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What Fun!
I worked in a small call centre once
The boss was fed up of being bossed about
So left his job and set up his own call centre
He became his own boss and my boss
Gave me a job dialling varied accounts
In the US UK and Australia

Including tech support surveys sales
Plus education and B2B accounts
I learnt so much in my year with him
It was different and challenging

Each day was different even fun
I was gal agents cry I saw guys battle
We work drank sang ate danced  
In my first year of BPO work
I’d do it all again oh what fun!
ShininGale Oct 2020
Everyday is yesterday's feeling
today is tomorrow's hope, and
  tomorrow's last time is full of thoughts.
with deep thoughts the right feeling would understand.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020
I heartily say thank you to my mother...
Who gave me surprise gift of hello poetry...
My soul is so much happy today...
I want to express it in my 1st poetry...
Thank you my dear mother...

I left my poetry...
And deleted my account...
Due to my aim...
But poetry is my passion...
I don't live happy without it...
I cried loudly after deleting my account...
But my mother couldn't see to me depressed...
So, she gave my surprise gift of hello poetry...

Thank you mummy
thanks a
the biggest gift of my life
i promise to you on today....
i will give you all the happiness of your life
Seven mornings ago
we've got a letter of mourning, you know
yesterday it was the ceremony
enthralling speeches and video's,  you see
everyone of us knew he was still alive,
now all of a sudden he died
deep - deepest grieving was his wife
the audience and we were very sad too, all were terrified!
Never been ill, always present at all tournaments, tennis, golf, skiing
and much more. Now life has been unkindest to him, his wife is saddest to the brim............may you rest in peace, Marnix
Georgia Apr 2019
Say what you want but that lad means more to me than anything, he’s my best friend my soul mate and the one I love with all my heart, I remember his voice like I heard it a second ago and I can taste his kiss like his lips are mine but I’m so depressed without him he’s my other half and without him I feel so lost my lungs collapse at the thought of him leaving and my heart squeezes tight at the thought of a life without him
I don’t want to breathe air if he isn’t there because without him there isn’t a point
And he has everything I need even if he doesn’t see it cause what I need you can’t buy and what I crave I need you by my side for, see where this is going?
There’s a hole in my chest deep swollen and uncomfortable but with you around I can’t even frown because for them hours I’m complete
I guess I’m a mess I’m sorry in advance
But now you know an my times run out
But thanks again
For you
Don’t judge it’s something I didn’t look over cause it’s probably a mess oh well
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2019
Poem Analysis

1st read, I thought gibberish,
2nd I thought Hmmm,
3rd I thought interesting,
4th I felt genius
.  billy

your poem comment-dissects my poem
my process,
a marathon interview for a new poem pole position,
limb by limb, word by word,
chewed and re-chewed,
like a tiring piece of bubble gum,
the flavor remaining ebbs, but is not extinguished,
and can live in your mouth,

and the praise and this poem,
not a rodomontade,
for your comment dear Billy,
is the process description of a poet’s labor,
from word first to a baby’s birth,

gibberish into genius

emergent from first pain, then pushing, then tilled, at long last,
the dirtiest immaculate conception beautiful

billy reads my rambling, silly abstruse^ & wrote me:
1st read I thought gibberish,
2nd I thought Hmmm,
3rd I thought interesting,
4th I felt genius

this is a much loved critique
for I well recall each step of creation,
a summarizing parallel
that your words+genes replicated so well,
forgiving you a minor typo, Billy,

it was genus, not genius that you meant

(but then again, why quibble over a miscellaneous, harmless, delighting, tiny little  extra i...not me, said he, my muse ego )

Billy has gone gray dotted, but his dot, his comment,
with gratitude,
in me, he,
lives for ever

I feel gibberish coming on...
Thorns Dec 2018
Blue eyes like the ocean

Soft voice like the wind

Loving feeling deep within of the first love
All 3...
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
We rode our horses cross-country,
Through the nations of the unknown,
We survived the snowy mountains,
And lived off the land and the trees,
Through hot summers and cold winters,
Through deserts storms; we circled the trails,
We learned from the birds and the bees,
We hunted the elk, the deer and the buffalo,
We fished to feed the travelling spirit,
We turned acorns into flour,
We set our senses free.

Europeans brought Soldiers, missionaries, smallpox, the common cold, scalping, reservations, whisky and the rush for gold.
You brought land grabbers, oil barons, fencing, bricks, barbed wire and all the accoutrements of your civilised culture!
You made this country your own; and forced it's 1st nation people into a 3rd world culture.

You ***** the land of its resources, filled it with waste.
You wasted the water to make coke, burgers,
and fantasy towns.

To reign supreme in a new-world without shame!

Meat and potatoes!
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