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Love’s Extreme Unction
by Michael R. Burch

Lines composed during my son Jeremy’s first high school football game (he played tuba), while I watched my wife Beth watch him.

Within the intimate chapels of her eyes—
devotions, meditations, reverence.
I find in them Love’s very residence
and hearing the ardent rapture of her sighs
I prophesy beatitudes to come,
when Love like hers commands us, “All be One!”

Keywords/Tags: mother, son, love, extreme unction, devotions, meditation, reverence, love’s residence, beatitude, beatitudes, heaven, unity, solidarity, togetherness, oneness, one
Gifted with a curse
The words I converse
My poetry they reject
The truth matters less,  
They hate it
It’s The Lies They Digest
Gifted with a curse
Kenlum cares less
He says it
Bridget Crooks Jan 2018
In the darkness, the moonlight gently kissed the earth, 
He had been in love with her since her birth 
Loved her with enough passion to pull her tides 
Loved all of her mountains, trees and hillsides, 
Every river and waterfall of cold tears-
He waxed and waned away his lonely years,
For the earth did not return his truest devotions
Even when he loved every drop of her oceans.
She did not admire his pure beauty above,
In spite of their friendship, she was not in love.
All the commitment she received, she wanted none
For it is known, the earth is in love with the sun.
Her forests reached for him, growing towards his heat,
The earth revolved around him, all was complete
But the moon rotated around the earth and her alone,
A love the universe would never condone.
My Prayer for Thee
Oh, Lord, Thou art my only Love
Thou art my True Love Dove
i treasure me in Thy Vector
and feel me blessed in my daily concerns
i know this is only hellish Earth
temporarily and no eternal worth

only Thy Signs and Thy Spoken Words
i have absorbed and am absorbing still,
Thy Holy Words and Thy Only Will
naturally, i have learned eversince;
i learned to see Thee as my Holy Prince
to listen to Thee as my Holy Father
to hear Thy Words than rather
turn my sight to satan's rites.

Thou art The Only One i worship
Thou art The Only One i am praying to
Thou art The Only One, Thou art my All
Thou art this side and
Thou art my whole side of my All;
Thou stand above my Darling,
Thou stand above my Beloved,
Thou stand above my Beloved Ones,
Thou stand above my Alls.

Thou art The Holy Father,
The Holy Son,
and The Holy Ghost.
i am a humble girl,
i asked for three special sons;
Thou gave me three special sons.
i knocked and asked for love, life and food;
Thou opened,
and gave me love, life and food
for my family, my Life's destiny;
i asked still, Thou gave me constantly.

i could not fight,
Thou gave me strength, Thou gave me Power;
i grow stronger by the hour.

Thy words are Divine;
i am craving for Thee, Oh, Holy Mine;
i am all Thine and Thou art Mine.

Forgive this humble heart of me,
for every sin i have done unto Thee.

i pray to Thee for every soul i've met;
i thank Thee for Thy mercy i get,
from Thy Holy and Forgiving Heart.

i nestle in Thy thermal,
i warm me in Thy vernal,
i warm me in Thy embrace.
No my Lord, i would not race.

i feel me ablaze, every time i praise Thee,
and pray to Thee, my Lord,
blessing feel i get for each of Thy Word.

My Lord, My eternal Love-Superiour,
Thou art my heavenly Father.
i am your constant love-warrior;
Thou art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom come
on earth as it is in Heaven.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
On HP Friday Morn too, accidentally @ 7.25 hrs a.m. The 18th December 2015
On PF AD.30 May 2014 ~and on HP July
2014~~@5.32 hrs.a.m.~
~~ Friday Morn
Mary Christopher May 2014
Hurt is a beautiful thing.
It’s a collage of broken memories.
It’s visible, yet no one sees.
It’s a swirl of mixed emotions
And full of lost devotions.
It’s almost pain, but not quite there,
Yet still, it’s more than I can bear.


— The End —