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Nicole Nov 2019
You were someone I chose

As purpose to help save me

From myself

At times where I could not

Or did not want to hold on.

And that was the greatest gift

You unknowingly gave me

And the gift I gave myself.

Even the smallest interactions

Created a beautiful world

Where I slowly built my

Castles and comforted my dragons

And for that

I will always be grateful

To the little Hopes

Splattered on the

Canvas of my life

That pulled me

Out of the dark.
Cyam Oct 2019
i traded coal for silver but still was unsatisfied
silver was traded for gold but still i wasnt happy
it took me centuries even eras to realize
the coal would transform into a beautiful diamond
Nicole Sep 2019
One thing I know is that I was loved
In this world,
And that in fact is the greatest riches
Anyone could ever find.
Cyam Sep 2019
As my day is engulfed in darkness
I remove the mask that i display to everyone
The mask that covers the pain and sadness
Depicting the happiness that i long for

As i slowly sink to the river of despair
Losing all hope and signs of life
All i needed was a light to pull me out
A light to give me hope and make me smile once again

Every day was this until i met you
“My light!” I have found you and you have saved me
I always thought you were the one saving me
In this field of darkness i thought that you were my light and so i thought

The scars on your wrist, the darkness under your eyes, and the fake smiled you showed
It didnt take a nuclear physicist to understand you
That you arent just my light saving me rather
Im also your light pulling you out

Slowly and surely we were happy
Being happy isnt my wish but being with you is
Every single day you ask me if we can be happy
And i always respond “happy? That’s cliché lets be sad together
Stxlle Aug 2019
you fall
your pieces shattered
because you are adored by all
but not to the one that mattered

you pick up your parts
scattered on the floor
a work of art
he never adored
This was inspired by Jenny Lind from The Greatest Showman
Its like the blood brings out the sour parts of me
My mind wanders to the forbidden side
Where all the things I left behind seem to hide
I do well in my walk in the light
There's no temptation for my soft side to fight
Then I find blood and things start to change
I think of all the naughty things a few sentences could arrange
In all the things I know I find ways to conjure doubts
That tell me to throw away the thing I can't live without
And that's exactly why when I had the chance I ran away
Away from all the people and all the things they'd say
I'm finally planted firmly with roots deep in the ground
And no one is whispering about my secrets when I'm not around
So why does the blood bring so much poison to my mind
A million naughty thoughts, one of each kind
I'm not a liar. I don't cheat.
But the blood tells me to love every person that I meet.
God gave me a gift and my side of the bargain I will uphold
I'm strong enough to surpass pyrite in my quest for solid gold
This man is my today, my tomorrow, and my best friend
Which is why I will stay strong until the blood trickles to an end
Johnny walker Mar 2019
Always been an Elvis fan
found this radio station called Graceland radio none stop, Elvis
True Heaven to me been
listening for hours and not
heard a repeat yet and some songs
I've not even heard before but have a friend In Texas who saw Elvis as a young girl she surprised how pale he was
she thought he would  be tanned like In his movies as for myself I never got a chance to see him by the time I had saved enough money to travel to America
Elvis was dead but I still consider him
Greatest stage entertainer
there has ever been a true Individual "Elvis Finally  Has Really Left The Building"
My opinion Elvis the greatest stage performer of all time a true Individual one of a kind
Bhill Mar 2019
What is,
What was,
THE greatest thing,
you have ever known?
Living or unknown.

I know this question,
is very hard,
to answer and explain.
What you've seen,
What you've done,
is over and gone,
and yet,
YOU still remain.

What exists is
and really not
why not do it
Do something
take it as far as you
see how you end your

Brian Hill - 2019 - February
Sometimes as I watch shows someone says something that inspires a few words.  This is one of those...
Johnny walker Jan 2019
Muhammad Ali had such an Influence on me saw every fight from first to the last
never ever be another Muhammad Ali
For he was the greatest there ever will be never had an Interest for boxing till Muhammad Alli
he floated like a butterfly with a sting like a bee truly was the greatest  
Muhammad Ali
A tribute to Muhammad Ali who had such Influence on my life a true Inspiration the greatest
LearnfromBOBD Jan 2019
love is a beautiful thing
For a Soldier who loves his duty
So weak that I couldn’t pick up a pin,
to keep the best part of you.
It hurt me, when you feel weak,
Always thinking what I can do.
Dunno what’s best for me in this summer,
I will always give it a try.
Until my heart and mind feels better
For you the reason why i write.
We yet to realize the truth, I smh,
for I will continue to love you, my dear
Haven't spoken properly in a day
Will you check on me if we part ways?
I knew I broke some pieces last night
Trying to get the equation right
For as long as soildier never off a duty
Our love will never be a pity
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