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Theirs tears are wiped by your words

Your prayer, the prey to their sadness

Hope is the response to your call

These radio waves push them to greener shores

Yet, I pray for you

That the thousandth, millionth time
Still has that first time glow
I had a chat with Uncle Eric who works at a prayer hotline. He prayed for my exam and he gave me his best wishes and advice. Then, when he was done, I asked him about his day. He just said how he asks God everyday for the strength to help people deal with their problems. I bet I must be the hundred person he has spoken to today but, I wonder, how he keeps up his vibrance.
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
as usual, buttered
with senescent conversations
this year fizzed with a citrus dialogue
of scrunched ears, hot water bottle hugs
and altogether too much hair
on the smallest head
Hamna May 2021
Dear Beloved Uncle,
Of all the smiles I’ve seen,
It was yours that was the most serene.
Of all the seas in the world,
I found yours the most unparalleled,
For your sea had mighty waves of cordiality.
Of nearly all the conversations in the world,
It was yours the most exemplary.
For I've heard only pristine and lily-white words from you.
Max Neumann Nov 2020
tizz is an uncle, bro and dem richez
i was born viciouz, but always had visionz
a young boy used to build bridgez
between black and white, peace and fight

dreamy adolescence, i spit out whole heavenz
wit my divine essence, all dem "lyricis" be jealouz
but dey just "so called", cause dey so old
tizz grew cold, so not any of dem amateurs won't grow old

i'm so cold, i freeze, **** and stay, then i eaze among dem geez
we live in codez like secret service, dealin' wit burnaz
quick learnaz, sick and sane, our skin is thick,
we don't feel pain, black lion's mane, heaven yeah

no expression can illustrate tizzopish aggression
pay attention! watch out for dat other direction
receive my blessin', kneein' between me and the destined
it's battle rappin', it's slappin' againzt all of ya actin'

friendship versuz rush, some peepz start to blush
when you remind them of valuez, like some bad newz
i'm the man whose bad moodz be legendary, like a legionary
dealin' wit whatz necessary, cause i was born predatory

find tizz shinin' in the mornin' glory and rhymin' a story
readin' diz is mandatory, just anotha category,
stolen from the laboratory, ****, am i now swollen,
and all-in like all-night, alright, feed em just a small bite
The Global Family.
Max Neumann Jul 2020
ivories that are made of letters
grey skin, blackred hair, word babies
gigantic mirror, blackly glowing
psychedelic nature like 1968

apartment in the projects
hallways full of dust and spiders
uncle is smoking the daylight away
his walls covered with bulletholes

red and tired eyes, no smiling
uncle's wife killed in a car crash
dead goons are torturing him now
the memory of her dead body, stuck

past encounters like smoke in the air
red frost covers uncle's body, glaciers
a button to turn back time, fantasies
melting hours for god's sacrifices
Today is a sad day.
Max Neumann May 2020
the clarity of water
your disconcerted eyes
the peaceful traveller
your shade

the conscience of this page
a hustler who will die
the uplifted ego
death's arrival

exhaustion and ruin
the blink in the statue's frozen glimpse

a nightly graveyard-screech
the outerworld's dog
water, sand and concrete
divided oceans

the uplifted you
feelings of guilt
the repentance at the day of the feast:
it is not me
Today is a good day.
Libby Freeze Mar 2020
kicked out of the house with no shoes on
walking down the highway im so far gone

wiping the tears from my face before they freeze
after all theres a thirty degree breeze

waiting for someone to slow down and stop
other than some crooked cop

sent from above an angel appeared
some guy with a very long beard

most girls wouldve ran away
but he reminded me of my uncle billy who recently passed away monday

the smell of cigarettes in his car
made the drive seem not so far
A father's kiss.
For the very first time.
On my new born face.
A Mom's dawning smile
is the very first rainbow
that I ever saw.
Hanging there on her LOVING face.
Crying bliss pours out of my infant eyes.
Mommy and daddy, you are
my forever HEART!
God has given me ten tiny fingers.
Ten wiggly toes.
This sacred,
and Daddy love fills me up so!
Fills me up with precious
Baby girl hope.
I am alive!
Mommy and daddy!
Look at me!
I have arrived.
Protected by your Parental DIVINE.
Feeling all this permeating beauty  from my mommy and daddy expressed in giving LOVE.
After all, I am your baby girl gift from heaven above.
This is 'Ode to My Precious Baby Girl Love.'

Copyrighted 2016
I thought about the birth of my precious little niece.  She means the world to me.
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