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FJ Davis Oct 9
You love lies and despise reality. Nothing good
or innocent appeals to you. Your mind is clouded;
your soul, black. You are on a roller coaster to Hell
but, rest assured, I shall fervently defend your right
to complete that journey!
things are changing so

life is happening so

from one thing to the next,
supporting friends, working
at the cafe and hospital...

and things will continue to
change. as long as we are alive
nothing will ever stay the same
Evie Apr 14
it seems i am losing people

crazy how something that has been going on for so long can end so fast
Lae Mar 3
It felt like a shuddered memory, a ghost from the past i tried so hard to remove. Your name as i heard them in the silence of my sleep. The half paged book i left scattered on the floor and that gold antique necklace left where you held it. We were supposed to be happy, yet it ended so quickly.

- = - = - = - = - = - =

"We were so happy. Why did it end?"

"We were so happy that the heavens punished us."
Maria Etre Dec 2018
We fall in love
like we fall for
Sabila Siddiqui Dec 2018
Why do you give your heart
to the ones who carelessly drop them?

Why do you give your heart
to the ones who engrave their name,
scaring it with memories
and then leave it deserted?

Why do you give your happiness
to the ones who leech it out of your life?

Why do you root yourself into their
hearts, intertwining with them emotionally so quickly?

You know better than
to let them wound you.

But I don't know who they
are unless I give them.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Many a time I've asked
forgiveness In my life
for things I didn't get
right, wasted so much
of my youth thinking
there will always be a
But sadly
youth withers quickly
with age before you'd
know It, your once youthful look had
simply has
Now old everything
so much more difficult
to do, where once
nothing was to hard all things took In my stride, for once youth was on my
A poem of youth lost happens all too quickly In gone In a blink of an eye's
Lily Oct 2018
My eyes are like the fog around a lake on a cold morning day
Shaded and grey
Yet as intriguing as the summer haze
As daylight savings time shortens our days to bring us an early sunset ray
I lay my head to rest upon my fluffed up pillow set
Falling asleep quickly to awake bright and early and feel as great as when our eyes had met...
Sarah Sep 2018
you love it, don’t you?
to be powerful and adored
to have people fighting for even a sliver of your attention
oh how i long to be free from your orbit
but being around you feels less like love
and more like a relapse
how am i supposed to move on from someone as intoxicating as you my dear?
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