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Skywlkr 2d
Forget it..... Bye!!!
Don't know why I even started this site
brinn Jan 15
i think it's pretty crazy, how
you can think about someone
for hours and the only word you can come up with is "wow"
because there are no words to describe them. absolutely none.
you know what i mean, you're thinking of them now.
they light up your world, even brighter than the sun.

it's even crazier that they may not even know
they have this effect on you.
they don't know that where ever you go
you think about them and everything they do.
you try to be discreet and keep it on the low,
but you hope maybe, just maybe, they're thinking of you too.
Justyn Huang Jan 9
In order to be deep
One must traverse a
Desert of shallow waters
how 2 deep
Wow is a funny word because it expresses so much passion.
So much controversy in one word,
all the different tones and ways to say it.

When I look at something and say “Wow”
It’s like, wow.
Ally Ann Dec 2018
This is not a poem
it is a thank you
that is breathing in my chest
as tears flow from ducts
that haven’t seen happiness like this
since the sun started going to sleep earlier
and settled into the sky with my heart,
this is my gratitude
as I look at the words that you say
leaving comments for me to read
that brighten my soul
as nothing has been able to
for at least five days,
this is my love
for the love that you feel
for the words that I shared,
thank you
for taking my tears
and making them happy again
I just logged on after a rough couple of weeks and seeing the responses that people have had to my poetry made me break down in tears. Thank you all for reading and sharing your love for words with me. I am astonished and so grateful.
Natasha Nov 2018
everything will be alright
though I miss sleeping in your arms every night
I doze, mind floating like a kite
anyways, I'll see you in my dreams
for the rest of my life.

and I'm sorry,
if I get sad sometimes.

my heart aches for the moments we lost,
trying to figure ourselves out in time.

you're the part of me I didn't know
I was missing until I found you

you're the horizon to my sunrise
over a field fresh with dew.
I'm the sunset,
to your ocean, stretched so far, and so blue.

The sun would still exist without the horizon,
beating down hot and bright

and the horizon,
would still stretch faithfully
across the unwavering sky.

yet, without the sun
the horizon serves as an
indistinct dark line.

without the horizon,
the sun wouldn't reach its full beauty
of purples, pinks, and oranges in the sky.

This is why I cry,
for the moments I wish I was there
for all of the sunrises
in your warm arms

and all of the lost sunsets
in your eyes.
JRaw Rodriguez Nov 2018
gave you all the love i had in me did my best at all times nobody is perfect but as soon as i did one little thing wrong i was the bad guy but when you hide your kids from a relationship i see you as a different person what did i do to ever deserve this pain you have a whole family and now i have to carry with this pain but at the same time i feel so ****** i knew something wasn't right in this relationship but i stayed through it because i loved you but i cant continue to hurt my self over people I've been nice for to long time to change the papers for once.some times god bring people into your life to make you learn a lesson and mines is for not to trust or give my all to someone ima always keep my distance past years ive wasted on a person that was never their for me judges me for anything the toxic person will always blame you and will try to manipulate you in all types of ways .
Bella Sep 2018
Am I truly nothing?
Or did they lie?
No, they are my family;
They wouldn’t lie to me. . . .

I am nothing to my family.
Why exactly?
Because I have an opinion.
Exact date unknown.
Do you write it on a paper
With black ink
That doesnt bleed
Slip it into your pocket as you walk away from me
Do you shout it from the highest rooftops that touch the clouds or the balconies that stand before you towering those frightening hights
With a voice so fragile it
Can break like stained glass
And a roar so loud
It's heard in every crevice of the land
Do you type it out
With taps of your nimble fingers
Urgent like the constant need to tell
Press send, shut the door, and throw away the key
How do you tell
With a whisper just before you get whisked to sleep
Gentle and soft like the tip of a feather
But passionate like the brush of an artist
How do you tell
Do you write poems that elude to the words
The feelings that burn and beg for release
The skips that my heart does everytime I see you
Do you write songs
With a treble so high the birds can sing
But a bass so low you feel it thumping with your pulse
Lyrics that trap themselves in your mind so you'd never forget
How do you tell
Do I Trace it out on your side
When we lie together at night
While the crickets are chirping
And Mars so bright and red glowing like a lantern in the night
How do you tell
In days where I get these constant reminders like shocks to the arm
Or months where I think of the worse and it yanks me by my feet at night
What about years when everything is bliss and your there to protect me
I can't hold it in
But I can't let it out
its like an
Ulcer on my side
It burns and itches
when I am with you
I want to pick at it and will it away
I want to douse it in water
To scratch till it bleeds out
Spread aloe vera and nurture it to health
Please write the book with happy endings to make your heart swoon
Write that book that I leave on my night stand dresser because I read it so much
Write the songs that get stuck in my head and I listen to on repeat
Paint the canvas that we will hang on our bedroom wall with every color on the spectrum
Paint that canvas to remind me there is never a dull moment with you
Choose a chord with melodies as sweet as peaches and humming bird hum
I need to know
How to tell you I'm in love with you
Jacob Sep 2018
“Mom’s not coming home”
“Come here.”

A building on fire, billowing smoke
Siren sounds, crying babies
and why are people jumping off
Holding hands?
Sad sad sight
But I know Mom’s strong
and she’ll be alright!
Dad starts crying
grown men shouldn’t cry
Dad’s phone starts ringing
so he picks up silently
“Hi, I just wanted to say that I’m not
coming back home. There’s some
trouble right now.
Everything's going to be ok
and I love you so much.
I love you,
I’ll miss you,

9:03 9/11/2001
Umm I'm kinda new and I want people's thoughts on this poem.
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