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The season is merry and bright,
we watch on a silent night;
As children wait for treasures,
they'll cherish heartily forever.

As Santa rides his sleigh,
from a million miles away,
He's happy to be the one,
to deliver such Christmas fun.

While snow falls like confetti,
parents everywhere are ready;
For children's early rising,
with their laughter NOT surprising.

Hot cocoa made by mother,
sharing goodies like no other;
And lying underneath the tree,
Santa's gifts bring so much glee.

Lost forever in a trance,
of love that seems to dance;
The spirit of Christ is here,
we celebrate from year to year !
Through a holy night, we're blessed with love, as God reaches down, from heaven above. Merry Christmas to all ! xoxo Frances
Trying to be nice
Doing our utmost best
People are oft lying
A Senryu
Do you know Jesus?
Only He is trustable
His Love is greatest
Anno Domini Tuesday 15 December 2020
I hear the early singing bird
and I'm feeling the rising sun
Where is my sweet son,
Wake up and get off the bed
The morning will be broken
Get up, it'll be broken soon!

After the morning prayer
You'll be home, my dear
First of all, read the Scripture
in your melodious voice,
Then draw your minds
and read other books.

If you can, remember the God
in the morning and evening.
When you raise your hands,
Then pray for yourself
and ask Him -
'Lord, make me a good person'.

Let stay in your pious heart
the fear of God and the truth.
Keep smiling on your face
and try to forget all the pain
My wish, you'll be best man,
Don't worry if I am so hurt!
Unchallenged beauty
Beauty unchanged
Perfectly balanced beauty
Eyes remain engaged

Undisputed beauty
I lost words for your praise
Unpolluted beauty
You're ineffable in one phrase

You still seem impeccable in your flawed days
You're above the beauties
My stone heart says
( Meaning the end-rhymes consist of 6-4-2 rhyming words )

The most precious thing
will never blinq
for this occasion
my happiest congratulations
from my heart to yours
in romantic symphonical moors

the depth not to measure
just for pagan pleasure
for divine delights
we'll have long blessed nights

amongst paganish duvet
holied by God’s own brevet

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Have a most enjoyable DAY, bb
PF. 24 September 2020
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