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Mark Toney May 2023
value sweet friendship
be quick to resolve problems
don’t let the sun set

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
5/7/2023 - Poetry form: Senryu
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2022
I stand and wobbily make way to the door

Night fallen so quickly again

Afraid of dark
Shut the door and turn around
Not before flipping the lock

Instead of going to move amongst glowing lights and the odor of *****
Slip into pajamas and slide under the covers of my dependable bed
If patient
Sleep will find my skull eventually

So once more I am left in the space between dreams and reality
To float amidst streams of wind inside my empty mind
Jennifer DeLong Aug 2021
So quickly you forget
I just was with you
And so quickly
you forget , I exist
That's what frustrates
me the most
It's ok **** no it's not
I keep yelling to myself
Telling myself don't go
The text I get
maybe weeks later
I go again
I really can't continue
So quickly you always
forget ..
Why am , I so
quickly forgotten
I hope , I will figure
it out
And so quickly maybe
I will forget you to
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Time can be cruel,
it waits for who it chooses,
other's it refuses,
It drags on by,
for some who are in sorrow and pain,
for some it moves quickly,
when finally happiness is their gain,

Time has a mind of it's own,

who it picks or why is unknown,
For some, time goes by kindly slow,
when their lives hold happiness,
it stops to let it grow,
it'll fly...
they don't suffer before they die,
Time is no particular friend of mine,
Purposely dISrUPting this life,
that I've always known.
@©Author Ven J. Arnold
June 2029
From my experience I've found TIME, to be a purposeful enemy to some, but I don't understand it. Why does it not go slower for some who are having happiness but for other's it'll slow down so they can smell the roses longer. It punishes some while giving other's privileges.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Saw it unfold before my very eyes

But it happened too quickly for me to wrap my life back up into the neat little box it was packed in
Pandora doesn't go back into the box
things are changing so

life is happening so

from one thing to the next,
supporting friends, working
at the cafe and hospital...

and things will continue to
change. as long as we are alive
nothing will ever stay the same
Evie Apr 2019
it seems i am losing people

crazy how something that has been going on for so long can end so fast
Lae Mar 2019
It felt like a shuddered memory, a ghost from the past i tried so hard to remove. Your name as i heard them in the silence of my sleep. The half paged book i left scattered on the floor and that gold antique necklace left where you held it. We were supposed to be happy, yet it ended so quickly.

- = - = - = - = - = - =

"We were so happy. Why did it end?"

"We were so happy that the heavens punished us."
Maria Etre Dec 2018
We fall in love
like we fall for
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