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My life poem in my shell
I daily read in nutshell
Shedding light in my dreams
I scream love you love you
In a jiffy I am thrown out of the bed
The fall is quite cliffy
I lie flat on the floor in a jiffy
Stiffened back stiffener needed
Body does suffer aging
There comes a time
When it's not even worth a dime
Soul remains unaffected
Soul is amaging
It carries life poem of my every birth
Then writes new poem
For new birth in a new form
All my previous births' deeds taken into account
George Krokos Apr 19
I wish I was a billionaire
so I could travel everywhere
in my own private aeroplane
go see the world and not be vain
in a much more conducive time
and write about it all in rhyme.
Helping all those needy people
regardless of their own steeple
who'd come across my path to be
and give to them a hand from me
for all their immediate needs
as an example of good deeds.
Written in 2020. Wouldn't it be great?!
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
My dear friends
My dear foes
Don't miss me
Let me go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't waste
Your precious tears
As I go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
Look around
So many gems
Take care of them
This dry stem
Belongs to urn
Don't miss me
Let me go
I asked the Universe
What's my size?
I was humbled
When it described
Less than a billionth of a trillionth of its size
I asked an electron
What's my size?
I was exalted
When it described
More than a million billions times its size
My exaltation soon died
When it said
Don't take so much pride
I may B -ive
But I do many +ive things
Your lives I have revolutionized
My movements in your brain and body keep you alive
My mobility makes most technologies survive
TVs, mobiles you enjoy
Leave aside your obsession of your size
Concentrate on your deeds to rise
B -ive for +ive deeds
If time requires
Like a light house I will guide you
Help you choose the paths to take
Like a teacher I will tutor you
In the decisions that you make
Like a rock I will be steady
To build a foundation that will last
Like a friend I will care for you
From the haunting of your past
Like a preach I will comfort you
When life's sorrow knocks your door
Like a lover I will mourn you
When our friendship is no more
lillie Nov 2019
the concept
of an afterlife
only for
the most
holy of holies
is what scares
the most.

what if
i've been
my whole life,
but one part
of my heart
makes my

so what if
i'm gay?

at least
i'm not
as immoral
and hypocritic
"without losing a piece of me, how do i get to heaven? without changing a part of me, how do i get to heaven...?" - heaven, troye sivan
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Welcome to Far Town

On what forsaken endless shore,
Is grief a friend where Devil’s crawl?
Does all we have seen have no worth at all?
What end of time disaster is fate asking for?
Did you not know the signs all align
And all is lost to banshee’s cries?

When all hope is gone, you hold tight the cross,
You wore around your neck, which now you hold aloft.
Trying to ward off any evil spirits.
Do you think Jesus would really want to see it?

All your enchantments are meaningless.
Your self-defence lacks being blessed.
A whispered prayer, no faithful dead.
When Death approaches you begin the test.
The end is here, there is no sanctuary.
Deeds written on parchment, treated as sanctity.

Agony shall surely rip a mind apart.
No safe-way found in a billion stars.
No guiding light coming from near or far,
Can save a soul so below par.
Your purity was bargained for;
Tempted away in days of being poor.
Faithless messages lost to your,
Choices made in days of yore.

When all was taken and ambition was gone,
You signed your name, your kingdom come.
Your kingdom gone, life ebbs and flows.
Did you choose to stay the course, or did you take the gold?
Take a hold of your consequences.
Life is not about happy endings.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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