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Love is not blind
Love has eyes
a face, heart and ability
to feel and touch
your deepest inner….

Accessible, not for everyone
like you, there is only one
i came, i saw nothing but i conquered
my fear phobia
mental inability
ego my person everything i do is ever
i look in the mirror i am not there
can you tell me where i am
that i don't even know myself anymore?

My girl the name is Love
your sweetest place on earth
you know that like no other
it's worth the most to you
you travel in many countries
you have roamed everywhere on this globe
you will always find the same Country, i hope

My girl really doesn't know where that is?
take a look in the mirror
do you see that Country?
that Land is called Love
Love is not blind, has
a face, heart and ability
to know and know it
look longer in this mirror
you will see that Land rise
that Country where you stay in more often
than you ever expected
your deepest inner…..

©Sylvia Frances Chan
The Land called Love, our true conscience
Nov 2019 · 374
Seven mornings ago
we've got a letter of mourning, you know
yesterday it was the ceremony
enthralling speeches and video's,  you see
everyone of us knew he was still alive,
now all of a sudden he died
deep - deepest grieving was his wife
the audience and we were very sad too, all were terrified!
Never been ill, always present at all tournaments, tennis, golf, skiing
and much more. Now life has been unkindest to him, his wife is saddest to the brim............may you rest in peace, Marnix
Mar 2019 · 476
For Peace of Mind....
Good Morning, Good Noon,
Good Afternoon and Good Evening,

For Peace of Mind

Almighty God,
we bless you for our lives
we give praise to Thee
for Thy abundant mercy and grace we receive
We thank Thee for Thy faithfulness even
though we are not that faithful to Thee

Lord Jesus,
we ask Thee to give us all around
peace in our mind, body, soul, and spirit

we want Thee to heal and remove everything
that is causing stress, grief, and sorrow in our lives

please guide our path through life
and make our enemies be at peace with us
let Thy peace reign in our family,
at our place of work, businesses
and everything we lay our hands on.

Let Thy angels of peace go ahead of us
when we go out and stay by our side when we return.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Anno Domini Tuesday the 5th of March 2019
@ 15.34 hrs. P.M. West-European Time
Jul 2018 · 1.6k
Pretty summer wind against my skin
the summer heat cannot beat me
so many shady trees with the lovely breeze
the mockingbird does not mock me
he chants for me like the nightingale
most beautiful but why
his cage is in the auction for sale
never compare a mockingbird with a nightingale
i don't either compare an orca with a whale

pretty summer wind against my skin
summer heat has long time taken place
i enjoy this dutch hot summer on my face
with its cool breeze within

if we are attentive enough
nature has oft its balance
in fact easy to discover though
it's all so transparant
and of much importance

© Sylvia Frances Chan
The balance here is though Very hot, but there is most of the times a cool breeze
I reside here, that's why I call this poem  Dutch Summer (July 2018)
Our Eyes, our precious eyes, God´s comfort
they are the windows to our heart
God will never take away this greatest valuable support
He is healing all the ailing parts
He is a God of Greatest Love
His Residence is straight above
We can never imagine His Love for us
so greatest, that surpasses truly all things with plus
believe in Him as a child is truly a must

my heart is crying all the time, my dearest Kim
terrible monsoon inside all parts
please, know that all poets here love you very much to the brim
and we all pray for your well being
hear the beating of our praying hearts....

created with love,
Sylvia Frances Chan
This humble verse is meant as a support for our dearest Kim, who is still suffering from ailing eyes. May this verse contribute a tiny bit to your healing process, please have patience, God hears all prayers, sure.
Mar 2018 · 883
One Day Before
Too saddest to tell you
today on this First Day of Spring
my Daddy has his Birthday
he cannot sing
not today nor tomorrow
you'll ask me why?
decennia ago he suddenly died
not of any stroke nor heart-ache
just wanna remember
that Today just One Day after the Northward Equinox
he'd have his celebrations
never congratulations anymore now
not today nor tomorrow
this is not a poem
just a statement
a human document
of one of the most gifted fathers
aquarelles, poetry or feuilletons
even performances at William's Theatre
his weekly sequels of the loving
and living Charlie Chan
besides earning much money
as the top-manager
of STANVAC, Jakarta
that big oil-office
with the red Pegasus
my Daddy climbed its back
and never returned
remembering his Birthday
emotionally on his epitaph
how odd
The Start of Spring
One Day Before his BirthDAY
the annual Northward Equinox
has just passed his graveyard
keep smiling is not here today
but grieving will be okay
he'd be no more a part of all celebrations
even though where he now is
he remains my Dearest Daddy and all there is
I remain,  still with the greatest admiration

and his part of heart
still beats in mine....

Anno Domini 21 March 2018
No Daddy, this is NOT A POEM
just a simple statement from your darling daughter
a greatest lost, this multitalented father
Mar 2018 · 701
ONLY  for dear Eliot and his Amount
that’s in my serious head that counts

WOW!  Dear Poetess, (referring to a best friend)
Your rhyming skill comes up to the HP service,
I mean surface,
ah, phonetically it sounds the same,
no one to blame,
in fact, I am an evangelist
and that's for HP true bliss,
IF I think what it is as it IS,
ah, that bliss

we may give through to dear Eliot as he IS,
he needs that amount
for his account
is also our account
as we all mount here
our creations
for many nations
nothing to hide

as it comes only to demand that amount
for his and our account
his special baby
his special lady
seriously this is a thought-provoking one
huge one,
non comparing please, to none

but If I may say
not as huge and difficult as the Mount Everest,
the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
mounted the world's highest mountain,
is more than that, I reckon,
it is also known in Nepal as the Sagarmatha, now I start to sing
and it flows till Tibet as the Chomolungma, haha!
Remember this poem is just for Eliot from our dear HelloPoetry
from me, just the simple and humble Sylvia
as usual as we are creating poems for HP
we are oft in greatest glee
please don’t forget
the pure meaning and close target
of my poem today
well, I wanna say
make way
and hurry up to donate
an up-to-date
firm donation
as fewest as you can
but of course IF you can
as much and many as you are able
for our dear Eliot knight of our Round Table
he is fighting for this most important strife
we must help him ‘coz we are also part of this ardent life
for the apps mobile

HelloPoetry has become true famous worldwide
please help Eliot as quickest with this
‘coz this bliss for him, is also our bliss
and then we can create and send many a mile
our loved poems through our mobile
be noticed that I have done this blend
in a few seconds of moment
I have done this only for dear Eliot
may we have in the nearest future
for our poems a better structure
spending more time at our mobile on this spot
then we will enjoy a very lot
greatest glee and happiness for our dear Eliot!

This concise
I hope you’ll regard it as nice
thought it would be a brevity
as you can see I ain’t that wise….

PLEASE, don’t forget the Donation
then we can say to Eliot:  Felicitation!

