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I am descending down a hole,
That I have been down before.
This time when I dive in,
I may not be coming back up again.

I stared too far into the abyss,
Dived too deep into it's depths.
Lost myself to what I found within,
And it made it's home beneath my skin.

I feel this irritation beneath the surface,
and I just got to gnaw at it.
Self-cannibalistic I've become,
Slowly eating myself away,
Carnivorous consumption of the substance that nets around my bone.
Hoping to rid myself of this irritation.

Who knew dying would taste so **** good today.
Every bite I take I am slowly eating myself away.
The only way I feel alive is taking the thing that will **** me one day.

Soon my bones will be exposed,
but even then I will not be satisfied.
I will break them open and devour the marrow inside,
Leaving myself hollowed out and broken.

I am eating myself away.
Soon nothing will remain,
but the fragments of bones of a lost soul.
And yet I still won't be satisfied.
Be careful not to enter, or all your flesh will disappear.
Andrew Dec 2018
Metallica is my friend’s favorite band
I had always dismissed them as generic and repetitive
But that arrogance and indifference eventually faded
And recently I started going through their music
Discovering there was a lot I missed out on
Adding new songs to my life’s soundtrack
While teaching me a lesson of humility and empathy
Conversations with my friend have grown deeper and more specific
Helping me relate to him
Strengthening our friendship
Through the vast and surprising benefits of consuming art
amber Aug 2018
I am trying
to keep my head above water...
and avoid looking at you
if i mistakenly do
I will sink so deeply
air will no longer be
a familiarity
not even a privilege
simply nonexistent
i will solely breathe you in
amber Jul 2018
drag a match
along my teeth
i taste the sulfur
on the tip
of my tongue
staring at the small flame
i have the strongest urge
to touch it
and feel the slight burn
then douse myself in gasoline
and be swallowed by it whole
amber Jul 2018
i want to throw myself off a bridge
if it means
you will no longer
flood my head
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
I watch the flicker of lights
They are clear and steady
Blazing out continuously
In brilliant letters

Huge digital billboards
And cold electronic signs
Sending signals to the brain
Of the latest consumer designs

No time to think
No time to digest it
Keep on working
To pay for the transmit

I will buy a new car
And replace the TV
Keep the system rolling
As part of the economy

Stroll around the mall
Listen to the doublespeak
Join in with the crowd
Buy the same as last week

Buy now, buy now
Self autonomy
Buy it replace it
Its good for the economy

Goodbye for now
But you will be back
Customer loyalty
With biofeedback
Based on a short story by JG Ballard, The Subliminal Man
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
Poison flows through my veins
And I'm ready to attack
Do not come near me
Do not **** with me today
Depression is anger turned inward
And I'm sick of feeling sad
Maybe if I turn my anger outward
I can start to feel better again
They say assertiveness beats aggression
But I need to let it out somehow
Pepper Dove Feb 2018
Difficulties arise
competing with
all of these
surrounding me

We're incomplete
receiving till we overheat
technology's consuming me

Because what you see
it isn't me
it isn't me
system's overloading

We've got to dilate our minds
- disconnect to reconnect -
evaluate your time.
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