Hands have too many privileges,
two too many with
five fingers to physically feel.
When the smaller head thinks it needs to be
bathed clothed and fed,
men’s hands will grab the sexiest boobs
within their first opportunity.
I was walking with my man,
years ago I was nineteen in college.
We were in a public galleria,
he let go of my hand we were holding hands
side by side.
Before I knew it,
he did it again.
He stood in front of me,
had the most aggressive expression,
and with his hands he squeezed my breasts
about ten times and said,
“boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies!”
I was startled and shocked out of my mind.
We were in public!
Did he not care about who was around us?
How could he disrespect my body?
How could he be so cruel and greedy?
Careless and childish?
Those boobs were mine and still are!
They are nobody else’s!
I am 23.
I let my eyes naturally look, stare,
and I don’t always know if I blush or smile.
Nobody is allowed to love me
in a romantic way.
Nobody is ever to by “my” man.
I support any man who is attracted to me or interested,
but he cannot have me.
I am naïve, adorable, and apparently beautiful.
Is it my eyes they will see that make me stand as
confident, sharp, and as if I am aware I own myself?
Or are my boobs so big, beautiful, and busty,
that is all anyone has and will ever want from me?
It is my body.
Nobody is allowed to love me.
I will not have dinner with you.
I will not go to the movies with you.
I will not walk in the park with you.
I will not fornicate with you.
I prefer my loneliness as well as my social life.
I don’t need a man ever again.
Nobody is allowed to love me or
feel my body.
Too bad whenever I hug someone
my breasts are in the way.
I love them dear,
I will never love a man ever again.
Who knows what he is really thinking.
Is it his brain?
Or the other
A girl will never know the truth behind a man’s intentions
until she all of a sudden feels a hand
on her body
in the wrong
I finally wrote about my abusive relationship/sexual assault story. There were several other abuses sexually in that relationship, but that was the last thing he ever did to me. Today I am fearful of romance since the relationship I had after that abusive one was so good, but it ended tragically after a fight. I cannot date now I can't! And anytime someone shows interest....
I run away.
svdgrl Jun 15
I want to say you've left me all broken into jagged pieces,
that luckily everyone seems to want to pick up,
but they're sharp, dude.
I'm nervous.
I've been cut so far,
before the glass was broken.
I can only wonder-
I can be soft-spoken.
I'll try for  moments,
in which I'm grateful I'm not alone.
But I flip through your new pictures,
with the girl you said not to worry about,
I scurry about
memes in hand, I don't need a man,
I've buried the doubt.
I'm edgy.
I try my best to keep myself from writing my own elegy
But I know I want you to read this,
it isn't the best poetry.
It's just what I wish I could impart to you,
after keying your car and using your tooth brush
to clean my dogs asshole.

Fuck you, you abusive piece of crap.
I've contemplated messaging your new lady,
Out of the fear that just maybe
you'd grab her by the neck too,
and assume she liked being treated like shit.
You draw me in with false promises, and forever let me down
You promise escape & happiness, but it just ends in a frown
Not from me of course, as I’m laid here snoozing
A constant disappointment I feel, so I carry on the boozing.

What am I running from? Anesthetised I lay
And coast through each and every hour, of the following day.
Your everywhere I look! Buses, billboards, even litter
Trying to draw us in with your intoxicating glitter.

Your so bloody acceptable, I’m a FREAK if I abstain
“Oh goo on kid, one waint hurt, stop being a chuffin pain”
BUT what they fail to understand, is at 1 it does not stop!
The moment that sip will pass my lips, I’m craving the next drop.
Or 2 or 3 or “fuck this shit, I’m off to the bottle shop”
In fear my stash will not suffice my seeming desire to flop.

Fast forward half an hour, and here I am again
Snoring like a pig, much to the families disdain
Iphone started, camera rolling, my daughter hits record
She watches Daddy comatosed, her memory stamped APPALLED!

“No goodnight kiss, no cuddles tight, no tickles once again”
Her hero lays before her, vest adorned with red wine stains
“What’s wrong with me?” she wonders “why’s he chose wine over me?
And my sis & mummy too, is he too blind to see?
Your consuming liquid memory thief, don’t forget us dad
Im learning all I know from you, is this how fun is had?
Or adult relaxation? Or when you’re feeling stressed!
Does drinking really do all this? WOW IT SOUNDS THE BEST!
But if it really is this good, then what you fail to see….
Is your family stood before you whilst you pass out on the settee!
I was a daily drinker. I would fall asleep each night drunk on the sofa... until 1 night...my daughter filmed me passed out drunk on the settee, snoring, belly hanging out, red wine stains on vest. I found the video the next day. The rest is history. 9 months sober now and never going back!
Memories of that day
A seemingly endless moment in time
Still torturously haunt me
By captivating my mind

The things that were forcefully stolen
Can never be returned
Only replaced with sadistic images
On my soul, they are forever burned

The barrage of hits and touches
Grew invisible by the passing of time
Though the body does not forget
I was seared and branded by their heinous crime...
Time does not heal all wounds...In fact, some are so deep and depraved, they begin to fester with time! In order to truly heal, one must learn to accept the wound; and learn to live with it without allowing it to define you.

