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Vibrant colored
blossoming blooms,
brings hope to all,

At first just a tiny seed,
so God could show us His power, It's nothing short of a miracle,
of what that seed does become,
It's still a mystery to me,
But God knew the need.
The Lonely Flower

She stands so elegantly tall, but she stands alone,
No one else besides me would take notice, because I know how it feels to be lonely all too well.

I shall plant seeds at her feet,
Then she can stand proud,
Now knowing
all will look up to her.
She's to exquisite to stand alone feeling the pain of loniness.
'She is Wisdom'

Just a child, innocent as
a butterfly in the air,

You can see the fear in her eyes,

If you wonder why, it's because
within her all the wisdom does lie,
The future has been revealed to
heart, She knows, that human-kind
is far too gone to be healed.
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This represents a child who has been here over and over from the beginning of time and like any other child she's innocent, all though she knew all the past and remembered, and she knows the present. The difference now is that she knows what the future holds and yet she's just a child, so she cannot express it. She has to fear it because humanity is not going to change. © 4 minutes ago, Venjencie Clifton Arnold   sad • nature • society • she • is • wisdom
People who give love to others
should do it without any conditions. Unfortunately so many people place conditions on love for other people. That is not selfless nor free.
Honestly if you think about real hard is there live without conditions and expectations? Some of us do it purposely because we have an agenda and some of us do it without even knowing it.
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Look into my phone contacts,
Now press recent;
You'll see no calls to me,
You'll only see a few out going calls,
made from me, yet never returned,

My words fall upon death ears,
From the eyes of the humans to
I've lost their acceptance,
like a weaklen, I fell for their trick,

I get lonely too at times,
I think it would feel nice to hear
  someone to call me just for a chat,

No money to be a social butterfly,
So there's no social lites there to try,
Probably not a church either,
because all the members already
  have their own lives, sure you can
  can call them up only to get voice

I have no one excited to see me,
I have no one to catch me when
           ­                                 A
                              ­        L

I must have many falls,
shown in my short comings,

And it's really not a loss,
when you're like me,
  nothing great.

I do suffer ruin, defeat, and failure,
I'm coming apart at the seams,
But you'll never hear my inward

Just like the rise and the fall of the
I've dropped and sanked down to
  my knees,
Then I'll get up again, only to
  continue this sorrowful pattern,

But I'll promise you this much:
Upon my face you'll never assume the look of shame,
                                ...or dejection,
I won't give you that satisfaction,
I'll hide it with all that's in me.
(besides, I doubt that you'd care
  enough to look upon me so closely)

I came into the world lonely
I shall leave the world lonely.
I have not many friends at all. I'll give to people just because I like too but you'll never hear them call me. I'm just another woman that's looked down upon by the higher class folks.  Author Ven J Arnold
I'm not all that good,
I'm not all that bad,
Maybe one day,
I'm as bad as a person can be,
Maybe on another day,
I'm one of the best you can meet,

Raised in a small town,
Where people gossip
from sun up to sun down,
Brought up poor in a broken
family, only added more,

When I'm out and about,
I get those judgemental stares,
with whispers of, "she's hopeless,
she's beyond repair,

I get worked up so
I purposely give them a reason to
gasp for air,

Of course they all claim to be Christians,
The type that choose clean blue water
to be baptised in,
But I was baptised in muddy water
and I'm glad to say," hey listen up,
I was baptised in muddy water so
I guess that makes me too ***** for
your kind?"

Then I smile to myself because
I know  something they must not,
WATERS, as well.
I imagine it kind of went like this:
Upon meeting Jesus, John said: "I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? I imagine Jesus told John it was only right to do so, I can imagine John trying to convince Jesus to at least let him find cleaner waters but Jesus knew so He refused.

You see in the time of Jesus’s baptism, the Jordan river and surrounding areas was no less than now, a river full of muck, *****, muddy, and gross looking, you can’t see two inches into it today nor could you then.

These very people called Christians are the same people who judge so harshly, through the centuries they've compared Jesus's baptism to our own,  with an understandable preference for the clear waters of a Blue Hole over the muddy waters of the Jordan and beyond,

So yeah, I'm all messed up in the head,
Better the head than the heart,
But you've already judged my part.

So if you ever run out stuff to gossip about, just think back and remember,
the small town girl that was baptised in muddy water.
- Author Ven J Arnold / SacredInkedBlood
The word Christian is so diluted that I refuse to be labeled as one. Christianity was a new religion started by Paul. Honestly, I know many and they do gossip, intentionally hurt others and think they're way is the only right way. Look at all the wrongs done in the name of Christianity. However I do believe that there are some genuine people who label themselves as a Christian and proudly.
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