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Colm Feb 2020
My bliss palpable
Is the chaos of their shared
Collective coffee
After weeks of responsibility and such. I am extatic at their organized chaos. And my proximity to it. Lol.
Macgyver Oct 2018
Ambitious bastions always tout
progressive plans when they're about
while within they hide and pout
from novel things that may prove out.

And while inventing goals to follow
their ancients habits hold them hollow
as in vain wary workers wallow
force fed lies and hooks to swallow.

They hunt for those who work past five,
that trudge to work, endure the drive
who will sacrifice their personal live
until ambition can't survive.

Yet if you strive, you're constant told
do not do more, do not be bold
just fill your seat, forever hold
your tongue until you're dead and cold.

To subsist we're forced to hide,
only in others can we confide,
all success pushed to the side
as managers act bona fide.

Since those of meager measure make
hope of meeting metrics fake
interloping leaders take
their toll until hard workers break.
Terry Collett Mar 2018
She stopped and sat
in silence. It had been
a long day. The office
had been busy. Rushed
off her feet. Typing and
answering the phone.

The other girls tap-tapping
away on the typewriters
answering phones like her.

The office manager walking
amongst them now and then  
to make sure all were working
and none shirking. He would
stop by a girl, talk and chat
her up and have her in giggles.

But that time he cornered her
in the passage and made
suggestions. She blushed
and shook her head. He never
talked to her after that except
to moan or criticise. She took
off her shoes and went to lay
on her bed. The late afternoon
sun came through the window.

He had blanked her all day.

Not a word or look. Best
that way. Not like some of
those others giggling and
going all coy. One or two of
them have been to his bed,
she guessed. She didn't care.

She lay silent and sun blessed.
nick armbrister Jan 2018
i remember back in 06 i worked in a warehouse
it was for a store that sold varied things
there were varied staff there in several departments
we had a boss who was a real hag and she ruled us
like adolf ****** ruled occupied europe
iron fist and no carrot
so you can imagine what i thought
as i got to know her ways
i eventually left as did a dozen other staff
leaving the store with a skeleton crew
head office did an investigation into this
it was due to the manager who was a real *****
she was both my manager and area manager
so if i had a problem and reported her
it was the bizarre situation of reporting her to herself!
a surreal investigation into herself
i wonder where she is now my old manager
still giving her staff absolute hell?
i've never met a hag like her...
Amy I Hughes Jan 2018
At my desk I observe
and witness the absurd,
as you talk about 'working relationships'.

You say you want to know
all about me and so,
to manage me according to that.

I listen to the farce
as you save your own ****
and remember to keep my face straight.

You're a joke and tell lies;
all you do is undermine
me and for that I can't forgive you or trust.

So, I'll fake it for now
until the next row
when you put that size 7 shoe in your gob.

So just leave me be
while I make my coffee,
it's too early to listen to this script.
My manager is just the worst... urgh.
the realization of numbers
hasn't dawned in her  
mind's matter of

if she doesn't wake up
from complacency's
there will be nowt left
on the listing's

it'll be too late when we're
all looking for a
due to us not having
goodly figures in the

surely she can sense  
our positions are at
as the total amount has
become an

under previous heads
we've not felt
but with her holding
the reins we're in

for over seven months
she's buried her
like the ostrich who can't
see impending

it is perfectly plain
to everyone else
that the units have
slipped onto the

she'll open the file
which will say all
the last manager was
a little too
Debanjana Saha Jul 2017
A manager's role
in the process
out of the blue
didn't know
it would come to me
so soon.

A manager's role
in brief how it looks
to me...

Manage yourself
sort out time,
and in-between
manage other people
along with solving problems
of mine as well as others.

A character it is,
to carry out & lead
and figuring out
how it is supposed to be!
Recently in a process of becoming a manager,
leading my team in progress. Its too hard to focus on my work
as well as sorting out time and other's works.
Not an easy Job at all when I have just a just 1 year of experience.

These days too busy to even focus on my poetry & to read other's poetry as well. I wish I could get some time out for myself & all of you but hoping that you will understand my current responsibilities which I need to show.
Debanjana Saha Jul 2017
A support you were
Always to me
Took all the pressure
Out of rocky edges
And never told anyone
How it was to be!
Not understanding you
Was a blunder of all
I wish I could undo it
Once & for all!
Keep no hard feelings
As I'm already being punished
from being away from you!
So much away
that it makes me feel
going to an empty nest
Every other day.

I wish I could
make you understand
that how you meant to me
With all the irritations
and leg-pulling
You made me cry
You made me laugh
To the brim!
I wish I could do
something for you
To return back
all the treasures
you gave to me!

Be in touch people say
But in this era
Touch is only at screens!
Time passes by
And every wound heals,
But to an extent
An empty space in the heart
Is never reciprocated!

-13 July, 2017
I cannot convey in a better way
other than a poetry! I wrote this poetry for my Team lead who is my former manager too. He recently resigned from the company & it made me sad out of the blue!
Its not easy to let you go
But for your growth(in aspect of career) I have no other choice except to wish the for him the best in the near future!
anastasiad Apr 2017
The actual London Olympic games is coming soon, as well as area is needs to demonstrate symptoms of force in which electrical power is anxious. High of Liverpool has already been subject to strength shortages as a result of your Olympic build-up, as well as expenditures from the M25 are now as much as Thirty percent more than the other region.

Naturally, numerous large, London-based facts hub solutions include stated his or her concern about the ever rising expenses related to operating a details center within the metropolis. Possibly a lot more stressing would be the prospects for short-term electrical power failures over the Olympic games, every single down-time could possibly be highly detrimental to your supplier track record and could perhaps jeopardise your ease of access in their clients?details.

An additional issue pertaining to organizations who use details companies located in the Money, is definitely the predictable matter of actual physical gain access to: along with big packed areas descending upon central London along with bordering areas, visitors along with public transport are set to be at an all-time great. In peak periods, these types of throngs of people can significantly restrict access to facts revolves, particularly placed nearby the Olympic Town. A lack of ****** accessibility can also offer major complications if technicians can't seem to get to files centres as soon as theye requiring upkeep and also maintenance.

For a means to fix these kinds of potential problems, some companies will provide short-term services deals for the duration of the Olympic games along with Paralympics, letting companies so that you can in the short term colocate the information with zones away from investment. Evidently this solution would possibly not fit with all companies, it will unquestionably attract individuals who need frequent use of their files while in the online games.

Out of town information establishments are getting to be a lot more known as a total, as well as Olympic games could possibly motivate many companies in order to reconsider their London-based company, and is overtaken by a out of town spot. Apart from steering clear of the actual Olympic disorder, there are numerous benefits of using a knowledge middle over and above Greater london:

Quite a few beyond the capital facts organisations will be new along with reason built, meaning much better conveniences, more recent technological know-how and far better energy-efficiency

The price of residence along with strength is really a lot much less, causing cost savings for any client

The danger of enemy threats is significantly less, when compared to london, uk

Aside from the prospective energy failures, fees and access limitations, we have a real worry about the lack of bandwith out there, as well as no matter whether there will be ample to handle large say in people who will probably be climbing down from in Manchester throughout the course of the actual Olympic games. A lot of large agencies will have the ability to beat bandwith problems, the entire content of Manchester should be expecting a college degree regarding sluggish services during the occurrence.

As the Olympics draw ever before nearer, a linked complaints are bound to increase, even though them extremely hard to calculate the levels of disturbance your games could cause, it sounds as if there's never recently been a more rewarding time for corporations to transfer their own facts beyond the Funds. Best Password Manager App
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