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Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
How many tries does it take?
One too many creates a boulder,
That takes a mountain to climb.
The path is reborn at dawn but unfinished at dusk.
Moments filled with bricks,
Stolen from the ones that gave you breath
Slowly scraping the surface,
To unveil the colors inside
Only to find they were uprooted.
Seconds before your time
Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
I am untied
Bound not by the broken leaves
Severed from the golden dew
Released from the budding rose
Sweet song fills my bones
One that if heard by others
Melts into the silence
Ridges lie flat beneath my feet
Untouched by the desire of the heart
Or the melancholy of the mind
Snow fills the footprints
That I leave behind
Masking the ghost of the trail
Exposing the grief within
Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
Words spill out from under me
The twinkle in the distance blooms no more
Efforts and blood seem entangled
United as an entity only meant for destiny
My kingdom of walls soars higher
Growing roots with each brick
Late nights and wallowed time
Seep into the Earth
Never to unmask its colors
Wistful stares and bleeding hearts
Fit into the empty space
Built by the last stroke of life
That hid in the shadows of midnight toil
Hinges creak in the last breath of their time
To never let another through
Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
My blood strains in my chest
In my gut
My lungs tighten by the second
I rush through my thoughts
Paralleled by the worry racing through my veins
Black ink follows my eyes through every corner
It taunts my memory
Demanding infiltration
But all I see is a jumbled haze
Of death sentences written on every wall
In every book
Steaming from the voices of those around me
Voices that reek of mimicry and torture
Voices reminding me I am empty, hollow
Crushed by the weight of expectation
I bury my head into the desire of the world
I allow myself to be dragged across fields of jargon
That penetrate my sanity
Numbness spreads like an alarm from my fingers to my toes
I succumb
I am a machine
Enslaved by the black ink
Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
You loved me once
You loved me twice
You loved me everyday
Every moment, every smile, every second
But you left me
Leaving only whispers behind
I feel your memory in the silence
I love you in the emptiness
I see you in the darkness
But you left me
Your ashes scar my dreams
Your scent haunts my days
Your eyes pierce mine
Drowning in memory
I see you once more
Your fingers brush mine
I listen for your heartbeat
And find only the hummingbird’s song
And I remember
You left me
Vanessa Goyal Jul 2020
I don’t know how to love
My heart cries everyday for you
It stings with the needles that your words create
Your actions burn like fire in my tender skin
My eyes swim in rivers of regret
I see you with contempt
But love you with life
My brain bites the sound of your song
Every night I long for you in my arms
Slowly, the gravity of your presence kills me
It shatters my soul and carves my wounds
My flesh kindles in the flame
That you stir with one glance
Only you quench the ache that you create
I would die for you
But you would **** me first
Love is tangled in between
I don’t know how to love
Victor D López May 2020
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