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Christmas is coming very soon
Oh, you will never know when it is here
You must behave or Santa will be mad,
You will not know what going to happen in the end
So, you better watch out for what you did,
better not cry for what you have done.
Santa's here, and you will know why,
While you're asleep, Santa will be there,
Christmas is awesome for everyone
Love Christmas all year long
Santa will always be happy.
Christmas Is Here
Celestial Dec 2020
The most beautiful,
Olive to be driven.
Fast and reliable.
Unique, like me, unobtainable.

Treated with respect,
Manuel transmission on a bet.
Small, getting from a to b.
Your radio never let me feel alone.

The first I got for myself.
Misfortune was given once more.
Bestowed on my life was a choice,
To be kind, or wary.

Kindness is always my choice,
You paid for it.
More than I.
Only two weeks were you gone.

When I saw you, I was in tears.
Shocked, horrified,
At the mirror of what my soul,
Had been through.

To come back once more,
Through you I saw my broken self.
Breaking more,
Miss you and the freedom.
Fiat 500 pop 2013
Miriam Jul 2020
2019 was so sweet
2020 we got knocked off our feet
but sometimes we’ve got to fall down
to get back up
And realise that life’s not always buttercups
Copyright © 2020 mhawley
mo Jul 2020
It’s been ten years, long but short nonetheless,
But these last few weeks seem most valuable:
With the many tears, shed but shown much less,
With what was and still isn’t; days, countable,
Unwind the deep depths of my mind, as I press
And **** what memories I have left, unable
To realize, much more see, how near sunset’s
Come. For me, it might be time to buy a shave.

I’ve got a lot to look back to, much more to look at:
Those days I cried because I couldn’t fight and
The days I’ll fight because I wouldn’t cry… That,
That and why things are the way they are without
Having to ask “why?” are the things my mind can’t
Help but think of. It’s my time to wake up now.

Sunset nears, but there is no need to fear the night.
All nights pass as if there is none; hence, sleep is time
Travel. Sunrise will come just as soon as sunset; right
After the sun waves goodbye it greets us with light
So brilliant. Indeed, it is time to wake up… Tomorrow
Is just like any other day, just that it starts another
Ten years… of pain and joy, of sorrow and laughter,
Of new things and old habits… I’m not even halfway there!
It might be a little too late sharing this with you, but for your information this was written on the 27th of December 2019. It still carries with it what I had in mind back then...
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