Sylvia Frances Chan
Wednesday 21st of March 2018
Mar 2018 · 642
Happy Women´s Day!
Women´s Day
today is not Friday the thirteenth
but Thursday the 8th of March
not yet April
but March will stir his tail still

Women's Day, what a weak name
we thought it brings us fame
not noticed in all those years
the bullet went through the church, so many tears
yet our fate remained the same
mother, one to blame.
THE Government perhaps?
Ah, there are still too many men inside that "house"
IF they choose, always for the man first, of course
WHEN will most women seek a job in da Government?
Then your salary will increase,
your societal position will alter
of course not that ease
BUT women ought to choose first
the highest job in da Government
for this, we must have brains and be graduated
then our voice would be heard
throughout the world

at least ten years bail
for the male
who abuses ****** or with words only
his wife
I never mean to hurt the warm-hearted male
who must undergo abusive tortures of his female

I like to sit right, and make things be right,
not only for abusive men
but also for women with strong hands
who may be abusing her man all her married life
that´s why she should never be his wife
sure there are women who can only beat, beat and beat!
Then I have true pity for that man´s ability

well ladies around the world
sit straight or only on the right or on the left
for the photo, with a true sincere soul

wishing you all
here on HePo and around the world
a Happy and cozy Women´s Day!
The rains though smallest drops
make today a miserable Women's Day

the bright sun has disappeared
weeks long we have the brightest and sunniest days!
OK, wishing you all nice gatherings together
and drinking tea with sweet ginger-cookies
don´t  forget Grandmother's apple pie
in her time women are only smiling and be shy
can we imagine that for all things only nodding and agreeing?
Not one rimple-dimple of rebelling?!

Of course not, they haven´t known those emotions did exist
that´s why nowadays, and at present, it is a bliss
to be called a wo-man and not a she-man
oh dear ones, I do and try to write here all that I can.

my premier poem about Women´s Day
yes, they accept the lesbian and the gay
the transgender must stay at bay
their problem could be discussed
in the next generation, what a fuss!

but even though a Happy Women´s Day
to all kinds of women who are walking this way.

Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Thursday 8 March 2018
The 8 MARCH is the Day for Women all over this world to celebrate this DAY
not to be the "slave" still of the spouse or be the maid in da house.
Set you all free from that man´s burden and is called your spouse
have time for yourself, spoil yourself and
enjoy and sit hours with that mouse
and let the rest do by your spouse....
( what a "talent" have YOU as a wo-man, look these rhymings so stupid only ending on "ouse" )
Feb 2018 · 611
The Devil himself
The Devil himself

…..he read that online
mine poetry about poverty
that poverty was about
the grammar mistakes in many poems

the stupidity started chasing me
declared instantly me-moi as his enemy
his words, so absurd
a lunatic so terrific

I thought he could read poetry
but….I was mistaken....

my beloved one never knew
the alienating appearance of this blind male

I wrote about true poetry and its poverty
he associated with politics and its tactics

I thought he could read poetry
but….I was mistaken....

thought he ran the marathon
but....I was mistaken,

he was chasing me constantly,

God said to me: " Have never fear, Sylvia
I am with you all the time"

all my fears disappeared instantly

from far I heard the thunder
and I saw the brightest lightning
a man fell down shouting for help

on my way, I passed his burnt body
terrible smell of burnt blood
Hey! That was the one who was constantly chasing me
The devil himself with his poker face

Thank you, dear Lord,
you have helped me in Your Time....

that resonates with mine,
oh Lord, You are sublimest!

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Tuesday AD. The 20th February 2018-
@ 14.30 hrs P.M. West-European Time.

Sheer poetry 2018.  Hurray! © Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected. A parody poem.
Jan 2018 · 479
Thinking About….
Stanzas a few times read  
and I must tell you I have become a tad sad

I regard it is as if you are talking to God
and you are ****** correct on the right spot

I know you uttering the most devotional prolific prayer
retrieving tranquillity balm of a blissful joy.
you are gracious and humbling in your devotion
you exhaled fresh divine air in our community.

Your stanzas are a great pleasurable read
and the Blessings in Abundance be upon us all

thank you so much that I may be here to see you praying
to make my dreams come true and be forgiving
I do hope you would follow too,
then happiness would come to us so true

in creating this sweet reality nowhere but
now here….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
AD. Wednesday the 17th of January 2018.
@ 21.45 hrs.P.M. West-European Time
Jan 2018 · 812
Summer chauvinist,

autumnal aspirations

moments warmest

Present celebrations

No supremacy

Only admirations

No constant lies

oft healthy life

Love exists

If our heart insists.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
AD. Wednesday the 17th January 2018.
@ 18.41 hrs P.M. West-European Time
Dec 2017 · 507
Being born, you are just there
constantly crying for eating, or for everything in the air
you are constantly loved and cared for,
but you do not need to do the self

being in life, you have grown a lot, gained a bit
earning money, traveling to everywhere, talking bulsh-t
making you wealthy and famous a bit
but at a certain point in life you have to stop, just drop it.

mine poetry I love so much is of all kind
you may like it, love it all this bulsh-t
you may stop reading if too lengthy, just stop it
or pause a while,
then at any momentum, you may rewind
all the words that you have in mind
yeah, mine poetry is of this kind
adorable, many minuses and yet sublime

how simple the words, is oft thought-provoking
thinking about those words causes mind aching
mine poetry is for pleasure to treasure
and never for heartbreaking

who says if I say simple words
that you regard them simple too, that´s absurd
since these simple words in mine poetry
are seldom a brevity but oft a lengthy
lengthy makes most thought-provoking
added,  some with a wit and some with a tragedy
© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Friday 22nd December 2017@
@ 8.54 hrs A.M. W.E.Time
Dec 2017 · 4.4k
The Master Weaver’s Plan
is Corrie ten Boom´s Favorite Quote.

The Master Weaver’s Plan

My life is but a weaving
Between the Lord and me;
I may not choose the colors–
He knows what they should be.

For He can view the pattern
Upon the upper side
While I can see it only
On this, the underside.

Sometimes He weaves in sorrow,
Which seems so strange to me;
But I will trust His judgment
And work on faithfully.

‘Tis He who fills the shuttle,
And He knows what is best;
So I shall weave in earnest,
And leave to Him the rest.

Not ’til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needed
In the Weaver’s skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern, He has planned.


