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and nourish

Cutting away
the weeds...

From our
hearts and
our life,

That's toxic
and threatening
to our peace
and health.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Love yourself
heal and keep the
toxic out.
There were  low level talks
A boy and a girl in love affair
In festivals and fairs together
It was a talk of the town
Matter reached the high commands
There were high level talks
Followed by a Memorandum of Understanding
Boy and girl not to talk
End their love affair
Separate forever
Honouring the decision
There were low level talks
Followed by a joint declaration
" Had they known it before
Love ends in misery
They would have proclaimed far and wide
On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
No one should Nourish Love"
Kathleen Dec 2020
Alone I stand, in a field full of solace,
Life brings the wind to cascade down  my branches
To cast away the leaves I have nourished
Bring me light so I may flourish
The sun to warm my inner spirit
My roots reach to the inner core,
I stand solid,
So bring the rain, the snow, the sun
For I am that tree that stands Alone.............
v Oct 2020
Nourish thy soul
with the rhythms in your mind
bounce back bounce front
thy rhythm of time

Nourish thy body
feeling the pulses yelling your name
they shout they ache they're calling your name

Nourish thy body
with the love that you know
Nourish thy body
make sure it stays warm

Nourish thy body
by feeding the soul
1 scoop 2 scoops its never too full

Nourish thy pain
the one that's eating you away
reminding it does not exist without calling your name
Brandon Sep 2020
If age deepens all emotions
How will I feel about you when I reach my end
How will you have hurt me
How will I have healed
How will the roots of my love grow deeper
when I feel like there is no more for my barren soil to give

With age, all emotions deepen
Even love
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
She was covered in fallen leaves and flowers

I  heard a  strange sound

and spotted the plastic bottles

I plucked the plastic off her

she left out another soft sigh of pain

and then, it rained
and *******
baby girl i don't know
if you know this,
but you shine.

this sensation or rush
or tsunami of bliss.
the movements
of the shift of your hips.

the way your hands
fit perfectly in mine
your lips, your jaw, your thighs
my everyday wine and dine.

the sand
underneath my feet flows
as you nourish
my soul and my mind.

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Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
tastes nice:
with tiny nourishing pips
which squish on my tongue
as I swallow.
Ikigai Poet Jul 2019
Life will teach you ,
Not everything is worth your
-Ikigai Poet
Pyrrha Jul 2019
Kindness is a pain that nourishes the heart
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