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Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
When you get too quiet
I worry
my friend

Did I say something
to offend?

If I did
I surely didn't mean to

But I'm left here

wishing I could ask you
Where do you live?
you mean where I reside?

On this beautiful forsaken earth
I have seen many sins in fellow citizen's inside
I have my pride
but I wanna confess
and it is 150% a yes
that in my inside's hearth
I have many more sins,
much more than your rational would believe
although I am an evangelist
not certain a bliss
but that was my beloved's Mum wish
I dared not to refuse her
since I am an obedient girl
of course at school a rebel
never for my dearest Mum
after having graduated
exactly three years after date.

I must confess
that I possess much more inner spirit now
more patience than before
more love and care than I ever owe

Ahok was blamed for blasphemy
that Islamic group lied constantly
till they got him in prison

such saddest tidings
am still humming my love songs
even though pained in one WhatsApp ago
am looking for peace while conversing to
my genius bro before he would close his golden window.

my heart leap up with the strongest sense
his caring soul did never offend
i feel home in our parental house
nine days closest to his loving heart
i am truly blessed as his grateful part.


Jakarta-Home, West-Java Time 21.00 hrs PM.
AD the 3rd June 2017, Saturday
World Citizen, then I have traveled to all five continents and at each place I have my hotel, motel or best friends house, on the average for at the most 7 days, that was enough seven days. I will return too, also for another 7 days.
Erika Castaldo Dec 2015
Did she offend you?
Baring her shoulders, her collarbones, her knees,
How risqué of her.
Dressed for comfort in the 90 degree weather,
She was asking for it, right?

Did you not break her?
Make her scared to wear what she wants or walk alone.
But she deserved that, didn't she?

Are you sorry for hurting her?
After you used her, she tried to **** herself three times,
All because you couldn't control yourself.
Was her body so distracting that you took away
Her whole life?
Corey Nov 2014
If you can't handle my actions
My personality
Or my interactions

Then we cannot be friends
I'm afraid you must leave
I hope I don't offend

But I'm lazy
And weird
And absolutely crazy

And I don't want to be looked at funny

— The End —