Based upon research, have discovered that more than one person has been credited with authorship of this poem. For now, have decided to list it as “author unknown” until there is further clarification. Corrie ten Boom.
These words said Corrie ten Boom, the author of many many books. I feel honored and humbled that I may show you this poem she constantly presented in her life as a token of love to God and let you know about her. As Corrie ten Boom said the true author of this poem is still unknown. I am only the one who gives through.

with love, Sylvia Frances Chan
Wednesday, 20 December 2017
CORRIE ten BOOM is a Dutch Evangelist who rescued many Jews from ******'s hands during WW II. She had traveled around the world to tell about the many Wonders she got from God during her life, especially during those war times.
Dec 2017 · 580
I wanna write a poem for TODAY
not an urge nor because of other “musts”
just wanna say it is The Anniversary of The Day
from long gone years of love in a most passionate way

i must confess now with heaviest pains-process
that Day was definitely our mutual YES
our hearts, minds and soul, I was his Princess
still innocent and filled with the greatest zest

a diligent type, “shy” but a hardworking man
an unimaginable male blend
so it be our marriage tree
grandest with equal alls, oft filled with earnest glee

for many years it could stand tall
the correct and perfect mutual choice
but also made my eyes oft moist
the jealousy kept peeping under his skin
he inherited an odd type of familiar sin
´t was there all the time under his skin
entered with the smallest blowing wind

to be honest this was never our mutual promise
let’s say our mutual choice was a perfect bliss
as kids born with an empty aura
he never accepts any pose of the smartest Femina
well that goes like that several decennia

my fierce belief in the Lord
kept me constantly going up aboard
it was his religion i have jumped into deeply
still, i acknowledge this fervently
due to my beloved Mum,
i as an evangelist-to-be
this humble me has gathered the Biblical wisdom

this is my witness and i must confess this is not only my utmost zest
these are true solemn mutual events of our best
through all the years of kindest process
indeed in a unique way, i am his princess
in abundance God's Bless....

solemnly created
© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
AD. Wednesday the 20th December 2017 as republished for HePo @ 6.25 hrs.W.E.Time
AD.Today the 19th December 2017 Prime published in PoemHunter
@ 15.37 hrs P.M. West-European Time
The weather: grey clouds but no slippery nor frozen spots on roads or randoms
Nov 2017 · 892
What I wanna say Today....
What i wanna say today….
....Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever....
....i have an urge to write these words today, i thank you so very much for reading, ………with love from Sylvia….

The Bible? Of course, i read it, but not every day,
seriously, not as a research book,
but as The Holy Scriptures, my basis for my faith and to pray.

It has the Old and the New Testament,
i'm oft inspired by the Word of God in every segment.

Authoritative, in faith i hold the Bible,
to be inerrant in the originals God-breathed, infallible.

i assure you to read it, bit by bit,
for your faith and practice, please read the complete hit,
and final authority, perfectly guided by the Holy Spirit.

i believe in the only God, He is the Creator of all,
He is also known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

revealed by God Himself, as ONE in being, in essence, and glory.

God is the One and Only Almighty, omnipresent, omnipotent He,
and unchanging. He is holy, just and righteous,
He is love, merciful, good and gracious.

i believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ,
the expressed image of the Father is grandest.

Who was born to become an ordinary man,
in order that He could tell us who God really is,
and provide the means of salvation for humanity and all the bliss.

Jesus Christ of the Holy Spirit’s conception,
and, born of the ****** Mary, only she, without a man,
Jesus is truly God, and fully man, without a sin,
His birth occurred only by His Mother, still a ******.

He lived a perfect, sinless life, His teachings are all true.
Jesus Christ died on the cross just for me and for all of you,

He died for all humanity as a substitutionary sacrifice,
we hold that His death is sufficient to provide salvation, the price,
for all who receive Him as their Saviour.

That our justification is grounded in His blood shed,
that it is attested by His literal, physical resurrection from the dead.

Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven in His glorified body,
He is now seated at the right hand of God, as our High Priest and Advocate,

i believe in the divinity and personality of the Holy Spirit,
He regenerates sinners, and He indwells believers.

He is the agent by whom Christ baptizes all believers into His body,
He is the seal by whom the Father guarantees the salvation of believers
unto the day of redemption.

He is the Divine Teacher who illumines
believers’ hearts and honest minds,
as they study the Word of God,
each on their own relaxing spot.

The Holy Spirit is ultimately sovereign,
in the distribution of spiritual gifts to the obedient man.

The miraculous gifts of the Spirit, as they were known
in those times in ancient Efeze,
while by no means outside of the Spirit’s ability to empower,
no longer function to the same degrees,
they did in the early development of the church in Efeze.

The reality and personality of angels do exist,
God created the angels to be His servants and messengers.

i believe every word i have read in the Bible and its translations,
thus also in the existence and personality of the devil and its demons,
this devil’s name is Satan is the heaviest enemy God ever met,
as evil rebellions against His Almighty power, too sad,
i read this in the Bible in Isaiah 14:12-17 and in Ezekiel 28:12-15 at my spot,

he is the great enemy of God and man, condemned by the Lord,
he and his evil company were sent away for good from the holy place,
i read this in the Bible in Matthew, and in Revelations, i reckon,

my belief, based upon reading, deep thinking and my greatest Faith in God,
that we can defeat these evilish appearances right on the spot.
By praying and asking for more strength in our belief,
so that we can conquer and be freed from this devilish thief !!

All these words were ranting me to jump out of my mind,
but i took paper and pencil to hasten the posting like this kind….

Then, my dear Poetfreak friends, and today my HePo friends
i bow to you all, humbly and with great honesty, i say the deepest Amen….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
On Sunday the 3rd April 2016 – 13.28 hrs.p.m. Published on Poetfreak. Too beautiful sunny day….Spring is here! (de Lente, Dutch)....TODAY it is SUNDAY the 12th of November 2017 @ 7.17 hrs AM W.E.Time and I wish to say my Sincerest CONGRATULATIONS to my dear niece in JAKARTA, Indonesia, MONA, who is celebrating her BirthDAY. GOD's Blessings in Abundance. Remember that God loves you always....
Oct 2017 · 332
DO I....
Do I know you?
Do I owe you?
We look at each other.
Not in the eyes, but in nothingness.
We are together bound, all year round.

Do I know you?
We look at each other.
Do I owe you?
He does not bother.
We look at each other.
Not in the eyes, but in shyness.
His wealth mutually consumed.
Poor us so greedy at our presence both.

And my addicted admiration,
since I love all subjects,
who are full of the honest knowledge of certain things,
mostly the own learned object,
that made their living
and together with that OUR living
in wealth and luxury,

this is not concerning materialism,
but another ISM like ego-ism.

Since I know wealth, richdom from kidhood constantly.
And his old-fashioned love to the brim,

we are together tied,
all the time a bit horrified, it’s not one-sided,
visa versa all years round bound

These last years, the Lord gave us greatest bless,
we look at each other, the greatest impulse, but our eyes  
unclothing languidly,
which is known less.

I can assure you,
not as mean as the rest of mankind,
but there’s a true kind

like in war’s strategy:
untrained soldiers sent to war
and before they know
no much sorrow of their sudden death
don’t you know how that felt?
Their death?

As if you’re bereaved,
and before you’ll know
you’ll get a wreath,
without much sorrow,
on your doormat

it isn’t that bad….

BUT the most important subject
of these all DO I….
is LOVE that matters, yes!

