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Douglas Harrison Apr 2019
Your profile doesn’t have a picture but you have been good conversation
Working retail has reinforced the mindset that people are snowflakes in all shapes and sizes
This doesn’t help me, I literally have no idea what you could look like
Or if you are even a person
What if I’m chatting with a scientifically enhanced hamster
If some Lovecraftian being is mingling with me through the cosmos
I asked for a pic 5 minutes ago and the outlandish ideas above have humored me until you replied
Do I read it and force the universe to give me an answer
Do I delete this whole app and live my life never knowing for certain
What if you say no
Then it must be some tentacled being wishing to unravel my very being
If only they knew that if left to my own devices I’ll do that on my own
I got the pic and now as predicted I unravel myself
Why would you like me
Why would you think I’m cute
How in the world would you find me worthwhile
You have a college hoodie on and it only serves to remind me that I am still in my rut no matter how good things have been going recently
You are the breath of spring and the other shoe at the same time
I guess I’ll keep typing, I’m glad at least the void has a face now
Sal A Mar 2019
Respectful message.
I'm too nice.

Flirty message.
I'm too aggressive.

Long, descriptive message.
I'm too wordy.

Short, succinct message.
I'm too boring.

I hope you understand this message.
Never enough.
Shiv Pratap Pal Feb 2019
All Apps Un-installed
Hard disks wiped out
Operating System lost
System Shutdown
RAM cleared
BIOS destroyed
Object Id Retained
ROM info Retained

Hardware burnt to Ashes
Or left for Micro-organisms
Scriptures say, Sages re-iterate
Believers believe, others disagree
Object ID may be Reborn
With new OS and Apps
Or there is another possibility
Object ID gets destroyed
And witness Moksha
Free from further rebirth and deaths

Sorry this poem is not on Computers
But I am sure, it's about Humans
Smart Humans, Mortal Humans
Bound to follow the System of
Until Moksha comes for Rescue
System. Who Made This System? Could Anyone Hack this System? Bypass this System or Break This System? Really a Big Question
Olivia Daniels Dec 2018
Tonight was a great night.
A warm fuzzy feel good smiles and sunlight
great night.

You wanna know how I can tell?
It's written in the stars and
the way the clouds move, like the statues
we talked about
bright stars and constellations mean
it was a great night.
Or at least a good something.
And we stood like those dark statues for hours.

good luck
good friends
good feelings
great night

You smell like musk and old cigars—
they smell like nothing because they're digital information.
I just downloaded Tinder, you see?
they smell like moonlight reflecting off your smile

Whether you or them,
I won't die alone. On this
great night at least, you're here,
they're there
and all three parties can hold a starlight conversation.
After feeling lonely for a while, it felt awesome to finally be desired.
ONLY  for dear Eliot and his Amount
that’s in my serious head that counts

WOW!  Dear Poetess, (referring to a best friend)
Your rhyming skill comes up to the HP service,
I mean surface,
ah, phonetically it sounds the same,
no one to blame,
in fact, I am an evangelist
and that's for HP true bliss,
IF I think what it is as it IS,
ah, that bliss

we may give through to dear Eliot as he IS,
he needs that amount
for his account
is also our account
as we all mount here
our creations
for many nations
nothing to hide

as it comes only to demand that amount
for his and our account
his special baby
his special lady
seriously this is a thought-provoking one
huge one,
non comparing please, to none

but If I may say
not as huge and difficult as the Mount Everest,
the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
mounted the world's highest mountain,
is more than that, I reckon,
it is also known in Nepal as the Sagarmatha, now I start to sing
and it flows till Tibet as the Chomolungma, haha!
Remember this poem is just for Eliot from our dear HelloPoetry
from me, just the simple and humble Sylvia
as usual as we are creating poems for HP
we are oft in greatest glee
please don’t forget
the pure meaning and close target
of my poem today
well, I wanna say
make way
and hurry up to donate
an up-to-date
firm donation
as fewest as you can
but of course IF you can
as much and many as you are able
for our dear Eliot knight of our Round Table
he is fighting for this most important strife
we must help him ‘coz we are also part of this ardent life
for the apps mobile

HelloPoetry has become true famous worldwide
please help Eliot as quickest with this
‘coz this bliss for him, is also our bliss
and then we can create and send many a mile
our loved poems through our mobile
be noticed that I have done this blend
in a few seconds of moment
I have done this only for dear Eliot
may we have in the nearest future
for our poems a better structure
spending more time at our mobile on this spot
then we will enjoy a very lot
greatest glee and happiness for our dear Eliot!

This concise
I hope you’ll regard it as nice
thought it would be a brevity
as you can see I ain’t that wise….

PLEASE, don’t forget the Donation
then we can say to Eliot:  Felicitation!

Sylvia Frances Chan
Wednesday 21st of March 2018
Tia Jun 2014
What way to play?
After all life is a never ending game.
one day someone will take your place.
One step forward
Two step back
I'm sure everyone knows about that.
The earth is our huge game bored.
With billions of different apps.
Which ones you choose to play.
Determends where you'll spend your last days.

— The End —