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Melody Mann Feb 2021
It was as if he had swallowed milk and honey,
intoxicating all who listened.

His words melted reality and crafted illusions beyond her mind's eye,
evoking dreams from the broken fragments she claimed whole.

He painted her canvas with colors she could only fathom,
the charismatic allure surrounding the energy they shared.

They crossed paths in an unlikely time,
feeling depth beyond destinations defined.
colette alexia Dec 2020
I just want to kiss you again
Feel the closeness of your face and the pressure of your lips
When you touched them to my forehead and gently just left them
Because you were in no rush and it felt somehow protective
I want to look in your eyes and kiss your laugh lines
I want you to hold me and say stay a while
To feel the ridge on your tongue where you bite it too much
Be overwhelmed by the security and the warmth of your touch
Was it as captivating for you, do you feel the same glow
You said that it was slow, that it was wonderful
Only two days in my life that I've kissed you
How many more will I miss you
Chandan Shersia Jul 2020
Captivated by the moon
Ignoring what surrounds her she stood
Under the midnight moonlight
Her silhouette shining across the lake
Longing for the moon
She howled to the night sky
Soon a ray of white light travels
Gold rays melting the lilac sky
Streaks of amber spreading through
As the shimmering sun rose high
There was no darkness
All the stars faded from the sky
And just like stars
She fades away gently and softly
As sunshine takes hold of the air
Oscar Valdez Feb 2020
My eyes saw her today
A poem written by nature's own hand
Painted with detailed description of the meaning of beauty
Beautiful like art
She knows not the limits of the power of her smile
So captivating it makes the sky happy, the earth warm, the roses blush, and the stars beam with jealousy
And her sent lingers in the air as I breathe her in...
She will be mine
Kayla Oct 2019
Have you ever felt a flame?
Have you ever seen something hot enough to melt the bitter ice block you call your heart. It’s scalding.
Sensual ****** flames that kiss your lonely corners and make you wonder how the fire department isn’t on stand by. Have you ever felt desire burn so deep in your bones you taste magma and blood?

What does that yearning bring you?

Why havnt the got **** fire alarms gone off yet? Do you wish for release? Or do you beg the embers to dance a little longer on your skin.
Is hot a temperature? Or does heat echo in your sweat and pores everytime you hear me? **** the ******* extinguisher. Set me ablaze! Light me up everytime you combust.  I just want to feel fire.
mythie Apr 2019
Baby, you’re one of a kind.
Your eyes light up my dim night skies.
The way you blow into that flute.
Hypnotic melodies.

Your magic blooming like flowers in Spring.
Causing even the dead to dance.
Everyone is left captivated.
They’d all like a piece of you.

Darling, your mind captures brilliance.
The kind no other has witnessed.
You’re a piece of art.
One of a kind.

Even with cold flesh.
Your smile imprinted onto the Earth.
Wishing this moment could last forever.
A masterpiece dug into the dirt.

And on your grave, I plant these flowers.
You’ll be sent to Heaven, baby.
Where your flame will rise.
And your high will never get low.
you're a piece of art.
Fire is so beautiful...
so captivating!
It baffles me,
how something
so beautiful can be so destructive!
I can be fire.
- SacredInkedBlood
It's true that things so beautiful can destroy you and even your soul. Be very cautious in this life.
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