All these death soldiers
or untrained men on war-paths
had been loved by their wives and kids,
these looked like tiny-bits,

that’s bulsh-t,
but in reality, it’s a POST-IT!

Now all that matters here,
is only that I have ever loved you

I have known so many, but I still know
that YOU are the most loved by me

and still, I do....cherish you
that you must know….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
For the one, I have ever loved most, this poem now I have to post.
I must add, and that you must know, this love for you in me still flows.
Saturday AD. 7 October 2017 @ 3.30 hrs AM West-European Time
Sep 2017 · 772
Poetry is a constant nagging at my soul,
the instant tears that flow upwards,
a drifting fence in my mind,
treasure in my blood,
a coercion in my veins.
Poetry is a surprising flight,
just straight from the inner heart....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
The 10WORD POEM  format is first invented by spysgranson. There were held many competitions based on this. All competitions were based upon the 10WORD POEM.  But there are also 20-30WORD POEMSafter this Above is a 40WORD poem created.— Wednesday AD.13th Sep 2017 @7.15 hrs AM WET
Sep 2017 · 857
AM I....
I am the embodiment of your life
the shoulders of your deep sadness
the wrapped arms of your burden
the warmth of your coldness
the breath of your sighs

the atmosphere
when you are near
to be living again

I'll sing my song for you
just for you with that refrain
in the midst of the night
will you not be so sad again

the rivers are overflowing
it's still monsoon-time, baby
where will we go with all these liquid
no scrupules, I'll fix it

I'll read you a poetry sublime
about the poet who writes about food
who never be hungry again
never have a grind
man unkind
to break or crush the notes

please do never forget
I am the bottom of your bed
the handle of your doors
the candle of your fires
I am the embodiment
of your desires....

Copyright Protected
Just for YOU
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ with love, Sylvia
AD. Wednesday 6th Sept.2017 - a Repost from Poetfreak.. Created for my love. Inspired by the atmosphere,
@8.48 hrs.AM West-European Time.
Sep 2017 · 307
MISTAKEN ( Part Three )
after he read my poetry online
in the darkest café while drinking wild wine
he copied the full title of mine poetry
“Saddest about the poverty nowadays”
and instantly emailed me,
that I started talking about politics

I thought he could read poetry
but….I was mistaken

my loved one never knew
the alienating appearance of this blind male

I wrote about true poetry and its poverty
he associated with politics
once again here I repeat my last poem’s title
“Saddest about the poverty nowadays”

his unwanted eyes are peeping constantly
copying my poem, the constant liar

he read mine poetry
I wrote about the poverty
instantly he started shouting about politics
just like this male person

he has that poverty I have in mind
about vocabulary, grammar, and all that kind
I thought he could read poetry
I was mistaken

he was peeping constantly
at mine poetry
I wrote about words, nouns
the present and the past
and all the tenses
it pained all my senses

when he accused me of politics
of yelling at innocent persons
shouting at innocent poets

not mine strife in this forsaken life
I am suffering from pain

I thought he was clever
I am now mistaken forever

do you wish to know who is he?
a constant stalker, an insane talker
alienate appearance

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
Please read Part One for the notes
Sep 2017 · 193
MISTAKEN ( Part Two )
On to my Queendom, he comes
he thinks he could reign me
that was his greatest mistake

he thought he could read
I too thought that he could read
but I was mistaken

mine loved friend said he loves to read
I too thought that he loves to read
it seemed so, it looked so
but I was mistaken

after having walked amongst this poverty
I must conclude in tears and tragedy
this is the worst and most tragic comedy
I ever knew after my literal study
(contin.on Part 3)

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
Please read these words in Part One
Sep 2017 · 574
MISTAKEN, ( Part One )
The poverty I am saddest about
( his shoutings about politics )

…..he read that online
mine poetry about this poverty
the stupidity started scolding me
declared instantly me-moi as its enemy
its words, so absurds
a lunatic so terrific

not its area nor its section
I oft write in Dutch and this is mine declaration

I do now one step lower
From “it” I step a bit lower down to “his”
his profession does not read poetry
but he thought he could read
poetry poesy and poems

true very pity
not his art nor his profession
he meddles in everything
mine poetic wings, not his thing
(contin.on Part 2)

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
This poem consists of three parts. This is Part One. True occurrence.
An ordinary admirer becomes an insane stalker, unstoppable.
I THOUGHT he was kindest, but I was mistaken
Sunday 3rd Sept 2017 @ 8.19 hrs AM West-European Time
Jun 2017 · 1.1k
World Citizen
Where do you live?
you mean where I reside?

On this beautiful forsaken earth
I have seen many sins in fellow citizen's inside
I have my pride
but I wanna confess
and it is 150% a yes
that in my inside's hearth
I have many more sins,
much more than your rational would believe
although I am an evangelist
not certain a bliss
but that was my beloved's Mum wish
I dared not to refuse her
since I am an obedient girl
of course at school a rebel
never for my dearest Mum
after having graduated
exactly three years after date.

I must confess
that I possess much more inner spirit now
more patience than before
more love and care than I ever owe

Ahok was blamed for blasphemy
that Islamic group lied constantly
till they got him in prison

such saddest tidings
am still humming my love songs
even though pained in one WhatsApp ago
am looking for peace while conversing to
my genius bro before he would close his golden window.

my heart leap up with the strongest sense
his caring soul did never offend
i feel home in our parental house
nine days closest to his loving heart
i am truly blessed as his grateful part.


Jakarta-Home, West-Java Time 21.00 hrs PM.
AD the 3rd June 2017, Saturday
World Citizen, then I have traveled to all five continents and at each place I have my hotel, motel or best friends house, on the average for at the most 7 days, that was enough seven days. I will return too, also for another 7 days.
Shocked as I was walking by
walking not far but also not too nigh

I have stopped at the greatest heap of garbage
No, sir, I haven´t dragged that from your garage

what I have seen with mine own eyes
is worth to tell but it´s not so nice

first, in this poetry, I have returned to my basic, my glee
the simple grammar and the tenses, just for me

they keep awake my tender senses
what I wanna tell ye was about that poverty

that had crept into nowadays poetry
lack of  green herbs lack of own precious proverbs

the green color of the herbs
can produce in the body and mind long life verbs

that may excel in all our words
so that awful mental poverty in poetry may not read as absurds

just keep it simple and keep it in its own realm
based upon good grammar and be not overwhelmed
Spring 2017 - 21th May at 11.25 hrs.AM W.E.Time
i wish to reveal a most precious thing
as Spring has begun
my dearest Daddy’s Birthday is done

he is not a man of celebrations
i want to disclose this personal’s manifest

as his blueprint, i am really beatific
i am very fortunate to be able to recollect
all and everything

to be your beloved daughter
is one most precious and delightful evidence

such a coziest feel to have you in my presence
you embody all that is calm and peaceful
no other impervious Daddy then you, my handsome sensitive

your BirthDay, dearest Daddy is never nebulous
the reputations you left us are all fabulous

you told me tales, they are in fact realities
you are one of a kind, your mind so sublime
you constantly cared and loved me, i am your prime

i love to tell superlatives about you
you deserve the most, dearest Daddy,

i am very proud of you, of your humor and your visions
your cartoons, drawings, and your fascinating paintings
you conjured magic in all your writings

