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If there is
a way
to happiness
I will do whatever it takes
to get there.
Over mountains and lakes,
oceans and trails,
I will get to happiness
no matter what
it takes.
It's somewhere out there...
Amanda Jan 11
On a road, I don't know where it leads
I don't care that I am lost
Feet are burning but I continue on
Determined to escape at all costs

I will keep going until my knees buckle
Regret following with steady pace
Broken dreams viewed in my periphreals
Cannot be fixed, salvaged, or replaced

Mile by mile, distancing myself
Unable to fully outrun lurking past
Almost is as good as I get
Have the lead for a moment but always come in last

I travel at a safer pace
I'm already immersed in danger
Desperation grows as I lift legs
Lengthy journey stretches riling anger

There is no detour to avoid my confusing thoughts
Maps behind eyes I'm striving to chart
I stumble but I still advance
I'll always follow my heart
Follow your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you
Penelopejayde Oct 2018
A  B  C  D  E
F  G  H  I’m
J  K  L  M N
O  P  Q  R Still
learning T
U  V  W  X  Y
Leaning about life
Austin Stafford Sep 2018
My thoughts wander the twisting trails deep within the forest of my mind
Growing happens through pain and not through comfort.
Cat Lynn Aug 2018
I'm so sick and tired of trying...
                                          Anything I try to accomplish leaves me dying

I hate this frustration... I hate this urge...
                  God, I'm waiting... I'm trying... This feeling I want to  purge

What do you want? What is it I need to do???
        I feel so lost... so far gone on the path I need to be on... I've been removed...

Can you see my trembling hands?... That are too heavy to lift?
               They are chained to the edge... This wasn't what I wished...

My stomach is ******* in knots... My body is ripping apart

I AM SO SHAKE'N I am grasping on to the edge.... and I can't see the bottom
You tell me to let go.... and I stare at you with wide eyes... "What's the problem?"

My hands are being scratched as I try to hold on....bleeding and fading...
"I can't see the bottom... what if I don't survive when I reach it?" My body was shaking...

"I'll be there to catch you..." "Will it hurt? Lord, I'm so scared... Don't let me go.."
"My child... look... and believe.. and trust me... let go.."

I cried out... trembling in fear... so terrified.. wishing to live.
but at the same time... wishing I could die away to escape this pain... let it give...

"Let go...." "God...No...please no..." I begged, in a soft helpless voice...
You kneel down to me, my body slowly slipping away into the challenge of darkness. "Fine... You leave me no choice..."

You cut the chains... and watch me fall...
I found myself screaming... as I curled pathetically into a ball...

I whimpered... as my hair stood on end and entangled its self into a snarled web.
The speed of winds suffocate my nostrils, the free fall of emptiness hugged me "There is no hope..." it said

Am I the name of conflict? Why does it feel like I'm stuck into this eternal free fall of the same emotion?
The color never changes... only the shadows around me seem to be growing darker and closer with every motion...

I cry as this vertical hole began to enclose and grow thinner... and there's nothing I can do...

Banged... Scrapped... Bruised... Injured... from my body forcefully going down this narrow hole...
Blood blocking my vision... wanting to die just to escape this torment... wanting to take back control...

I'm blacking out... let me see the light again... although all of this hurts... and it feels like it's all getting worse...
it's worth going through... because, Lord... I know you'll catch me... and build me back up...but stronger... through this one **** of a course...

\                                                     ­                                                              /
  \                                                             ­                                                  /
    \                                                           ­                                                /
      \                                                         ­                                              /  
        \                                                     ­                                              /
          \                                                     ­                                          /
            \                                                   ­                                        /
              \                                                 ­                                      /
                \                                               ­                                    /
                  \                                             ­                                  /
                    \                                           ­                                /
                      \                                         ­                              /
                        \                                       ­                            /
                          \                                     ­                          /
                            \                                   ­                        /
                              \                                 ­                      /
                                \                               ­                    /
                                  \                             ­                  /
                                    \                           ­                /
                                      \                         ­              /
                                        \                       ­            /
                                          \                     ­          /
                                            \                   ­        /
                                              \                 ­      /
                                                \               ­    /
                                                  \             ­  /
                                                    \           /
                                                      \       /
                                                        \   /
                                            PLEASE CATCH ME
         I may not understand... and I may lose a limb or two...
I may want to die... I may not understand... but I won't stop..I trust
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Focus on the goal
To reach the sun

Even if
One falls
One will be somewhere
Up in the space
One can be
Proud of

Keep walking
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Never Stop
PoserPersona May 2018
Through these woods on red tint trails;
Mount Hood is where I go

Stresses regress on mountain's back;
steady streams glisten bliss

Little lizards crawl round rocks
Mother Nature their only clock

In summer's open fields of grass,
yellow flowers bloom in pacts

Colored birds tune melody
Forest whispers harmony

Private property impedes my journey.
Hey, this is my earth, too.

Birds, trees, and humming bees may swing as they desire
But God forbid my fellow man idle just one hour

Open roads open doors
to worlds I've never seen before

I enter.
You may shoot to my doom, but I intend to bloom
mslu Mar 2018
The second time

was at a celebration of souls
where creesed-up eye lids were adorned
with laughter and teeth confettied all around
in the midst of the vibe
had my mouth open in accordance with the dance of laughter
when your scent found my tongue
through conversations, amplified throat vibrations
it took a while to savour you flavour
for me to feel

its you again. "

i tried to spit you out like I do with the rest of them
but I didn't.
i couldn't.
you seeped into my conscious, strongheld my reasoning
and I still don't know who you are
what you are
how you are doing this
i'm just left blinded to everyone
and focused on feeling you
mint Dec 2017
there’s a gouging hole where my chest used to be
ever since the moment i met you
a tiny piece of me has crumbled and fallen to the floor
leaving trails of myself as i pass
and over the months as i have been chipped away at
my soul
has emptied

i’ve grown tired of the pain
i’ve grown tired of the wanting and the longing

i’ve rushed to pick up pieces of myself again but i found that they don’t fit

i am not the same anymore

we are not the same

nothing will be like it was
these months have sloshed like water, up and down and now the water is gone
a new tide has come in

and i don’t know how to fit here in these waters
what to expect from them

acceptance rolls in between my fingers
touching my skin and begging to be absorbed
this past month i have been playing with it in my hands, feeling its tacky sticky texture

it promises no returns, only a way to pick up my pieces again and fill in the gaps you left, with it’s presence

i lay on the ground
water laps at my body and pushes bits of me into the holes they once occupied

i lay

my hand is now covered in it, the acceptance

i lay in the slowness, the grey sounds of the water filling my ear and there is nothing i can do but wait

wait for the acceptance to over take my body
wait for myself to be whole again

i remember your face and i wonder how that’s ever possible

and yet here i am, being put back together and remedied

here i am

waiting for my impossibilities to soak into my skin and become possible

here i am
i dont know how to get over her but i will, its happening, i just have to wait
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