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A M Ryder 19h
His command of color
Most magnificent

He transformed the pain
Of his tormented life
Into ecstatic beauty

Pain is easy to portray
But to use your
Passion and pain
To portray the ecstasy and joy
And magnificence of our world

No one had ever done it before

Perhaps no one will again
Amanda Apr 3
Perhaps he wasn't an angel from the sky

Or a superhero with the ability to fly

...But instead just a boy who liked to get real high
But you are all three to me
Angela Rose Sep 2019
Maybe you will wake up one day and feel this way too
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and think about my smile first thing
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and all you will hear is my laugh on repeat
Maybe you won't
Maybe you will wake up one day and think about how you wish it was me
But you probably won't
Anastasia Aug 2019
What, if I may ask, is happiness?

I think, perhaps, that it is not being alone

Being loved

Having someone beside you

Just maybe
Yachika Sharma Jun 2019
They asked, Why I was lost in my cerulean reveries?
I said, “perhaps reality aches.”
Carmen Jane Jun 2019
I long to see your face, right close to mine
To gaze in your eyes and guess our fate
To hold your hands or let you hold, mine
To put my own soul, for you in a plate.

I long to spool your hair on my finger,
To wait for your smiles, whenever they come,
To feel all of me, next to you, how I linger,
To pretend that we're slow dancing at prom.

I want to be there, when you finish a poem
And I  hope you'll be running straight to me
Showing all your rhymes and thoughts that are flowing
From your brilliant mind, that the world  have to see!

Then I feel the bright light, interrupting this image
Cause again the clock, 12 times it had struck!
It is midnight, my friend, and I've always had bare feet
Tangled in the pillows of my living room couch

I was reading your poem and I think, I dozed off,
As I waited for my pumpkin muffins to bake
I laughed at myself with a bit of a cough
Nothing has burnt, perhaps, only my heart.
I turned 16 the other day.

There's nothing much different,

yet here I am,

a year older, a year closer to death...

a year closer to living the life that I  want.

A year closer to making the change for the better.

A year closer to getting better.
Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't.
Sim Apr 2019
perhaps I was only a tribute to your pride
perhaps you sought refuge in moments of raw desire
perhaps the nobility of loving was too much to ask for.
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