C.C. was your weekly talkings
Charlie was your weekly walkings
in the world of Charlie Chan

i am very fond of you, my very talented Daddy
i know your world too, owned by you as a stage performer….
i remember everything, every detail hidden in my mind

i wish to reveal the most precious thing
last night i went to your place, i was wondering
you were not there, i started sobbing….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
21st March 2017
May he rest in Peace. May he have a Happy BirthDAY in Heaven on the 21st March on Tuesday....
He died too young too soon, my greatest grief on that day.
The Lord gives, the Lord takes at His Time....
Feb 2017 · 489
This Night Lasts Too Long !
This night lasts too long!
The black holes in the wall are getting bigger,
heavy rainfall plunges on the fragile body
and the nasty damp air is celebrating here....

She continued her wandering through the dusty road,
imagined herself to see a monster in every load,
she did not look back, afraid the demon would grow
and adopts the face of the devil, you know.

But no, the devil dares not to face I,
the Lord protects me, that's why,
i and my existence constantly!
i noticed on every grain of sand
and on every dust on the road
and every sigh that passes me,
i can feel the slightest vibrations and blessings,
yes, His Almighty protects me!

Of gratitude and in all magnitude
i am singing and praising Him gratefully,
am in constant link with the divine
isolating the self is not my glee,
He is the center of my living!
i experienced it through my being.

God sends miracles to this planet
no one can feel nor see these thrills
we have to believe in these invisibles

believe in His Miracles
they be blessings for us
every curse of the enemy
melts instantly !

God never abandons His Children

we are constantly linked to His lush heart
His Blessings in Abundance for us

as long as we live till death
and death will not part us
from Him, since we are His kids...

have you ever read To live like a King's Kid
Well, this Kid lives with His King forever
you won’t miss Him
He resides in your heart
and He will never leave you !

© Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. 02-02-0217 Thursday @17.24 PM.hrs West European Time
© All Rights Reserved
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
Wondrous Circle in 2017....

i am talking to a you now
i use this brevity, not my strength

first i wish you and all my dear poet friends
a Happiest and a Prosperous New Year

may all your heart's desire
be still in flame and fire
and all your sweetest dreams still come true
of course there are still woes to come
work neatly and precise
create poems based upon all that's wise

and with God's Love and consent
suffice money to spend,

sincerest from
Sylvia Frances Chan
It was the 3rd of January 2017 when I put this on Draft, but we still have one year long to go......
on wishing Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2017. Thank you.
Nov 2016 · 792
Swirling Rays

terrified by His greatest light
waking up is the only option
to cheat in this underrated notion
( sleeping is an underrated action, i reckon )
but have to let go this Divine´s delight
i will soon meet Him in my daily devoir....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
A Cold Thursday on the 3rd November 2016 - 9 degr. C.
Copyright Protected
Nov 2016 · 2.0k
Biggest Dot
The moody morning sky, covering my palette again
white, green, yellow, zinc white and red
the ev'ning planet, spinning on, the rains in vain
my lover's blue came in, ev'ryone drops dead.

While gazing at the movements, perplexed and cool
white turns black, ruby red in brownish mess, the fool
where is he, where is he my metaphoric lover,
acentric he moves on with the blackest cover

The dark green trees are gazing at I
why are there deepsea blue clouds, treading forth, why?
I lose trees out of sight, gone is the lovely emerald light
now almost night, all blackest diamonds sleep tight.

Awfully sleepy, my mind is heady, my passion blurred,
when I gave up, I see beauty, how absurd !

My most magical moon right on the spot,
is a most beautiful fluorescent biggest dot
heaven-high on the home firmament.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
MyNotes: Last Night it was full Moon
Oct 2016 · 513
The Imposssible Truth
( An essay poem about two artists souls )

My beloved, my sweet...
i fed you with love,
i nourished you with my smiles,
my countless patience, my sunshine, my passion

i nurtured you with nature
what you can do to bloom
i whispered in your ears those precious words
added my own blood to your secrets,
our songs became completest absurdic symphonies

only you can make me
as i am today:
a happy creature with free pride
free….but with great responsebility

myriad of people,
with million milliards of interests,
most of them had been in distress
they came to you and they went again
when they came, everyone was stressed and hurt….

as soon as you treated them,
in dutch we say you possess green hands,
and when they left, they arrived at an entirely brand-new land
they had not one pain again
on their new grains of sand….

You came from afar behind the swift clouds,
i saw you, but i had my doubts
you wiped them all away
and made that i wanted to stay
like in a thousand and one nights….

and as a wonder i the rebel
won't go astray anymore at any level….

You made me your owner,
though so many travels together, i am still a loner
believe me my dear, this pure absurdity
believe me, this will last till eternity
A sunlit Molenwijk area where once good hearts lived,
in the midst of summerheat, one season long to forgive
curious odd people were staring at you
like you were a killed living art statue

it is loveliest to know
you are a living ordinary soul who creates,
a living everyday man who penetrates
sick people's mind
your treatments all are oft of a very loving kind
precisely on that place and in that precious time
many fans trust you and your work is over sublime

Molenwijk area is not as before,
a crowded place for online games now
an arcadia in nostalgic plays and updated games
discomfort and nostalgia are now the glowing flames.

somehow those sparkling flickerings make me true sad,
give me the eternal feelings of constantly rushing ahead

Where I reside now with you, my beloved, my sweet
is not to compare with Molenwijk's grandest defeat
each street here is a treasure of leisure
in each corner rests sweet smell of peace
in each home resides sweet smell of our own ease
peace in all hearts, and peace in our own....

© Sylvia Frances Chan -
Moved from Molenwijk neighbourhood, which ground was serene and peaceful, now not anymore

A Loveliest Sunny Tuesday-morn the 18th October 2016 @ 11.00 hrs AM.
Oct 2016 · 730
That shortest visit
reaches infinity
miracle so true
never has end in sight

a most difficult task
i do not ask
but begging you
as you've always been
the friendliest, the nicest
like in the old days
when life still had many opportunities
to soar, to fly
peregrination sans limits
to all wind sighs

always think
that ocean glued to the lovely town
is not a small puddle
immensely large and deep,
this great aqua is not to be trusted,
but no need to weep.

Only human beings you wish to cuddle
people in their dust
born on the same ground
and hearts are found

greatest compassion
keeping that knowledge
all at your own

thy existence
as precious as can be
for me
mainly marvelous present memories

drizzling rains
for you and me

fortunately not painful
nor for you or for me

in my mind and me
the Birthday stay
so sweet, tremendous crackling cozy
due to the efforts thou doth

i say it this way
baby, it was an unforgettable stay
thank you !

© Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Sunday, 25th Sept 2016 - 1.30 hrs.PM.
Sunny weather, beautiful rays
happy hearts @J's Inn and more
Celebrating my baby's Birthday on the Day before.
Originally from Dutch dd. on PF 28 Sept.
Oct 2016 · 552
The Mockingbird
This early morn
a most beautiful bird
appears at my window
a mockingbird.

She looks at me
her deep darkbrown eyes
wide open gaze at me
I see her smiling.

Her beauty of colour
amazes me
her gift of singing
oh my! Heavenly.

Entirely forgotten
sadness and sorrow
of the night before
this visit asks for more...

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Thursday 6th October 2016 @ 17.58 hrs. PM.
rather chilly
Oct 2016 · 724
Love you, love you not
I feed you with love,
I nourish you with my smile,

my endless patience, my sunshine, my passion,
I nurture you with all things
what can do to you to bloom.

I revealed you my deepest secrets
and feed you with my own blood.

Only you can make me
as I am today,
freed from ties in certain way.

Thank you so much
never forget
be grateful to He.

AD. Tuesday 4th October 2016
Created for my Best of Best Friends
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
In real life I don't have the courage to utter all these words. By stringing them together, I can get these phrases. I am most amazed what poetry made possible, you can read it in: The Audacity of a Poem


Poems mean a lot to me
since it is reciprocal you see
the society I live in
is reflected in all these lines
love is very important almost a sin
and the always one glasses of wines
always getting in

the best specialist for our health
they say is also The wealth
but I regard love is the most important
remember I am human not a mutant

love is the best for our life
it is obvious that we must strife
love is like the present wind
that blows constantly so tender in
through my thirsty body and mind
I reside in this country oh so kind
a country peaceful, plenty of place and love to hide
that's why I have my domicile here and reside

My beloved likes reading and traveling
we have seen parts of the world a very lot
I have other kinds of interests, like humming
writing essays, feedbacking, listening to music,
and praying to God
building websites, designing cards and yes
conducting PC Help desks, bank-scanning, and chess
in London and Serfaus, musicals and skiing,
along the Mediterranean sea, enjoying life, love while driving

how do I do that, d'you really want to know, dear?
while whatsapping, driving fastest, and the music to the ear
really very simple, love in you, your whole soul in there,
just like our parents using tupperware

but ah, I like most to describe the love in poems I write
posting them for my beloved after that heavy night
since love is so important in our life
you must not take for granted but must strife

we can't miss it in our life its function
like: though sometimes on our highway a junction
it's like the great water of the mighty ocean
it has grip on you, you feel the strenght, but it's addiction
the strong water's ripples too, its mildness
you demand the best, the most but never less
and remember for ever that in the country I live in
the kind of love I'm so addicted to, is never a sin

in the end my heart and being will constantly see
my one and faithful Man,
for Thy most precious gift, I say to Thee
thank You, my Lord. Amen  (fon.: A-'men)

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Sunday, 4 Sept 2016.
Aug 2016 · 844
Beautiful view mist at distance
I sat staring with a glance
this pink world wide open
is this real, may I hope...n..

so sweet breathtaking colours
soft blue and pink makes purple
oh gosh...I want to walk fastest
but I am in slow-motion like a turtle

that sweet caress where comes it from
that one sweetest kiss at my night's prom
I feel it, I see it's heaven
I see my neighbour in black...n..

Paradise purple, pink and blue
I sat staring I think it's you
acropolic scene yet misty dew
in this mystery land, my sweet, I see only you !

© Sylvia Frances Chan
A frailty of quick sand
a deep gap in the immense land

away from clover green
secluded nature's earth
daily seen this dry dusty scene

we have been listening to most touching songs,
psalms, hymns and of magical singing

great person of simplicity
mind match of a genius
man from Mars not from Venus

from dust you are to dust you go
to the Lord's scenic spot
eternal life you will have, it had been said
you are still living amongst the dead.

Worthiest prayer ever heard
loftiest words oftentimes birthed
saddest meanings in every word.

One thing we may rejoice
like Abraham in the Holy Scripture
you left myriads of your own,
from your humble creature.

High Almighty God, most grateful to You,
that You cared for Pieter and led him all time through,
he died once, was resurrected again and now with You

he chooses to go to his beloved époussée
and asked for your permission
while waiting this transition,
all of a sudden he was knocking at your Door,
You received Him at once with greatest love and more....

May he rest in peace, husband, father and engineer,
Pieter van der Werff, the Dutch buccaneer !!

© Sylvia Frances Chan
NOTE: Ir. P.v.der Werff is a good acquaintance, died few days ago all of a sudden, but still very healthy, sane and enjoying life at the fullest,
but he oft missed his late wife....
Jun 2016 · 1.4k

Especially for Mr. Syd 4ever !! God's greatest Blessings for you.

MIS - understand - in = means stand in another place,
misunderstanding = do not understand each other.

Pentecost is the language that everyone understands,
for they are pentecosted.

An empty sack can not walk right or stand upright (African proverb).

Pentecost means that we are again people
who can understand each other in the Spirit of Jesus,
let us pray to God that He again gives us the spirit of Jesus.

Let us pray singing,
Let us pray singing,

that this Pentecost will give us new strength again,
that this Pentecost may bless us again,
that this Pentecost will give us strength again to forgive our fellow man,
that this Pentecost will breathe again life in us,

with the power that is able to forgive and overcome all the mistakes and misunderstandings,

and we will also experience as such:
Forgive and be forgiven

Do not look whether we are rich or poor,
this Pentecost may allow us to experience
that feeling of complete pleasure
in all total love and peace.

That this cup may always overflow with solidarity, love and care.

Peace of the Lord be upon us
until the end of time.

a Dedication to Syd 4ever,
with unconditional love, Sylvia.

Sylvia Frances Chan
On Whit Sunday, 15 May 2016
Baby,  your question....
how it is with I,
do you really want to know,
must I repeat again
this nocturne impromptu?
Chopin all in pain for you,
how must I know
this life to grow,
how shall I start,
must I be still that smart....?

Well, I shall be honest, frank and true,
haven't slept, only thoughts of you,
haven't eaten, only beaten (lit)
by my loved one, my beloved thing,
really went through a cling.

Nor had lived or have drunk, am really to sink,
into the deepest seas, oceans and my own brink.
Haven't swum in any aqua,
nor in drops or driplets, or omega,
or in any other liquid....

Et comment allez-vous?
And how are you,
during these days too?

Never 've seen your face,
or any pace or trace,
at my place.

So please, do not suffocate,
as you once told me all do resonate.
This is prime, culminating, finest
foremost first rate, highest, most dearest.

I'm again a zombie,
not in vain,
very much in pain,
like that poem....
from long time ago,
with My Paintress'Eye and Metaphor,
who has lost who has won....

