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A father's kiss.
For the very first time.
On my new born face.
A Mom's dawning smile
is the very first rainbow
that I ever saw.
Hanging there on her LOVING face.
Crying bliss pours out of my infant eyes.
Mommy and daddy, you are
my forever HEART!
God has given me ten tiny fingers.
Ten wiggly toes.
This sacred,
and Daddy love fills me up so!
Fills me up with precious
Baby girl hope.
I am alive!
Mommy and daddy!
Look at me!
I have arrived.
Protected by your Parental DIVINE.
Feeling all this permeating beauty  from my mommy and daddy expressed in giving LOVE.
After all, I am your baby girl gift from heaven above.
This is 'Ode to My Precious Baby Girl Love.'

Copyrighted 2016
I thought about the birth of my precious little niece.  She means the world to me.
Planejane2 Jun 10

As she described me.
As I always bounce back.
I may bend, I may crack
But I’m not giving up on myself.

I was crying for some help
And I’m thankful that soulmates exist in the
Form of family as you talked to me.
You always talked to me.
You let me sit down on the edge of your bed, holding my knees.
This is why I shouldn’t have canceled all my sessions of therapy.

I was having some trouble with my sleep
Nightmares slowly turning into night terrors
The more I daydream.
Thank you for letting me do as little or as much oversharing things
Without judgement.

Now I’m saying sweet dreams, as you let me read the night time story.

Count to 10, better yet count 10 symptoms of  overmethylation:

1. Paranoia
2. Depression
3. Artistic or musical ability
4. Food/chemical sensitivies
5. Sleep disorder
6. Self-Mutilation
7. Low motivation
8. Ruminations
9. High Anxiety
10. Panic Tendency.

I’ve been pacing and in constant movement all day. All week.
I love you for walking with me...
out of another episode.
M-E Jan 8
Dear soon to be ...

In case you didn't realize
You are going to be an uncle, again.
So, be prepared
Your naps will end
And be prepared for sudden slaps from these tiny hands.
Now, you will bring two from each gift you buy.
One for me, another for my elder sister
Mister, I guess I will learn that slower
Everything would be mine then
And again, wave your peaceful moments goodbye.
And oh, I forgot
The sirens that pierced your ears when you tested it back at your work
HiHiHi. Just wait and see how my cries would be
Hey, uncle. Will you teach me how to draw and paint?
Will you play with me football
Or hair brush my doll
Will you jump ropes and pour tea to my barbie queen
Will you blow my nose keeping it clean?

PS: I know you would.

                                   Sincerly: The tiny baby who will call you uncle.  <3
May God bring you healthy to this lonely world of mine. Your sister and Me can't wait to hold you in our lovely, caring hands.
Sharon Talbot Dec 2018
Old Harold lived on the second floor
In a darkened room with an old locked door.
My cousins and I used to tease him there,
And he’d chase us out, give us a scare.
I didn’t know exactly who  he was,
“He’s a mean old man,” said my favorite cos’.
“Grandma let him live here after Grandpa died.
She doesn’t even like him and we don’t know why.”
When he was out we would take a peek.
Around the ocher walls and his bed we’d sneak.
There was nothing but an iron bunk
And a glass-front chest filled with lots of junk.
One day Old Harold must have complained
About our pestering…we really were pains!
But no parent’s lecture could keep us away.
And Grandma’s yelling at him not to stay.

Old Uncle Harold disappeared for years.
We would make up stories for littler ears.
But one day my father had news of him.
He lived with “a harlot” and his checks she’d skim.
I was old enough to know what it meant
And asked Dad why uncle Harold seemed bent.
“He was gassed in the War in a field at Verdun.”
Dad told me in a tone that left me stunned;
“And was then sent around to pick up the dead.
With the gas and the horror, his mind just went.”

Now I recalled all the times we had teased
And agonized him when we should have pleased.
But now it was too late to apologize,
He was so lost, he wouldn’t recognize
His grown tormentors, when he hardly
Knew my father, the kindly mentor,
Who visited him every week,
Who paid for anything to make him last,
And reminded him of better times past;
Telling him of the time he caught a butterfly
And brought it to show the girls and guys.
How he wanted to let it fly away,
But when the boys had killed it anyway.
He cried and was called a coward then,
And as my father spoke and wept again.

Old Uncle Harold died alone
In a sterile, cold-floored nursing home.
None but Dad came to grieve
And I, only an hour away, shunned
the feeling and just felt numb,
Until Dad called and told me the story
Of Harold’s death and only then
Could I say, “I’m sorry!” to his ghost.
I should have said it long ago; the one who
Maddened him least repented the most.
If I could say “Sorry” for the times we made him shout.
I realised he’d just have yelled, “Get the hell out!”
This is about my great uncle, a casualty of WWI, who was the "bogeyman" of my youth and then the sad story of a forgotten veteran.
A small sip won’t sink the ship, no need to walk on water Peter!
Even a dark spot on a light skin is called a beauty spot,
A bottle a day keeps an uncle awake.

My drunk uncle rewrite history in his confused stories
“Moses built the Ark, Jonah ate the fruit, and Eve raised dry bones”

Maker of miracles always have a penny for a bottle
Like he turned the ocean water into wine
He never gets sober.
I believe in writing whatever I feel like and whatever comes to my mind, too often it has revealed how amazing I have experienced most things in life. There is always a light in every darkness.
Arabella B Sep 2018
My parents left late at night
Driving to my mom's parent's house
I feared for the worse
That I would lose my poppy
Never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd lose you
There is so much I want to say
To do with you
You promised you'd teach me to drive
A promise I still hold to you
but now you are gone
I know you are proud of me
I will try to keep my head up high
I love you so much
I know you will forever be looking out for me
As you soar above the clouds
And goof around with the rest of the family
I love you dearly
and I know I didn't see you a lot
I know work was important
You will forever be my fun cool Uncle
And I will always share the stories of you I have
Rest in Peace Uncle Adam
Heaven has gained another angel
Maria Etre Aug 2018
A (b)old
heart **(l)ds
more courag(e)
and (s)atiates
more mind(s)
for knowle(d)ge
"If I Could Give You My Eyes" Series
Pyrrha Jul 2018
I miss you
It pains me when the younger generations don't remember you
For me, you were a whole other world
It's been about 8 years since I last told you that I loved you
Since I last held your hand and said goodbye
Knowing it was forever
It was hard to grasp as an 8 year old
That life was fragile
And that I had to watch it slip away
From someone who was so full of it
Sickness is a monster
It takes whoever it wants with no mercy
Why does it always prey on the kind?
You looked so thin
You could hardly speak
Yet you still looked like the strongest man i'd ever see
As you smiled one last time
To tell me not to cry
But how can I hold back tears when I think about all we did and how we never again can?
Please tell me that you love me once more
Please take me back to that museum we adored
The last place we went together
When I think back to that 8 year old self
The one before death came to teach a lesson,
Because parents can't look at their child and say their family member has run away like their dog last summer
And mine weren't the kind to speak of a heaven
I can't help but cry when I realise
That innocence I had can never come back
I still remember how you smelled, how you laughed, and the warmth of your hugs
I will never be able to hear your name and feel okay,
Because I miss you
But it's because I love you that I try not to cry
It's because I love you that I keep your traditions and jokes alive
Because I love you
I wrote this in memory of my "great-uncle", Danny. He told me that life was sunshine and beauty just like his brother does to this day. They were the two people in the world that felt like lightning to me, surprising and full of light. After losing one I'm terrified at the thought of losing the other.
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