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Sow good seeds,
They'll bloom blossoms of love,
Add some good deeds,
Invite the sun from up above...
to rise up within you,
So you shall shine with rays of kindness,

You have to **** the weeds,
stay away from the snakes,
for you
your garden's sake...

Tulips, zinnias, petunias, sunflowers
peonies too,
how wonderful for you!
Sow good seeds and do good deeds for your reward will be beautiful bountiful blooms with fragrance of hope and colors of love. @venjenciecliftonarnold Author Ven J Arnold at
Pen name is #SacredInkedBlood
Lalaouna Amina Jan 2022
A city
   fulls of lights,
a clean place,
its inhabitants have all the leisure
Everyone has a temporary remission
All remains in expectation
humans path
George Krokos Apr 2021
I wish I was a billionaire
so I could travel everywhere
in my own private aeroplane
go see the world and not be vain
in a much more conducive time
and write about it all in rhyme.
Helping all those needy people
regardless of their own steeple
who'd come across my path to be
and give to them a hand from me
for all their immediate needs
as an example of good deeds.
Written in 2020. Wouldn't it be great?!
Like a light house I will guide you
Help you choose the paths to take
Like a teacher I will tutor you
In the decisions that you make
Like a rock I will be steady
To build a foundation that will last
Like a friend I will care for you
From the haunting of your past
Like a preach I will comfort you
When life's sorrow knocks your door
Like a lover I will mourn you
When our friendship is no more
aesthenne Nov 2019
the concept
of an afterlife
only for
the most
holy of holies
is what scares
the most.

what if
i've been
my whole life,
but one part
of my heart
makes my

so what if
i'm gay?

at least
i'm not
as immoral
and hypocritic
"without losing a piece of me, how do i get to heaven? without changing a part of me, how do i get to heaven...?" - heaven, troye sivan
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