Only you to die for,
you tell me, baby,
and please, sing
for me that nocturnal song,
you sang that song,
so powerfully strong.

Message delivered,
I'm now liquored,
with the Aqua,
and the Omega....

A Déjá-Vu
© Sylvia Frances Chan
A Déjá-Vu
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Loving you
The sweetness of thy words lay not in thine mouth
but in thine mind

The beauty of moving thine body lay not in thine walking
but in thine heart

The utmost pure love thou hath shown lay not in thine caring nor loving
but in thine precious hidden soul

That’s why loving thee is not a day’s work
but a labour that lasts a life long
and encapsulates life beyond eternity....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected. Life beyond Eternity.
Jan 2016 · 1000
I spoke to he
I spoke first to her
there wasn't any conversation
there wasn't any blurr
and all that thing

peaceful, easeful
never worrying

I realized
was this wise
to give response
to her advice…?

my man and all
stayed standing tall
watching us one day to fall
a greatest mistake
since we weren't rollin' the ball

he kicked his head to our wall
he was waiting till I'll fall

surprisingly I grew tall
not the ball nor the wall
but I and my all

I loved him to the brim
I still love him easiest as gym
I still do keep loving him
since he has learned me to swim

when I spoke to him
it was war or peace
still I filled my tea cup with such ease
patiently to the brim
I must admit caring for him
I still do, I love it but feel great pity

leaving her
was my greatest woe
my life in tears
from head to toe
she kept calling and writing to me
her beautiful poetry

I had greatest silence
during our absence
only my soliloquy
I realized I had fallen in love
with her

if you have read her
you would agree with me

her poetry is her everything
but she became my only thing

she said latest days
poetry is my everything
none understands except thee
(Oh, how flattered I was !! In seventh heaven)

Then she continued:
but my love for thee
is above all things
beyond eternity
and above my poetry

(Am crying of happiness)
now at last I must confess
she is my most
beautiful princess 
I ever possessed 
My Poetess....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
she exists really, my life seems more complete with her poetry, greatest is her Passion, as she oft says, but above all, her proper life and I stand tall, those words were all she said and all.
Dec 2015 · 1.5k
My Devotions for Thee
My Prayer for Thee
Oh, Lord, Thou art my only Love
Thou art my True Love Dove
i treasure me in Thy Vector
and feel me blessed in my daily concerns
i know this is only hellish Earth
temporarily and no eternal worth

only Thy Signs and Thy Spoken Words
i have absorbed and am absorbing still,
Thy Holy Words and Thy Only Will
naturally, i have learned eversince;
i learned to see Thee as my Holy Prince
to listen to Thee as my Holy Father
to hear Thy Words than rather
turn my sight to satan's rites.

Thou art The Only One i worship
Thou art The Only One i am praying to
Thou art The Only One, Thou art my All
Thou art this side and
Thou art my whole side of my All;
Thou stand above my Darling,
Thou stand above my Beloved,
Thou stand above my Beloved Ones,
Thou stand above my Alls.

Thou art The Holy Father,
The Holy Son,
and The Holy Ghost.
i am a humble girl,
i asked for three special sons;
Thou gave me three special sons.
i knocked and asked for love, life and food;
Thou opened,
and gave me love, life and food
for my family, my Life's destiny;
i asked still, Thou gave me constantly.

i could not fight,
Thou gave me strength, Thou gave me Power;
i grow stronger by the hour.

Thy words are Divine;
i am craving for Thee, Oh, Holy Mine;
i am all Thine and Thou art Mine.

Forgive this humble heart of me,
for every sin i have done unto Thee.

i pray to Thee for every soul i've met;
i thank Thee for Thy mercy i get,
from Thy Holy and Forgiving Heart.

i nestle in Thy thermal,
i warm me in Thy vernal,
i warm me in Thy embrace.
No my Lord, i would not race.

i feel me ablaze, every time i praise Thee,
and pray to Thee, my Lord,
blessing feel i get for each of Thy Word.

My Lord, My eternal Love-Superiour,
Thou art my heavenly Father.
i am your constant love-warrior;
Thou art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom come
on earth as it is in Heaven.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
On HP Friday Morn too, accidentally @ 7.25 hrs a.m. The 18th December 2015
On PF AD.30 May 2014 ~and on HP July
2014~~@5.32 hrs.a.m.~
~~ Friday Morn
This is no fiction, but reality. This was God’s miracle again for me,
few hours hereafter occurred the bombings in Paris.  We ?  Already at Airport Orly to Home  ............................With love, Sylvia.

Paris after the 12th of November? No one to blame
the Eiffel Tower? Never more the same,

departure some hours later, no resemblance
those slight difference: terror in ignorance

forced to stay in Paris forever
could  never see again your homeland, remember?

no dreams anymore, constant nightmares
but……. WHO  cares?

you would never know, was it a curse or a bliss,
oddly enough, I informed you now about this.

Now Paris for you is still a greatest bliss
you’ve never been in Paris before
we did enjoy, quarrelled and enjoyed more

for you and I Paris was the walhalla
our love and happiness we never measure, and blah-blah-bla

God showed us the perfect view
from dawn till again morning dew

to treasure and honour His Mighty Impact
that life He showed you, enjoy it and show respect !

please, beware of His presence
be careful and love thy neighbours in mine absence
in all hours of this Great Silence....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
Paris, le Tour Eiffel  
Mardi le 10-12th November 2015, we were there
Friday the 13th Nov the bombings at 3 places started, but we were safe home in our country, I believe that God has guided us, it started with buying the tickets online and booking the hotel. Why have I chosen only for these dates? God has led me, sure. This is my witness of God's greatness and His Wonder I may experience.
Les heures des Silences
Saturday @Home, the 12th Dec.--15.41 hrs PM.
posted Friday the 11th Dec.2015 - on PF
Nov 2015 · 729
Being alone does not mean anything
there are more important things to utter,

when your Birthday approaches
it makes all memories getting poaches,

enjoying the delicious cake
is a fact not a fake,

staring at the exuberant colours
in those delivered flowers
the least enjoyment in these hours,

there are more important things to utter
spoken about experiences which flutter,

there are more precious things to say
you have your own style, I do it my way....

I wish you a Happy Birthday on the 22 November
This date I never forget, but always remember.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
TODAY: Saturday 21 Novwmber 2015 ~~
Birthday on Sunday the 22nd of Novemvber 2015~~
@ 12.13 hrs.p.m. Cool day, not chilly, just pretty~~
Alone, not lonely~~~
Nov 2015 · 536
Nostalgia, brand New
An Ode Poem to Present Past Times . As the Mind is following its free creating Spirit. Paper is patient, people are not. About Molenwijk, about a cutting artist, a Tale apart....

I feed you with love,
I nourish you with my smile,

my countless patience, my sunshine, my passion,
I nurture you with all things
what can do to you to bloom.

