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Zywa Aug 19
Don't look at the past
with statistics that must
rise, deepen the abyss
in which we dare not fall

Rather turn around, step back
live like the oldest people
simple, without any illusions
about what you need

Take so many steps back
that you have time again
to do nothing and can pay more
to others

Join the splinter party
for public facilities
in the margins of the world
and choose the future
Collection “Different times”
Anastasia Aug 16
Should I open my eyes?
Should I face reality?
The reality that I'll always have this feeling?
This unstoppable, overwhelming, consuming, sickening feeling of being alone?

Maybe I should just
Accept it.
I know
I know I'm gonna be alone.
That no one's gonna love me.
That I'm never gonna be good enough for anyone.
i sometimes wonder
what i did wrong
perhaps i was too much to handle,
incapable of loving small
i tie myself wholly
in an act of pure devotion
ready for worship
maybe that's what made you run
but i can't apologise
for wanting a love
that eats me whole.
- i was ready to be devoured by you.
Marcella Faye Jun 10
I have once
Looked back,
And the pain
Used to
Consume me.

Digging deeper
Into my soul
And clawing
My emotions

It took the
Strength for
Me to breathe
And move
On forward.

But now, whenever
I glimpse back,
It no longer
Eats me up
Chloe Parkes Apr 12
A blind generation willing walking into a field roses
Beauty stares you in the face but pain lies unnoticed
How envious we are of the fake made up poses
What if we turned it off for a day and stop letting it froze us
If we turn to our loved ones who only want to hold us
Don’t take this life for granted just like the quote told us
Put it down take the load off we are the only ones who knows us
Feedback please
Andrew Dec 2018
Metallica is my friend’s favorite band
I had always dismissed them as generic and repetitive
But that arrogance and indifference eventually faded
And recently I started going through their music
Discovering there was a lot I missed out on
Adding new songs to my life’s soundtrack
While teaching me a lesson of humility and empathy
Conversations with my friend have grown deeper and more specific
Helping me relate to him
Strengthening our friendship
Through the vast and surprising benefits of consuming art
amber Aug 2018
I am trying
to keep my head above water...
and avoid looking at you
if i mistakenly do
I will sink so deeply
air will no longer be
a familiarity
not even a privilege
simply nonexistent
i will solely breathe you in
amber Jul 2018
drag a match
along my teeth
i taste the sulfur
on the tip
of my tongue
staring at the small flame
i have the strongest urge
to touch it
and feel the slight burn
then douse myself in gasoline
and be swallowed by it whole
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