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Descovia Dec 2021
My soul embarks on it’s light journey seeking guidance and reformation from the dark.

As dark as night
As bright as day
You were my love
You were also my pain

I conquered your heart
You conquered mine
But you let invaders in
Now to our love I’m blind

There is no coming back
from all that has happened
I remain drifting away in the void
Lifeless and heart In fragments
Now I look for another
planet to put my flag in

I go through life like a lone wolf
Damaged and hurt every bit of strength
Used to carry on.

You go through life like a swarm of bees
Bringing flowers to life as we please.
You got a new friend and I‘ve made a new enemy.

Never in my life, did I
believe this day would come for me

Dark as the silent night

I will call for you
until my voice is no more
forever waiting for the sun to come...
Dat Boi Julz & Descovia Collaboration
Descovia Sep 2021
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I been watching the numbers
plummet like the temperature
in our crew!

The world we live in is fading
and it feels like I am dreaming
none of this, even feels like it's true!

Roses are red
Violets are blue

There is only one escape. It appears to be too late
It's like I am dancing on crates
Playing with my life in this game of "fate"
Losing myself to all, what else can I do?

The love I bleed for you is red
Although I be feeling blue
It's like you are rubber
and I am the glue
things that I scream in rage
bounces off you and sticks to me
This process should not repeat
These emotions I seek, does not make me weak
In the end, of what I'm going through

Roses are red
Violets brings me blues
Will destroy me at my peak.
I'll continue pushing...
No matter my mood
This is my truth
I only want the best for you!
i been noticing and peeping a lot of the roses are red and violets are blue
The concept is beautiful and it assisted in empowering my thoughts.
Thanks to all of you who are writing and making your art shine!
Your work is valued and  enjoyed.
Continue your lineage! :)
Descovia Jul 2021
If you believe, my spells are
a product measured on games and luck.

My identity will remain a mystery

If you boil an egg in water, it becomes hard.

If you boil a potato in water, it becomes soft .

Words build a way, but it's your actions which determines you will meet fate or your destination.

It doesn't matter what you go through.

It's what you decide to be through the situation!

Whether you can or can't

You decide, if it's falsified or a living lie. There's a difference, between what you can decipher with your mind or eyes

You can turn pain into art or truth.

In the end, it's ultimately up to you.
Realwords. Tough Times. Think on this
Anmol Mago May 2021
Terror stuck eyes, weave
vivid dreams cast in fire
burnt hands-gripping over
stifled matchsticks and ash
sore throats-choked on explosives
gasping to breathe-fading into smoke
burning pyres-burgeoning graves
screams hushed into wet tissues
neon lights-cast a shadow
over the glow of our souls
tinted perspectives-exalted lies
apathy reigns over our minds

Sometimes beloved I feel that
We're all stuck in our matchboxes
closed in from all sides
searching for a light
living out in constant dread
only to be vaporised someday
leaving behind-luminous ash
and a spark of perseverance
for the travellers - weary.
Just musing
Descovia Mar 2021
Loving what is not meant to be

Is a lot more detrimental than holding

on to anything hurting you.

Spare yourself from the pain

That is undeserving of you and your moral character.

Why people remember what, make them feel a certain way?

Over what we, make them think?

If hatred could be consumed like nutrition
would you poison yourself?

To satisfy nerve-ending hunger or undying thirst?

Why must we endure the worse of times?
Testing a will under elements to be broken under merciless conditions

Just to have a taste of the pleasure we ultimately deserve!

What is love?

What is life?

How do we seek truth?
If the world uses spells
to spell our demise.
Looking into mirror
I see more than one face
and a story following multiple timelines
as our human eyes convert electronical text
using our brain to decipher encrypted codes and signs

What is there to me?
When I have been to places
that most eyes cannot even see
Never needed deep meditation
or any form of super drug as a pill.

In a world where reality and fiction stand still

If I am living my dreams. Then why must my
dreams question my living, therefore  is existence even real?

How can one connect to others emotionally?

If few of us, have emotions we have yet to feel?

It's too late to move forward.

Why you keep turning back?

If you never gave it a try in the first place?

Why complain about an outcome that is not even a possibility?  

Doing the same routine for the longest

have not changed the process of your decision making?

If you know your worth
Why you feel worthless?

Do you even know
what is the meaning behind your own purpose?

Why are you still questioning yourself?

When you have most of the answers?

Stop over thinking.
Descovia Feb 2021
Surrounded by a solid foundation
Not certain if it's for my protection

Not certain if it's for your protection

All these questions and blames games

But you never questioned or held blame
for the one you selected to be your president
It's easier to just stroll through a phone
and bicker about nonimportant messages

Don't save her. She doesn't wanna be saved!

He ain't a good teacher. Why does he get a raise!?

So, why you are dealing with the same life lesson?!

**** everything I have to say, unless it's relevant
I could put emphasis on that, but instead of fing this whole chain up rather remain celibate.

Everywhere I turn.
Somebody is trying to  f

Without the ****?
I'm not the begging type
but "fool, give me a break" PLEASE.

I can be calming and surprising
like the summer time breeze
Keep memories in heart company, when feeling unease
The feeling which is oh so lonely
Have you remembering talks of nostalgia
with your parents, like when you first discussed
"The Birds and Bees." Master these elements, summoning great power of one's eternal beyond to receive grace from deities.

Making sure all the contacts are informed and balanced, remaining as one in connection regardless of location. Which should've been incoperated through our history!

I been on this for centuries!

You call it business structure. I call it perfect symmetry!

I'm just another brother, which as much love to give as
a grateful mother in a world of living color....

We still burning each other alive.

Just for others to shine like a diamond
in the night, oh so bright.

We got idiots roaming around
making profit and we are nothing more than discarded objects

Last time I check. You can put a price on a ring.

You can't put a price on a wife?

Yet I am the problem??

So f* my life right??
Descovia Feb 2021
Allow the deceased to rest.

Let them live on in your memories of love!

Where they will forever remain.

Your connection with your loved one, whom is no longer of this world.

Resting on in paradise, sending reminders in dreams, a  "soul bond" cannot be broken!
Descovia Dec 2020
You are my everything.

You are the embodiment of purity.

Nature brought you to life through happiness, and beautifully constructed out of  love! ❤️

You are everything and all that life on this glorious planet, desire in human!
Descovia Dec 2020
You are the inspiration

Destiny, manifested into the mystic realm of wonderment, to fulfill honorable deeds.

You must thread carefully, because the crossroads are not forgiving.

What is it, you wish to accomplish?

Given in your amount of time, is ultimately upon your decisions and actions.

Remembering in mind, you are your own universe.

In memory of all, what will you use, in your greatest efforts  to immortalize?

Nature is for us, alas it must be known we were designed, to share our story within the stars!

Will you go beyond the skies?
Descovia Dec 2020
In a rose, there is a matter,
of what we desire to resolve;
we can research on, but have no answer.

What is it? Inner beauty?
Of what we like to know;
inside is true and sweet;
like velvet silk of softness,
tender from the touch; like a
rose delicate petals.

Nevertheless, even though the points from
the stem are hurtful, if pricked.
The feeling of the petals and leafs
are fair enough to ease away
the pain.

What truly is inside is what cannot
be described.
It is what only you can see,
if you can believe inside.

Combining both, a beauty of a rose
and a heart in one,
you may see what really is inside
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