Can you dig it
© Jennifer L DeLong Dec 2016
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Radiant in her appearance
Illuminant in her glow
Translucent and iridescent
Light and airy as she goes

Captivating and fixated
Locked within my eyes
Invoking and inspiring  
Probing through the lies

Overwhelming beauty
Graceful and direct
Commanding sense of inner strength
Only I detect

True and straight
Pure of gold
Peaceful little dove
Always in my heart
The one I’ll always love
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