Everyone's journey towards healing is different... There is no cookie cutter/linear/fail-safe way of achieving it. Writing and creating happens to be part of mine...
Asia Argento, i love you:

            in        first-year         on first-day
   i        had      a professor
               they sat       in the back of         class
      && for     10 minutesatleast, this prof.
               waited && said "is the prof. going to show?"
    and we laughed - he rose from
         his corner
                      he announced himself as the professor
   && asked why nobody
          started at the classroom:
                                                   public sphere theorist,
                                                   assigned us tasks that
                                                   would engage us local
     i wore       a    sardonic tee      iron-made
read "i know nothing about suicide"
           && wore it to the         conservative-peppy metropolitan mall
           && asked     the      county for stats
   on all       their      suicide             victims              to help
              and went here      to this   website
                                    i     used to admire the bravery      in suicide
     b.c.       i was    the pussy        who couldn't       do it
                && now it is fashion
                && these things happen
                b.c. tongues don't speak

                  ppl hope
                  cruel people hope, too
                  suicide beats cruelty && i don't know if
Jürgen Habermas      would know what to say
              about this spike
                                        trading homicide for suicide
                                        we are looking too far deep
                                        at all the guilty things we keep
                                       Asia Argento, i have watched you
      work since              The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things -
          and it is.
          && it is, the heart, deceitful above all things
                        and cinema's blade got you
                && you're here                             still    
                      mister Bourdain              looks like
                           all the      top-ten baby names
   those of which i cannot know
              either by negligent record keeping
     or     either by lack of flash storage in the brain:
the new-fangled
            "best" baby names are as special as the bodies attached to them,
                      those coming into the world stamped barcoded && names-googled, the:
Olivia Noah
Ava Oliver
Isabella Logan
Sophia Mason
­Amelia Lucas
Mia Elijah
Charlotte Ethan
Harper James
Mila AidenAr­ia Carter
Ella Sebastian
Avery     Jackson
             Abigail Michael
Emily Jacob
     Riley            Benjamin
Chloe              Jack
         Scarlett Daniel
Layla Owen
    Sofia      Luke
Lily Henry
       Ellie Grayson
        Zoey Jayden
Madison Wyatt
Elizabeth Gabriel­
Grace Julian
Penelope Matthew
Victoria Leo
Nora JaxonBella David­
Aubrey Levi   Hannah Mateo
Camila Samuel
Aurora Muhammad
Stella John
Paisley Li­ncoln Savannah Isaac
   ­   Ryan
Natalie Adam
  Maya Isaiah Emilia Nathan
Elena                    Caleb
Nova Joseph
Hazel Anthony Violet Josiah Niamey Hunter Eva Eli      

          Bourdain Spade Cornell Bennington Bergling

        but there     is one          person-on-screen
           who i know is fine
                                          a man branding himself
     who appears to think keeping records           is a total waste
                who runs the country                 who will not
    recognize                    the epidemic             but will
                      work w. the kardashians who are        so far
       from lack-of-support                  so far from           us
    Bourdain Spade Cornell Bennington Bergling so      close

                        humanized by suicide               sick
                        no. no. humanized by       heartbeat
    humanity has turned the gun      from one another
               against themselves       now         && yes. yes.
      the prof. was       irate         confused     on why      no
    records     were found     in     the county      :      "sir,"
       goes the      local mental health consortium cleric-counter non-counter, "we cannot
             always distinguish between apparent && actual so i cannot
   give you a number of the suicides in your community
              though i really appreciate your          cause."
          is actual                                        && we are worried
                       our faces       cannot end    up         on  
             grotesque forum            but if they do            you
     were          always      too    beautiful a collection of atoms
            to             do this.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 5
With all the pain I've had bear,
there is still ink within my pen
My heart that's bled, the tears I've shed
are words that I've written
on a virgin page
Let all the pain you feel be ink in your pen.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Iman May 26
pain: an abstract noun
abstract: existing only in mind
pain is not tangible
unable to be exposed
she tried to show us her woes
in evidence of her ageing agony
wore a disguise so happy
no one was wise
until she poured what we were told
could kill down her throat to kill
pain can be destructed she thought
if there isn’t a soul for it to reside
her name was may
a poem about someone I know
It’s not the best neighborhood in the best part of town.
Gets so bad to the point where I have a knife, taser, pepper spray, not to even meantion a gun in my truck.

It’s not that I’m scared. Its just down here it’s survival of the fittest. You do what you have to do.

I know what your thinking survival of the fittest means just you as a person and not your weapons.

I’m a girl alone in the streets what if they have me in a position where I can’t fight back with my hands?

But I was put on this earth for a reason and ima make dam sure I don’t go out of it weak.

                       With love,
Haleigh Apr 30
During every stage of life
I am a failure
Stupid,stuttering child
Always messing up
Probably never going to succeed
Pointless to try anymore
Over life as it is
In a dark place
Never anybody's first choice
Totally incompetent
Exiting stage left
Nobody cares
Time to quit.
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