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Gray Jun 2018
I wish i could let go of all my cares.
Just as if they were all feathers scattered in the air.
My problems fly up left,
And my worries drift away towards the right.

I wish i could only keep all my emotions pure.
Good thoughts, wishes, hopes.
All of those would stick to me like glue.
Leaving me, a complete person.

I wish i could blend in with all the others,
And learn how to wholeheartedly accept affection.
If only i wasn’t so deprived from it,
When i was still young.

I wish i was able to concentrate,
Without my mind wandering off.
I feel like i'm floating through cool streams of water.
My thoughts, straying away like a pool noodle.

But, wishing isn’t getting, right?
I can wish and want all day,
And still end up with nothing.
In the end, my yearnings weigh equal to a feather.
Bryce May 2018
Here I am again
banging and clanging
Pots and pans
head of lead
Ripped and tan

Scream and shout
Twist and pout

Aint nobody gon' talk about

you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you,

...and yeah.

you too.
Women´s Day
today is not Friday the thirteenth
but Thursday the 8th of March
not yet April
but March will stir his tail still

Women's Day, what a weak name
we thought it brings us fame
not noticed in all those years
the bullet went through the church, so many tears
yet our fate remained the same
mother, one to blame.
THE Government perhaps?
Ah, there are still too many men inside that "house"
IF they choose, always for the man first, of course
WHEN will most women seek a job in da Government?
Then your salary will increase,
your societal position will alter
of course not that ease
BUT women ought to choose first
the highest job in da Government
for this, we must have brains and be graduated
then our voice would be heard
throughout the world

at least ten years bail
for the male
who abuses ****** or with words only
his wife
I never mean to hurt the warm-hearted male
who must undergo abusive tortures of his female

I like to sit right, and make things be right,
not only for abusive men
but also for women with strong hands
who may be abusing her man all her married life
that´s why she should never be his wife
sure there are women who can only beat, beat and beat!
Then I have true pity for that man´s ability

well ladies around the world
sit straight or only on the right or on the left
for the photo, with a true sincere soul

wishing you all
here on HePo and around the world
a Happy and cozy Women´s Day!
The rains though smallest drops
make today a miserable Women's Day

the bright sun has disappeared
weeks long we have the brightest and sunniest days!
OK, wishing you all nice gatherings together
and drinking tea with sweet ginger-cookies
don´t  forget Grandmother's apple pie
in her time women are only smiling and be shy
can we imagine that for all things only nodding and agreeing?
Not one rimple-dimple of rebelling?!

Of course not, they haven´t known those emotions did exist
that´s why nowadays, and at present, it is a bliss
to be called a wo-man and not a she-man
oh dear ones, I do and try to write here all that I can.

my premier poem about Women´s Day
yes, they accept the lesbian and the gay
the transgender must stay at bay
their problem could be discussed
in the next generation, what a fuss!

but even though a Happy Women´s Day
to all kinds of women who are walking this way.

Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Thursday 8 March 2018
The 8 MARCH is the Day for Women all over this world to celebrate this DAY
not to be the "slave" still of the spouse or be the maid in da house.
Set you all free from that man´s burden and is called your spouse
have time for yourself, spoil yourself and
enjoy and sit hours with that mouse
and let the rest do by your spouse....
( what a "talent" have YOU as a wo-man, look these rhymings so stupid only ending on "ouse" )
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
Speak of love
I'll be there
A bunch of daffodils
In my hand
We walk the hills
I work the tills
To put money in their hands
And mine
Bryan Oct 2017
He picks up the pennies,
everywhere he goes.
Pieces of bigger things:
the fragments of the whole.
There never was a miracle
too small to behold,
and so he kept every one,
and every one made him bowed.
The others all around him,
seemed happy in their role,
but he knew only backache,
toil, and toll.
He carried his burden,
as vast as he, old.
Too large to conceal,
he never let it go.
He slept on coin pillows
the color of mold
and defended his treasure
with a vigor so bold
that ten men together
should endeavor to hold.

One day while counting,
the man, in his home,
heard a noise from the ceiling
that sounded of groan.
He dashed for his pennies,
as groan grew to moan
and was crushed under rains
of money he owed.
I had grafted for the best part of ten hours,  serving stupid smart people their breakfast lunch and dinner.
By the time I finished my shift and clocked out. I thought to myself, I don't care if they clone sheep here.
This job is not a winner.
Scientists, most of them.
Very intelligent people I'm told.
So I watched them eat and drink, wondering if their pockets are lined with gold.

Usually I'd leave work swiftly,  I could never wait to get home.
My body lethargic, almost anemic.
I wanted my bed, all to be alone.
I took off my work clothes and began to get dressed. Caught a glimpse of my frail body in the mirror. Never could gain weight,
I blamed it on stress.
I walked to my car outside.
Car park A, for arseholes no less.
Julie Grenness May 2016
A hypothesis of learning,
What, indeed, are we earning?
Knowledge is what we're gaining,
Answers to questions burning,
A quest to advance our learning,
For solutions we are searching,
In our soul's deep yearnings,
Our futures should be more deserving,
Pass the baton on to the young,
Their life on Earth has just begun,
An endless search for learning,
What, indeed are we earning?
Feedback welcome.
Why do people beg
on the streets.
Are they really homeless.
Or are they at it.

How can we separate the genuine
From the fake pretenders.
Why do people beg.
Have they no income.
or is it just for drugs drink.

Not sure what the world is coming too.
Teach children to be independent.
Have goals.
To make something of themselves.
Not easy in this day and age.
When work is hard to come by.
And people lose all hope.

— The End —