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Sometimes hearts meet
Sometimes hearts break
Relations are at stake
When they carry price tags
Put 'Not for Sale' plaque
Bring the relations on track
idiosyncrasy Aug 3


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Pure of Stars Jul 13
i truly believe it takes a hurt soul to write poetry
tmartin Jun 23
there's always a way
for the will
to find.
Chris Jun 1
"48% nerd
27% band geek
15% broseph
6% grandpa
4% lesbian"

"That's some odd stuff man.
I usually just look up 'Blondes."
I just thought Izzy’s bio was a little funny. I’m sure they can take a joke
Yazad Tafti May 6
ceremony spiraled down into a coniferous cone like - gesture

raise your glass make a toast

deliver the speech our ears have been yearning to gracefully hear

your words, oh your soothing, pain dissolving words

they solved every problem we ever encountered in a lifetime...

for the moment being


the moment fades just like our memory of your  soul lifting elocution (speech)

but we do remember the smiles gathered and shared

for we all know --what's her name again...i only remember her face

said every person ever to hazily recall another
face and her **** bruhhhh
Yazad Tafti Feb 29
pain numbed
enchanting melodies hummed
rudimentary snares drummed
to the essence of which my ear drums fund

crackle tackle and hit the snare
animal skin (synthetic) to which the chemical hunter dared
take the long isle of steel caliber
skin tarnished
blood glistened
bullet varnished

beg your pardon
ripped apart like the tender egg shell carton
for when my finger triggered that trigger
it triggered an offset in me
a lack of principle sympathy

the warfare javelin which struck the wind
a screech of F#
a melody left my ear drums thinned

and for all who know
this is what i fear the most
no more mr. nice guy
he's stuck in comatose
rhyming weeeeee
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