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Andrew Layman Jun 2021
Dear one:

You are a quiet conqueror
I know it
because your voice will make avalanches
and rouse the sleeping mountains
your words of kindness will heal others
and in doing so
it will break your own cycle.

I believe all these things
and in you so strongly
for I have seen it
in a future that presently waits for you
remain steadfast
and please realize
you will do many wonders
because you are one yourself.
She holds the universe in her little hands
A world of never ending possibilities
A future full of unlimited potential
Little girl, you control the world
You've already changed mine
To my nieces, little girls, go change the world.
Destiny Feb 2020
today i wanted to be perfect yesterday i wanted to be perfect i always want to be perfect but if i was perfect what would god be.
Be young and crowd-shy,
harangued by a mother.

Come into your voice
like a mouse sniffing traps.

Your audience is a blind man?
Speak closer.

If nearly blind,
remember to linger on words.

Let the biggest card
buffer your blushes.

And the one you wrote?
Read last like you planned.

It’s what’s expected, sweet one.
Expected most of all.

(C) Garrett Ray Harriman
For Kailey, my niece.
Kaiden A Ward May 2019
Creased and tucked behind the ID in
my wallet, is a photograph
of my mother,
sitting in a simple square rocking chair,
gazing lovinlgy down at
the newborn cradled reverently
to her chest, a smile softens her face
into one I do not recognize,
transformed by the miracle in her arms
I am rarely allowed to hold,
her first grandchild, only hours old.

She turns to gaze through the lens,
eyes burning through time, finding mine
and her expression falls flat,
aging into the woman I would face
a year from then.
Her lips curling back, exposing yellowed teeth,
face twisting in disgust to revive in vivid color
the image imprinted on my memory
of my mother's rejection
each time I dare look at it
reeling back in fresh pain.

But I cannot bear to discard
the only image I have
of my niece,
so I tuck it carefully away
between one-dollar bills
for another day.
An old poem I found and wanted to share.
Spicy Digits Dec 2018
Amidst the humidity and darkness of the forest floor
ants scurry in hyper-speed over invisible highways
mushrooms spread boldly beneath wise wooden giants

At night, black panthers weave through thick overgrowth,
undetected, as birds quieten their hungry young and sleep
But even in the rich darkness of the dense forest
micro flashes of silken pink and yellow cream can be seen
catching the moon's light, glowing like precious gems

By day these colours dim in their translucent chambers
atop the world's most beautiful, fearless caterpillar

This tiny being boldly ventures from one leaf to another
while all others cower underneath
Its crystal spikes hide only soft, sticky goo
and it is no bigger than a fingernail

But don't be fooled by its size and raw beauty,
this bejeweled crown easily summons its strength
to move faster than the angry west winds

Its beauty comes not only from its form
but in its lion-hearted spirit and grace

This confident caterpillar lives
and surrenders to change
without the leaden shackles of fear and worry

and when the time comes
she embraces
and is transformed again
to something new.
B Elizabeth G Sep 2018
I will never let you be cruel to yourself;
For you are the sunshine on my darkest of days,
And the sun can not shine without the confidence of knowing
It can light up the world.
To my niece, for you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope you always know how incredibly miraculous you are. Love, Auntie Peep
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
I feel, my niece is an Angel
She told, “You are the superman.”
That’s what, special we feel

In being together
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Between Us
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