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John Bacchus Mar 22
If swords, in fun,
Go on the run,
We’ll no doubt find
There’s only one.

And rip, it must,
In adult lust,
The tender youth,
With poisoned rust.

And youth returns:
The friction burns
- The bag of bones -
No age concerns.

And both alone
- The sock of bone,
The sated man -
The broken home.

If swords, in fun,
Go on the run,
We’ll no doubt find
There’s only one.
ce-walalang Nov 2020
...theory: there is a john mayer song for every stage in your life

...on always being told to stay inside the lines
...on living on your own for the first time
...on feeling like gravity wants to bring you down
...on wishing there is an over-the-counter test for your loneliness
...on wanting nothing more in life than to be 6yo again
...on fridays and going away for the weekend
...on finding love in a sandbox or a sidewalk
...on never going to find the perfect rhyme to heavier things
...on feeling like summer is what the whole year is all about
...on feeling like waking up is the hardest part of dreaming
...on dinnertime shadowing
...on being alright even when given an expiring ‘always’
...on never being scared to walk alone, and
...on never being scared to like it
...on pain throwing your heart to the ground, and
...on love turning it all around
...on being in repair, not together but getting there
john mayer
Jonathan Moya Nov 2020
On the 11th month,
the 11th day,
at the 11th hour,
Meagan wore her poppy
on the right side
at 11 O’clock,
just like her father,
John McCain
taught her.
Holding her
newborn girl Liberty
close to her—
and taking care
not to disturb
the many small flags
proudly fluttering—
she placed
another exactly
the same way
on his grave
just kissing the
white granite words
Sophia Sep 2020
Loved you once,
Love you still,
Always have,
Always will
For my bf <3
Sophia Sep 2020
I don't think you could ever feel
All the love I have to give
And i'm sure you never realized
You've been my will to live.

As  John put it
The incarnated word,
Saint Mary was entitled
To feed Her *******
And Hold, but whom
Juda the culprit
For 30 birr sold
Is almighty God.(John 1:1John 1:12.John 8:58)

Here it should pop up
To your attention
"God is with you!"
Saint Gabriel's to
The Immaculate felicitation.

So God,
Christ is a presiding judge
An inch do not budge
Hearing shallow teachings
Quite strange
Christ killers-turned
-Christ-peddlers on many
A religious forum stage.
As Canaan, awaits
Them a curse
For trying to belittle Christ
Intent to line up their purse.

On the cross
It was the incarnated word
That allowed the repentant
Shieftan on his right
The first greenlight
To heaven of course.

His sons'
Polar opposite deeds
Noah better felt
The visitation of  God
In Shem's tent.(Genesis 9:18-27)

Hence God's incarnation
That still reflect
Are entitled
Membership to the tent,
Which personifies
Saint Mary
The immaculate.

Thus, as the
Chosen generation
True to
Saint Mary's prophesy
Let us echo "The Graceful
And the immaculate!"
Evading Satan's
Yet another bait.
For one who reads the unabridged bible from A to Z Jesus is the presiding judge not a semi God
John AD May 2020
Isa pang rason , Sa pag-usad
Kurbang linya , katamtamang ruta
Tunog ng kampana , ginising ang isip
dati rati sumisilip , reyalidad na ang panaginip

Tinagpi ang pisi , bagwis muling papagaspas
Sanhi ng dahas naakit , uwak ay maghihiganti
Paglubog ng araw , pagsikat ng dilim
Sanay na kong bangkay , Nanghuhusga nalang ako kung sinong mamamatay

Kamatayan ang aking katauhan
Orasa at karit aking sandata
Buhos ng lupa , Kalkulado ka
Sa pagdaan ko , mananaginip ka
Anton Snert May 2020
Early every morning
Swooping squawking birds
Leave their liquid calling cards
Before the street has stirred
Where people in their track suits
Drink to overload
And stagger to their rented rooms
Down Blackpool’s Crystal Road

Where the road sweeper doesn’t sweep
And no one comes to call
Except for black clad bailiffs
Who come to take it all
The druggies & the drinkers
Share the one abode
To take away the misery
Of life on Crystal Road

The seedy little B&B’s
Fight to rent their rooms
Sharing each other’s bathroom
Sharing each other’s gloom
Screaming kids and drunken louts
Your eardrums will explode
It’s a sure way into madness
When you stay on Crystal Road

The wind blows like a hurricane
The rain falls like a flood
Washing away the *****
The debris & the blood
The hens are ****** the stags are too
They’re all in party mode
Throwing up and having ***
In rooms on Crystal Road

A *******’s bar called ‘Paradise’
At one end of the street
Full of seedy little men
And women with no teeth
A food bank at the other
Feeds those with no abode
But even they refuse to stay
In a house on Crystal Road
John AD May 2020
Matalas na mata , Tulog lang sumasara
Kadiliman sa kuweba, Nangangaso ng bampira
Walang talab sakit , Manhid ang resistensya
Paniking dinagit ng uwak , Inihanda sa noche buena

Inakit ka ng huni , Siniyasat ang gamot
Iturok sa sarili , Patayin ang salot
Balisa kaibuturan ng iyong isip
Umipekto ba ang eksperimento? Dinalaw ka ng idlip

Napuksa na ang sakit , Galak ang mamamayan
Nagluksa na ang uwak , Sakripisyo'y inilaan
Kampanteng mga hangal , Higanti ng sinaktan
Pagpatay ng mga uwak sa mga taong makasalan
Ang pisi ay patibong
John AD May 2020
Pagpatak ng ulan , kasabay ng aking mga luha
Patpating katawan , baluktot na at nakahiga
Hindi na makagalaw , Pinilit kong lumaban
Kaya konti nalang , Pataba na ako sa mga halaman

Bakit mo pa ako didiligan ? Basa na ako ng sariling mga luha
Tagtuyot nalang hinihintay ko , Hindi mo kasi ako makuhang punasan
Pawis na pawis na mga kamay , Ang dulas wala akong makapitan
Natanggap nyo na ba ang bangkay ko , Puwede naman kayong makiramay.
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