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Birds of December,
carrying memories of you,
I don't need reminders,
instead send by wings, God's angels, so I can be there with you,
I'm a nobody to anybody,
I'm forgotten, already gone,
down on the floor, face down,
crying out to the Lord,
to make their reality the truth,
I'm a nobody to everybody, in this place,
beggin' you Lord to take me soon,
no need to end this with, 'amen', because it won't end, until the Faithful Amen sends me through.
This is part 1 based on a real experience. A true story of how I got hurt in a place you'd never expect to get hurt. In my whole life I've never been broken in this way. Blessings to you. I hope that you never have to go thorough this. Author Ven J Arnold
Find me on you tube under Jencie Arnold
Tara Sep 2018
Physically I live here
My veins weave through the house
My limbs dig into the sheets
My voice lingers through each room,
yet I barely feel my own presence

Spiritually I’m on another planet
My heart races with the stars
My soul showers in rainstorms
My eyes dance with galaxies,
but my mind wimpers for a better tomorrow

It’s a choice,
to stay in my own head,
I’ve found solace in my daydreams
discovered a world beyond mine,
but I can never stay there for too long

I get lost in the thought of another life,
because I can’t seem to come to peace with mine
I climb the tallest trees
Just to get close to the sky,
so maybe I could spread my wings and fly
Robin Carretti Apr 2018
I could see for miles                    Up $ Up
Why so difficult to move
a smile stay put to raise      so upliftingly +
A new existence a phrase
You could move miles          2-  Praise                            
                                                        way up and away  
You're voicing the big hit         uptowards you
Mentally sing rejoicing            
The slightest smile                                                          
 ­ Where did it go??                                      

I see your smile sadly

Oh! No

Move the frown
Miles way down                                  


Oh! no  downward
           ­   3 times
              Love me more
              Chosen 1
                     On 1
              One more chance

              Oh! God

Godly wait the smile++
Welcoming so inviting
"The Meeting" his smile
How it timed us the door
Smiles hit us through the floor
Winding moving staircase
What goes up must come
down picking up
Their smile's the love pair

U-R going down
Somewhere mentally
Bonded together

Hot-headed The Pillsbury
Dough man you are the
Miles of lovey
He's "Gooey Oh! Joey"

The cool landing
You were marked
"The Given"  To give and love
but feeding the poor    
The next time your           
   "Smiley face"  
  ­  Brings
more lifts
More gifts @ the door
Gifts of happiness
God first
Not always about being
first class

Having any luck? love labeled

Such a sprinkled mind

Mental telepathy
Mentally everything

Wearing his College
school ring was something
The bell rings
swinging jazz pitch

In school remembering
the lost and found
His eyes were striking out
Dodgeball telling her

He didn't want to lose her
She made the Robin Joy Fly
the home run became all her
She won him over the shooting
Stars "Godly smiles nothing
compare to their love look above
Mentally we all need a smile escape relax and sit back and enjoy the smiles
Morgan Gail Feb 2018
can i be close to You again
or have i ruined myself so much
that You don't even recognize me
sometimes i don't even recognize
myself when i look into the mirror
my dearest friend
i want to come back home
but i'm not sure i'm welcomed
there anymore
if i could just hold on to
the hem of your coat
maybe i'd go back to who i used to be
maybe the familiar feeling would awaken that faith inside of me
i used to have a sense of freedom
within Your arms
i wanted to stay there
i didn't want to leave
i know these past few years
i've adopted a lot of self destructive tendencies
as if they were my family
they all live with me and
god, how they run me into the ground
it's the voice singing me to sleep
when no one else is around
****** fit but spiritually sick
Brag not muscles, regard the week
Never respected , if you do other wise
Though epitome of valour , won many fight

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
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