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Lil Moon Moon Jan 18
Somebody put me out of my misery,
I've been struck by a curious malady:
I can't seem to stop
writing sappy poetry!

Perhaps it's *** my muse is ineffable,
Can't help if that makes her indelible.

Now the evidence lies before your very eyes,
That she as cause and culprit should pay the price

For all of my absurd sentimentalities
Is a result of her bewitchful tendencies:

Bore a mighty wordsmith
out of a hopeless romantic.
Now this whole shebang
might drive me ballistic

As time passes
I can't seem to find a problem with that though

My muse, my lady malady:
Fine, I'll be the lunatic
Now wouldn't that be poetic??
Marisela Veludo Aug 2021
Looking for a corner, a place to hide
He aint weak, his reaction aint mild
Through him I see instability, I see red
A burning anger, takes control, unstoppable spread
A monster he becomes, it's growing within
Should not be heard, should not be seen

Looking for a corner, a place to hide.
Feeling lost and fragile ,get out of my site
An evil voice, a look that fears
I will not crumble,  will show no tears
Words that crush, confusing and absurd
Extreme behavior..... lunatic... its confirmed
Left To Rot Jun 2021
My writing process is funny
so is my definition of "peace"
I can't focus in silence,
I work better when there are screams.
You see, I grew up in a madhouse
where I was the youngest lunatic
not the smartest, but the boldest
therefore I became the king.
Van Xuan Nov 2020
"You are Lunatic"

A word they describe to me
For being in love to someone
Who might not be mine forever

But aren't we all in the same page?
For once in your lifetime
You also loved someone
who might not be yours forever

I'm not the only Lunatic here
We are all Lunatics
For those who experience loving someone who takes all the risk just to find true love
We are all Lunatics
TIZZOP Feb 2020
note: this is not a poem but an account of the mental aftermath of Hanau, where ten people got killed yesterday. one of them was the mother of the killer who worked in a bank, was paranoid and believed in conspiracy theories.

a turkish guy whose name means "justness" was shot to death by him. in the community, he was popular for his kindness.
he was killed because he was an immigrant, a muslim, and because he hung out with his friends in a shisha bar to enjoy his leisure time. got hit by bullets. died, leaving relatives, friends and an entire muslim community, the entire world, in daze.

met three uber drivers today, all of them muslims, two of them know some of the victims personally.  

the first one of them was desperately sad today. i asked him "how are you?" he answered "not well" and told me everything. i was very concerned because i can't deal with such inhumane cruelty.

the second driver was from pakistan. he argued that germany is an open-minded country and that he had left his country due to religious lunacy that is lived by some people there.

the third driver was interestingly humorous. as wired as it may sound, he thought positively after the assasination and said that the relatives of the victims should live on as if their people hadn't been killed.

i don't know about that; yet, everyone deals with terror differently.

hanau is just a couple of miles from my home city, frankfurt am main.

in my heart, my spirit and my soul, i am with all the victims, their relatives, friends and colleagues.



The killer killed himself after the crime.

What is there for us today? Peace. Peace. Peace.

OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
M Solav Dec 2019
So we may be taken — there
  without further adieu,
As the morning sun — shines
  on the morning dew.

    connecting two dots,
  In immediacy,
    what we have lost!

Among the lunatic — and
  the natural fraud,
We stand unprepared — so
  ready to applaud.

    connecting two dots,
  In immediacy,
    what we have lost!
Written in July 2017.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Muhammad Usama Apr 2019
Come, Friend.
I'll show you around the house and tell you all the trivial things that remind me of her.
(Here in the hallway)
These stacked, empty shoeboxes,
That I now keep my poems in,
These bare walls that I suppose,
She could make a better use of,
(In the living room)
This monochrome vintage tv,
That she'd have thrown out,
My books lying haphazardly on the table,
That she'd have cleared up,
My guitar that hasn't been restrung for 7 months,
The pictures of Dutch tulip fields,
The multilingual posters on the wall behind the TV,
Like a pretentious polyglot,
(Now,the kitchen)
And this bitter fragrance of tea leaves,
This divine scent of cardamom,
Rising from a hot cup of tea,
The rattle of kettles,
These dying rose petals,
Parmesan and cheddar,
The cheesier the better,
All of that pickled food,
According to my mood,
The battle of spices,
Those gingerbread slices,
Everything reminds me of her.
"She's but a figment of your imagination,friend."
She's but a figment of my imagination, friend?
Rashmi Oct 2018
She is trapped inside her MIND,
But people think, she is BLIND,

She looks CRAZY,
But might be your eyes are little HAZY,

She never loved to LIE,
But this world's perceptions, WHY?

She looks to SKY,
But she never get any trusted Star to say"HI"!

She loves those eyes, which speaks the MOST,
But she never believed those words which make her ROAST,

Her Soul is only this body's HOST,
Now it's feels like the Soul is FROST.
FinkZ Sep 2018
Sometimes I just want to yell at the top of my lungs to you
Sometimes I just want to be angry to you
I want to scream at your ears
Until your eyes producing tears
Then I will tell you what my heart wants to say
And what you did to me everyday
Call me crazy
Because I'm a Lunatic

The reason why
Is because you still messing around my mind,
You messed my chemistry,
Took my heart again and left me empty,
And you make me weak
When you are so close to me
You know how it feels when you want to move on from someone, but you can’t and you starts to blame or getting angry on that particular person?
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