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That's where the twist lies or truth. The point of no return or
maybe that's the actual point of return,
the point of death.
Who is the actual monster,
you or the dark or the dead.
asked, a sage.  The answer is where the twist lies or truth..
life is a highway of twist even the typos get confused.
it's beyond regular, get it twisted and dive into the point of no return.
maybe just maybe that's the point of return with solution or dissolution..
Absolute understanding
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2021
Sing us a carol
Just this once
Bring us an unfailing hope
From the top of your voice
What we gain from your pain
Is beyond sacrifice
It is love supreme
Marked by our never having
To die at all

Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
A true friend like you hard to find
And kind
Greatest person I've ever known
The one who always picks up the phone

When I am angry
I'm sad
When I've done something bad
Complain to you about why I'm mad
You somehow make me glad
A bit of laughter
Few jokes
Beers and a lot of tokes
Playful tickle and a dozen pokes
Ounces upon ounces of **** to smoke
It is hard to feel low when you're real high
Lay down
Closed red eyes
Lose the frustration in your mind
Leave it behind
Sometimes wish I was like
I wouldn't have to hide
From relatives
My life
You and my family are not alike
It is true you and I
Will be best friends all our lives


Tell how many late-night telephone calls
How many times you swept in to break down all my walls
Is happy ending possible after all?
For a moment free of fear so I take a breath and fall
Either dreaming or I finally worked up the *****
Sad thing about pavement is it's where I crawl
Happy people call me crazy
They don't understand
Pray for my soul because it's ******
When they themselves stray from God's plan
No one is perfect yet stones are still thrown from their hands
Promise when I say you're beautiful that you believe
No matter fiction others try to weave
The hardest part of learning truth is to first receive
You can walk away
It will never truly leave
Haven't posted a rap in awhile
LC Nov 2020
I walked around, arms always crossed,
never speaking until I was spoken to.
I kept my head down, subservient to a ruler
who knew and preyed on my every weakness.

Lately, I've been fighting back.
My arms are outstretched, accepting what comes.
I released the anchors that sank my heart for years
without waiting for anyone's approval - only mine.

My head is held high.
The ruler can't weaponize the truth anymore.
My acceptance drained the poisonous power
of the ruler's previously potent weapons.

Now I am not ruled by anyone.
Try as they might, they'll never trap me again.
I'll never let them for as long as I draw breath,
and my spirit can finally soar to the greatest of heights.
It's been a while. I would love to know who you think the ruler is or symbolizes!
Sitan Sep 2020
Its one of those days that you'd rather cover yourself on sheets
Cry your heart till tears stop flowing
a normal albeit boring day for you
soon it'll all be over my love
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