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Descovia Dec 2020
You are my everything.

You are the embodiment of purity.

Nature brought you to life through happiness, and beautifully constructed out of  love! ❤️

You are everything and all that life on this glorious planet, desire in human!
Descovia Dec 2020
You are the inspiration

Destiny, manifested into the mystic realm of wonderment, to fulfill honorable deeds.

You must thread carefully, because the crossroads are not forgiving.

What is it, you wish to accomplish?

Given in your amount of time, is ultimately upon your decisions and actions.

Remembering in mind, you are your own universe.

In memory of all, what will you use, in your greatest efforts  to immortalize?

Nature is for us, alas it must be known we were designed, to share our story within the stars!

Will you go beyond the skies?
Descovia Dec 2020
In a rose, there is a matter,
of what we desire to resolve;
we can research on, but have no answer.

What is it? Inner beauty?
Of what we like to know;
inside is true and sweet;
like velvet silk of softness,
tender from the touch; like a
rose delicate petals.

Nevertheless, even though the points from
the stem are hurtful, if pricked.
The feeling of the petals and leafs
are fair enough to ease away
the pain.

What truly is inside is what cannot
be described.
It is what only you can see,
if you can believe inside.

Combining both, a beauty of a rose
and a heart in one,
you may see what really is inside
( Meaning the end-rhymes consist of 6-4-2 rhyming words )

The most precious thing
will never blinq
for this occasion
my happiest congratulations
from my heart to yours
in romantic symphonical moors

the depth not to measure
just for pagan pleasure
for divine delights
we'll have long blessed nights

amongst paganish duvet
holied by God’s own brevet

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Have a most enjoyable DAY, bb
PF. 24 September 2020
Vera City May 2020
When you're born, like I,
to a fortunate line
its vital you make best use of your time
guiding the way for the impoverished below,
ensuring their well-being and economies grow...

How you ask?
What an excellent query!
The work is relentless
but I remain cheery
our goal of saving the uneducated poor
is closer than it has ever been before!
We've got Bayer for health
Monsanto for food
solid profitable businesses
looking out for you
And let's not forget the allseing EarthNow
blanketing the sky with live satellite shroud
designed for government and large enterprise
soon everyone can trust us to be their eyes
Yep, We've got you covered!
We vet information
so there's no danger you'll have inclination
to doubt for a minute that we know what's right
to quell confusion measures must be tight
When this is over,
just wait and see!
We will emerge triumphantly
A united global community
Oh yes, there'll be austerity,
For everyday folks not the super wealthy
It's a simple case of superiority
Don't worry
Conditioning has ensured you will love slavery
Just don't think too hard
Simply listen to me
A candid chat with Bill Gates about his philanthropic exploits and business investments...
bcb Mar 2020
I believe there is a certain necessity for persistent re-evaluation of one's self. to allow the psyche to reassess and perceive one's personal growth. are we still exerting energy and resources towards what finds us that betterment upon our inner wealth? this should directly concur with pure candidness; one's ability to balance the acknowledgment of their faults with the appreciation of their prosperity. this aforementioned ideal of persistent re-evaluation corresponds with my argument that complacency is trifling in today's world. though, I mean to mention a prime difference between that of momentary complacency and perpetual complacency. momentary complacency is viable and is, in itself, essential. we must, at times, come to terms and concede for rejoice. perpetual complacency, however, proves to hinder our ability to constructively progress our state of well being. within this argument, my mind wonders to that of this near obsession with improvement and all of the flawed gimmicks that follow. how far can one go? nevertheless, I want to be better. I want to see better. I firmly believe that we could do better.

be well,
bcb Mar 2020
tell me you're happy, tell me you're truth. my mind, this chasm of thoughts profound and beautiful sounds, leads me to places I've dared not go, but I dare you to know that through it all, I still see you, I still feel you. but it is I that's naive, like a boxer too scared to bleed. it is I that believes that love is all I'm meant to see, but tell me what I truly see. if I'm mistaken, then let me be. and can we learn to make amends and learn to never fear the end, for in the end I'll coincide with knowing that this bitter land is a better land for it was graced by your eyes. stand bold yet pretty. go forth and conquer. your gentle heart and benevolent face can know no bounds, so love out loud. I'll be your believer forever and I'll see you again my cosmic queen.

be well,
bcb Mar 2020
After deep observation, it was the old mind that spoke first to the young thinker,
“Why is it that you periodically pardon yourself from this reality in which we harbor?”

The young thinker, entertained with this interposing notice, introduced his perception of this particular act of reservation and detachment. As such an act of consideration, left restrained is a sense of why.

As he does, the young thinker spoke,
“It is upon my fair and conscious decipherment that this reality surely prevails despite my absence. Though my unceremonious naïveté may have coaxed my mind into the notion that the genuine functionality of this existence bids no satisfaction or blossoming in conjunction with my vacancy; I know better than to revel such a thought. From myself, have I withheld the truth of the matter, but no longer shall that be. This pivotal revelation preeminent to reassessing my proper call to reason. Why am I here? May I enduringly unify my will to my why.”

The old mind, bolstered in comprehension and for a moment, rested, understood this why.

be well,
this piece was originally going to be called "the young mind & the long thinker"
Chloe Jul 2019
What's the difference
from staying in your house
and being in prison?

Why do we live in a culture
where we are players on a monopoly board?

We aren't we players forfilling our wishes or dreams?
Goals and desires

Where we watch coloured thirty inch screens
Screens of other peoples life stories
Instead of creating our own story

Why do we diminish ourselves?

Why are we players in someone elses dream?

Fear in our advertisements
Rather than freedom

If this life
Your life
Was your only

Why are you a player in someone elses dream?

Cut the ****
Cut all the negative ****

"I want to pay bills, and work a nine to five until I die"
Said no child ever

The man in the suit robs you
He cashed this in for the happiness of others

There is a world out there
197 million square feet of it
Dont chose to spend most of it in 97 feet of it the furniture of deadly comfort zones.
Thought provoking poem on life and the modern world
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