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Leocardo Reis Apr 2021
I would like to meet again
Perhaps on sea or shore
If you would like to meet again
I promise I won't bore!
Ileana Amara Feb 2021
i know a tragic poetry;

two souls met and burned together
for each other and for the world,
fate blew the flame and then
they parted as strangers.

my head wanders to unfathomed depths sometimes; and all it takes is one name that subtly crushes my soul in misery.
Garrett Johnson Feb 2021
Regarding Suzi but it's cold.

Pulsatilla to help.
Distant from.
Persistent smoke pouring.
Photo of boredom.
Soho and never.
Ending because I feel like I'm gonna throw up this neon peering through the hair, the shakes.
**** it's cold.

Garrett Johnson.
Thinkin about that.... oh that's right
iris Aug 2020
perhaps today i'll get out of bed.
perhaps today i'll eat breakfast other than
a stale poptart or
an old granola bar.
perhaps today i'll speak to someone
other than in choked whispers ending in silent tears
or angry screams ending in sobs.
perhaps today i'll write something down
instead of letting it ricochet around my head
for weeks
before forgetting i even thought of it.
perhaps today i'll stop painting myself
the hero
in an entirely made up reality
when i am in fact the villain of my story
trapping myself in a paper cage
filled with my own words.
Gerald Jun 2020
You loved me like they do in the movies.
Perhaps thats the reason why it ended.
A M Ryder May 2020
His command of color
Most magnificent

He transformed the pain
Of his tormented life
Into ecstatic beauty

Pain is easy to portray
But to use your
Passion and pain
To portray the ecstasy and joy
And magnificence of our world

No one had ever done it before

Perhaps no one will again
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Perhaps he wasn't an angel from the sky

Or a superhero with the ability to fly

...But instead just a boy who liked to get real high
But you are all three to me
Angela Rose Sep 2019
Maybe you will wake up one day and feel this way too
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and think about my smile first thing
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and all you will hear is my laugh on repeat
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and think about how you wish it was me
But you probably won't
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