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Jaemy May 4
You are not
a product of what the public eye
wants to see
You are not
a slave of the community
Always in doubt whether they will
with how you think and act
You are an individual
part of the pack but not
a full-time follower of the flow
Remember that
I'll only follow myself
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
I want to fall in love
and eat fresh figs,
plump and swollen
dripping from my lips.

But most importantly
I want to feel free,
Free to do these things
without question or worry.

Something you never gave me.
kolsmusing May 6
can I have a shoulder for a minute?
where I can rest my head
and put my mind in peace

can I have a hand for a minute?
which will be holding me
when I start to tremble

can I have a pair of ears for a minute?
who could just listen to my thoughts
without judgment


should I just have someone for the rest of my life?
whom I can lean on
and be in my vulnerable form,
someone who can make me feel
that I am not alone in this oh so cruel world
Can I be independent and strong yet be comforted by someone at the same time?
Hailie Mar 26
keep your head up you’re all you got
You got free your mind from all of them negative thoughts
thoughts of disaster, thoughts of not being good enough
thoughts that make you wanna say **** life and fumble up.
You’re funny af, genuine, sweet who wouldn’t love you?
The purest of them all dont put nothing above you.
Cuz Anyone who says differently are the real posers,
They’re all fake stitched up &  molded together,
the ones who always have something to prove,
someone who never has anything to lose.
So don’t listen to em if they tell you anything different,
it’s anything but significant, negative souls drive evil intentions
keep your head held high you’re all that you got, you got free your mind from all of them negative thoughts.
Chrissy Ade Feb 1
A man will try to make you feel
Like the *** between your thighs
Is the only thing you have to offer
And the only thing you should be ashamed of
But why should I be ashamed
Of what makes me a woman?
Yes, I bleed once a month
But it doesn't compare to the    
Flowers that have grown between my legs
Because I have given life
And life lives within me
Men insult this place
As if this was not their
Gateway to their first breath
They fail to realize that they
Are half-woman too
Never let a man take your power
Empress Asa Jan 17
Not easy become independent woman..
You will handle all of problem..
Going to some where alone..
Even though for medicine..

But you can do whatever want to do..
You can going every where you want to go..
You can take all the things with responsibility..

Sometimes enjoying staycation..
Sometimes going around the world..
Sometimes eating so much..
Sometimes playing around with car..
Sometimes having fun with no limit..


Sometimes you must handle big problem by yourself..
Sometimes you need to go to medicine alone..
Sometimes you need driving alone even though you are ill..
Sometimes you are crying alone..

This is the taste of being independent woman..
Stss... Secret note
Hailey Dec 2019
I have finally found my worth
Finally started loving myself.

- The best thing that 2019 gave me.
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