John AD Mar 8

They keep leaving me,Because I'm sick
They always leave me,Because I'm Afraid to speak
They always leave me,Because I can't straighten the fact
They always leave me,Because I don't have the luck

They keep leaving me,and it makes me sad
They always leave me,the tears of a lad
They always leave me,things became pretty bad
They always leave me,I need a hug

Why do they always leave me with more questions?
In my mind, that keeps telling me that I'm a different person
Back from the past it's too late now to make this decision
I should sleep all day long and talk to my friends in my own imagination
I need someone to understand me
John AD Mar 7
As I read, my mind in my own perception,I need time and rotation in my own destination
This war is not over , Dealing with this pain forever
A fever disease in my soul that took me from cancer
Incurable disease, find some treatment that doesn't exist.

Red eyes behind the mist , the visibility of my vision
Radiation in the skies can you feel the temptation?
Dead Trees with a keen eye for a mission
Melting in my soul ,alien abduction in my own invention.

Ambient is so dark,blackened beyond existence
Sweating,Shaking I felt doom incompetent
Auras of the illusion keeps chasing me
They want me to sleep in the grave at the cemetery.
It's better to express your fucking mind than to hide that shit behind
John AD Mar 6
Doing this all night , drinking beers to escape
Im alone, faking my happiness while my mind is getting raped
By being so lonely and too much hate, rate my body now
You can see the scars, don't come too far my bodies getting tired.

Death is near, I can feel it, it's crawling up into my skin.
Now that I feel hopeless, no one understand, where have you been?
You cannot see the messed I've done , now I can't see anyone
My eyes are closing in, somebody wakes me up from this pain!!!!

Help me!!!I know you can't hear me, but i'm screaming inside
It's fucking hurt it has a thorn that keeps my body bleeding
Torturing myself inside, I can't speak, I can't breathe, I'm dying
From now on, this bottle, pouring my mind to think for a living
Thiccy Chicky Feb 26
My eyes open and I notice, my face is wet.
I sit up as I let my hand meet my cheek with my shirt's sleeve,
then I walk down the hallway sniffling
until my feet meet the cold floor...
I stop and flick the light switch.
I can't bring myself to stop,
my shoulders rise and fall.
I look in the mirror and take in, it all.
The heartache, the pain, the redness my skin has turned into... I'm crying while flustered,
because I'm here without you.
I want to be next to you.
Thiccy Chicky Feb 21
With you, I'm sinking into the deepest ocean,
I'm flying over a beautiful city at night.
All I can see is your smile ignited by the beautiful lights around us.
You're the most real person I've ever known,
it makes me so happy to be shown your heart
and I feel safe enough to unravel my everything to you.
You're my favorite person.
Thiccy Chicky Feb 18
I'm being selfish with you, I'm sorry.
It's just that, I'm in love with you, really.
It's hard for me to say goodbye to you,
once we do I stay wondering if you're thinking of me too?
Thiccy Chicky Feb 14
I may not be great at writing out paragraphs affirming my love for you, but I swear it's true. Like a flower peeking out from a sidewalk's cracks, I found you... and you were there for me when I needed you most. Now I have dreams at night of us sitting together on the coast, talking for hours, just like we do on the phone. I want, so badly, to see what we will become and where we will go. Will the flower in the sidewalk's cracks grow tall? Will it die from lack of water or sun? I want to find out with you.
You make my heart glow.
I have something within me that I cannot
Bear the burden of of its insinuation.
In the sport-ability of chit-chat I have
Often tried to conquer these thoughts
And with infinite pain I have hazarded
A thousand things hidden within myself.

“Excuse me,’’ I said upon seeing his face
Coming toward me while walking in Central Park.
“Are you who I think you are?’’ I asked.
“I suppose that depends on who you think I am,” he replied.
Not wanting to be made out a fool I asked
“OK, are you best known as JFK?”
“Well not exactly, he was my father,” he said with a smile.

I stuck out my hand like an idiot – but -
He offered his hand and shook mine like a man.
“I can’t believe it,” I said, “You really can
Bump into anyone in the big apple.”
He said that he had to be going, had to finish
His walk and get back to the office.

I asked him if I could tag along, just walk with him.
He said, “Sure.”
He kept a brisk pace, it was a cool day but comfortable.
The leaves were turned, mostly all fallen and
Then I realized that it was November 22nd.
“I’m real sorry about your dad,” I said,

“It broke my heart when I was a child.”
He nodded his head and sort of slowed his pace.
“How old were you?” he asked.
“I was 9”.
“I was 3”, he said looking at the ground.
“Yeah I know,” I said, “Everybody knew.”

He stopped and turned toward me,
Tilted his head to the left and point blank said,
“You know the story about my dad’s assassination
Is all BS don’t you?”
He caught me completely off guard but before I
Could say anything he turned back around and starting

Walking away from me like I had the plague.
I stood in my tracks but after he had gotten about 10 paces
He stopped and turned, “Well, do you want to walk or not?”
I half jogged to catch up with him and when I did
I couldn’t think of anything to say.
“Look I don’t know you and you don’t know me, “ he said
In a rough almost angry voice.
“Can you keep a secret?” he asked.
Still half jogging to keep up with him I answered,
“Sounds like you need someone to talk to.”

He slowed a bit, “I just got confirmation on who killed my dad.”
OK, about this time I’m like you saying a few choice curse words
In my mind – like holy sh…. You know..
“What are you going to do?” I asked.
“Hell I don’t know,” he said, “It’s all circumstantial.”
Coming to a complete stop, “There’s got to be a way that I
Can tell people, let the whole world know that I know who did it.”

He turned to me, “What would you do if you knew who took your dad
Away from you when you were just a baby but if you told anyone about these
Murdering, slime balls they would most likely kill you too?” he asked.
“I don’t know sir,” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“If I had your money I’d figure out a way though,” I continued.
With a questioning look he asked, “OK, if you had my money what would you do?”

“I don’t know, man,” I said - “Maybe name a building after them or a street
Or something that everyone knew you named.
You know, like a hint or a clue or something.”
His eyes got big, “That’s it,” he said, “By God that’s it.”
He shook my hand again and asked me my name.
And a few short years later he was gone too.

But the name – the name he named his business – there’s your clue.
They say that time heals all wounds.  That isn’t always true. Sometimes what is needed to heal some wounds is justice. I hope that someday this particular American wound gets its fully deserved justice.
John AD Jan 30
Tumulo ang aking luha nang makita ang larawan sa nakaraan
Ang Dami na palang nagbago,pansin ko ang mga ngiti nila dito
Makikita mo rin ang mabilis na pagpalit ng imahe nila erpats at ermats
Bata pa sila non at ako wala pang kamuwang-muwang kundi maging masaya

Nakakatuwang nakakalungkot dahil hindi na natin maibabalik ang dati
Panahong kailangan kong matulog ng tanghali para daw lumaki
Napalo pa nga ako dahil sa pagsuway sa kanilang mga sinasabi
Naalala ko pa nga nung binaril ko si erpats ng Baril-barilan na kanyang binili

Nakakamiss ang ganitong mga bagay sa isang lumang larawan
Kahit naibaon na , puno ng alikabok , talagang maalala mo ang dati
Minsan mapapangiti ka nalang na may kasamang luha pero lagi mong tatandaan , masarap balikan ang nakaraan pero mas kailangan natin bigyang pansin ang kasalukuyan.
Thiccy Chicky Jan 20
I know you'll love me in a different way,
in a better way.
I'll try my hardest to love you just the same,
in a better way.
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