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rk Jun 2022
you want to see
how soft and tender my flesh is
and crack the inside of my mind open
like a pomegranate,
ruby jewels spilling onto white sheets.
i offer my plum ripe heart to you greedily
prey wanting to be hunted,
only to be left with sticky hands
from trying to hold myself together
when you walk away.
- we all have a hunger.
When she fell
she could feel
the light, its warmth
its happiness
and its stability
she blinked
and she was
plunged into darkness
a darkness that
drowned her
a darkness that
was a struggle
consuming her life
rk Sep 2020
you feel like
soft autumn rain
amber streetlights,
while stormclouds
dance above
bringing the promise
of m a g i c.
rk Jul 2020
to the darkness
i surrender
my body laying in wait
claws in the earth
ruby droplets
decorating my throat
laying myself open
bathing in moonight,
from beyond the trees
my love has come
and i am ready
to be devoured.
- wine soaked lips & crisp white sheets.
rk Jul 2020
i guess you thought
our love
was an april shower
but lover,
when i rain
i pour.
i let you consume me
and soak me
to the bone.
i guess you thought
our love
was an april shower,
when it hit me
like a hurricane.
rk Jul 2020
i saw glaciers in your eyes,
icy plains and lost streams.
i felt you fill my lungs
your salt water burning
with each new breath,
drowning in you
with every exhale.
rk May 2020
i've been asked
what the best moment
of my life is so far
and in my head
one sole memory
dances brightly;
the first time you kissed me
you pulled me into you
with unstoppable fire
your hands in my hair,
moonlight burning in your eyes.
it was as if you had waited
your whole life to do it
and the moment your lips
bled into mine i knew,
i had been waiting
my whole **** life to feel it.
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