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cool spring water
fresh ground flour
with love and time
growing a bit sour
a spectacle divine
Elemenohp Jul 4
You were the first drop of rain after a seemingly endless drought.
The beginning of the end of a barren Era.

After that first drop, the crops began to take life.
The trees seemed to stand taller,
The animals, seemed calmer.

You were the start of everything new.
You were the embodiment, of everything true.

I couldn't ask a thing from you,
Your presence is enough to fulfill a lifetime.
How gently the rains of your face fall upon me. How sweet the dew of each kiss. How nourishing your body. Your chest and torso, broken bread. Your scent coils and creeps from you and I, buried in your crevices, drink it in. The intimacy of kissing your curls and the delicacy of meeting your lips. They all fill me. Sustain me.
Words bloomed from the pen she held, nourished by the fertiliser of imagination.
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2018
Add bright colors

Add bright colors to your world,
to nourish your mind,
sweeten your heart,
and paint smiles on your face.

Hussein Dekmak

Shofi Ahmed May 2017
This little heart of mine
often you nourished it
and cherished it gladly
as if it was a sweet smile
among a million primulas!

Oh, this little heart of mine
how often should it be scrutinised
be squeezed into the flip side?
What magic, should it show up?
Though no longer one sheds a tear
but spares a dose of love.

The sweetest moments in life
only come from love.
The harrowing ones are
no strangers—too big and bold
and could flesh out with no bound.
But fill this with only a slice—
not the lot—just with a bit of love,
this little heart of mine!
Knocking on my exterior, my wall.
Do not ******* it, it does not shake.
Your knuckles aren’t hard or clammering
They nudge.
They ease and they test.
Your presence has allowed me to be.
You draw it out like maple from a tree.
You allow it to pour, and flow, and feel.

You set a red path in front of me, it shines.
Shauna Bendel Jun 2017
Let your tongue renew me, intoxicate delicacy
in words you style with grace
until I consume a shade of your
u n k n o w n
Brett Palmero Oct 2017
Deep in the forest
Lies a tree grand in size
Older than the rest
But close to demise

Each winter is harder
The bitter cold bites
And is a slow killer
But still she fights

The humans come with axes
And **** those around her
Never able to relax
When one day she'll just be lumber

Each day branches snap
Because of the dry life
The sun beats down as she naps
Always causing strife

And one day she withers
And is not longer in pain
But all she has weathered
Is not in vain

Because below seeds flourish
The ground is moist and full of water
And soft, full with nourish
All thanks to mother
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