I have brought you my deepest secrets
and feed you with my own blood.

Only you can make me
as I am today.

Thousands of people,
all kinds of interests,

I came and I go back,
nothing I have noticed.

You came from the darkness,
I saw, I discovered
and I made you my own.

I'm your patient owner,
I hold you in my selfless love,
believe me, my past time hero,
our friendship will last
until many degrees below zero.

A sunlit remoted Molenwijk,
amidst of Indian Summer Autumn
Haarlem, a tale apart
precarious people look at you
like you're a piece of living art.

Is it so funny that
a workaholic, an overly prolific
a cutting artist who creates,
when his heart is on maximum optimum?

Molenwijk is very crowded now
and the beautiful sun rays make me sad,
give me feelings of deep tensions,
discomfort, brand new nostalgia
and latest fashioned depressions.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
As Posted for Tahirih, about my near Past.

Copyright Protected
HelloPoetry AD. 7th Nov.2015
@18.07 hrs.p.m.
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Not the topic of the gossips
or the spiders in your head
I'll watch over you unconditionnaly.

I know I am your nothing,
but you will be my everything,

not the main theme in your readings
nor the titles of your specialisms
in your heart, my name you're engraving

I am not the reason for your smiles
or the itchiness for your laughter,
for you, I would walk a thousand miles
though  bones broken hereafter.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
Tuesday 20th Oct 2015-13.26

Love ever meant to never end
but in most times it is facing its premature death
what an unkindest earth this death !
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
A father will be
never the same anymore
after death of his beloved époussée
he was called daddy then and more
because he loved his daughter truly.

After death of his wife
begins the biggest strife
he feels himself no more daddy
he acts as uncle-to-be, a tragedy

daddy no more
uncle always and encore

© Sylvia Frances Chan
    Copyright Protected
If the mother dies, a father behaves as a non-father, he feels no responsibility anymore, his attitude is mere like an uncle, he does not support his daughter anymore, and also no insight from himself to support his daughter.
Aug 2015 · 1.5k
My Love for You
My love, this is especially for you, I hope you will like it. With love from, Sylvia / Mijn lieve, dit is speciaal voor jou. Ik hoop dat je het leuk zal vinden, liefs van Sylvia.

as highest as the Chomolungma in Himalaya region
as magic as this Mount Everest correction
as huge as the Nightwatch of Rembrandt
as imposant as the Niagara Waterfalls when you shall land
as friendly as the Ricefields on Bali Island
as generous as the Space Needle together with Manhattan
as lovely as the puppet dolls my fiancé gave me in Jakarta
as beautiful as my wild Rose's voice when speaking about Indonesia
as wonderful as Serfaus at wintersport-season
as warm as Granada could be on Summerdays without a reason
as romantic as Venezia on dark nights
as cool as Paris sparkles in Autumnal lights
as truest as Jesus died on the cross at Calvary
my love for you so loyal as Plath's words, no fata morgana
so honest as Picasso's own Guernica
it means only most important and precious to you and to me,
this I tell to you as my only trustee and devotee.

Truest love ever known, most loyal ever shown !
I have told you all these with the help of God, amen.

Sylvia Frances Chan
© copyright protected
Sunday 9th August 2015 @ 14.30 hrs.AM.
Cool mild weather 22 C-degrees
[ Do you love flowers? ]

Honestly speaking, I do love flowers,
not the ones I have to give showers.
I do like beautiful flower gardens and more,
not the ones I have to mow oft or to care good for.

I love to go walking every morning,
to watch all birds in the trees singing and fluttering.

Walking along emerald meadows, where diamonds do grow.
All kind of gems and flowers, according to my list, you know.

One special kind attracts my attention,
in fact I never care, but this time it was never my intention
to discover such delicate jewel, these rare flowers
a reddest colour was smiling at me lovingly, all hours.

Do I wish to turn my eyes from this flower or not,
I took paces back to be on that hottest spot.
Why does this flower attract mine attention?
since it was looking at me with such fine perfection.

Oh, you have never seen such a most wonderful plant,
this is only able, I reckon, through God's greatest grant.

This flower had such a beauty of its own, it did not pose,
a jewel of a flower, as red, as wild and most beautiful.

As a gem, a jewel of a flower, it did never pose
it is a mesmerizing wild rose most beautiful….
….most ardent Rose….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright protected
Sunday, the 5th of July 2015
4.30 hrs a.m. WETime.
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
A Frenzy of Words
Rare riddles are oft bittersweet,
a never ending search for poisonous feed,
sand greyish desert coloured ****,
so many studies, not edible this seed?

Emeralds green in forrests deep,
sunken wood drifted apart and seep,
mortal words that never sleep,
in a city full of leaks.

cherished thoughts wandering celestial high,
whose orphans are these lost kids…sigh….
flickering fields, amish nigh;

shiverings on personal corpses,
numb of words, ah… stunts in shortest.

The words refused to be arranged as it must.
I lost my commands of the words, no, it’s no plus,
these words mock mankind as their playful lust,
sorry, now I can only say in the past tense:" Friends, 'twas....."

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
PF on 29th May 2015 -13.24
Apr 2015 · 738
Life Cycle

As a girl I was innocent and naïve
as a twen I became a Mum
must increasingly be on the alert
with no one raise-certificate to educate kids
this was very tiresome to the bits

possess too many intellectual inhuman papers
to build a huge factory perhaps with pampers
where paper weapons can be produced
never say they are "of no use"
but nowhere to find certificates
to educate my kids

look at the giants like Kennedy and Gandhi
they found their peaceful death
at 's worlds greatest slaughtery
the killings with their own products
amongst their own beloved people
such inhuman tragedies
murdered by those paper weapons factories

coursed by human devils
driven by darkest evils
the paper feel, never more

our worst nightmare
I declare
the truth in life's most misery
papers running off
weapons became true rifles
the paper that was trash
a biggest mess
they showed us their biggest ash
as soonest paper weapons' biggest tragedy

killing giants like Kennedy and Gandhi

such a highest treachery
such a comedy
not the divine one
that's pure pun

I must increasingly be on the alert
it never hurt
but eternal absurd!
the papers?
I truly miss them
no sheet to write on
now running out of paper

have to rescue one of the papers
to tell you this biggest tragedy
no human comedy
nor divine

my kids...?

they are
just fine!

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Mar 2015 · 881
Just A Ball
Darling, it’s no spring yet
am going again to bed
no one problem to think about
please, don’t say it too loud

Of course am doing my best
rhyming excellently for the rest
of my HelloPoetry family
of course, scapegoats enough, ne’er my glee

Scapegoats what for?
writers' block and the more?
no muse ever drops in at mine
luckily the sun always shines

Am I the only one without a muse?
oh dear I am not amused !
must I hire or just call?
Wait, I just give a kick, and have a rollicking ball

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Created on 13th March 2015
posted on 17th March 2015
A Muse? Am not amused !
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