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Arlene Corwin Mar 2017
Alice Is In Wonderland

Alice got sick.

A dulling fur – a cancer here and there.

Don’t know how, don’t know why,

(We never know how, why we’ll die).

Bad and sad for doggies

And for those who hold them dear.

The vet urged she be put to sleep -

It had gone far.

It went in seconds. Not a peep

From Alice, just one beat, a bleep

And she was gone;

A little soul taken in hand

By doggy heaven land, a wondrous land.

Alice is in Wonderland.

Alice Is In Wonderland 3.24.2017

Birth, Death & In Between II; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin
Ode to a dead doggy - a dear doggy.
RK Feb 2017
So I woke up this morning excited as can be
The rain was pelting down, the Sun I couldn't see
I felt a glow flow through my heart, t'was quite intense indeed
memories came flooding in, let me tell you of this dream.

I dreamt about the Treasure Chest my Grandpa bequeath to me
With red and golden tassels, old brass and greenish sheen
My grandpa stood beside my bed,  he handed me a key
His eyes were bright so full of light, the light, it blinded me.

I stepped out from my sleep  even though I couldn't see
I didn't feel alarmed, there was a presence  within me
I turned the key in the lock, I took the deepest breath
The Chest was filled wth loving grace, I felt it to its depth.

An envelope was sitting at the centre of my Chest
It was gilt edged with a fiery flame,  had no name or address
I held this letter to my heart for that's where knowledge is
I opened it, you won't believe, the words - it  Said - to me.

                   " REMEMBER THE LIGHT "

So when I awoke this morning as excited as could be.
There was no Sun in the sky, for the Sun, it is in me.
The message in the letter,  is simply enough to - BE
To Love the light of compassion , is truly liberating.

Traveler Sep 2014
The weeping shady willow slowly swayed in the soft summer wind
Beneath of which my most vivid memory begins
By the appeal of young lust in the days of our prime
We were drawn together to this moment in time

In a meadow of dandelions our bodies embraced
As she bared her breast my heart went to race
With her eyes of blue so innocent yet wild
It was clear to see she was no longer a child

The curves of her buttocks, the shape of her hips
Were as pleasing to touch as my sister’s silk slips
As if everything I ever wanted was opened to me
To share her **** ****** body, my soul finally free

As I nosed her belly ever so lightly I felt her quiver
Lower and lower I went as it turned to a shiver
So softly I touched as her virginity flowed
I felt as if I could peer into her soul

We shared in sweet passion to a deeper degree
I gently inserted as she pulled back her knees
For a while I managed to stay in control
When she scratched down my back it was time to reload

That day with nature we were naturally exposed
For lovin’ is like music, an art to compose
Traveler Tim
Ronald J Chapman Nov 2016
I only want to find you,
To kiss your red lips!

If you only could know,
How much my heart misses you!

Maybe you are dreaming about me too?

How can I tell you,
You are my dream, my only love?

Why do we choose,
To search for an impossible love?

Why do I love a beautiful dream?

The loneliness in my heart is the reason,
In our world,
In our Universe,
I will never give up searching for you.

Are you looking for me too?

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

terrified by His greatest light
waking up is the only option
to cheat in this underrated notion
( sleeping is an underrated action, i reckon )
but have to let go this Divine´s delight
i will soon meet Him in my daily devoir....

© Sylvia Frances Chan
A Cold Thursday on the 3rd November 2016 - 9 degr. C.
Copyright Protected
Arlene Corwin Oct 2016
Cosmic Coordination

The moment of now can never come again,
Never to be repeated:
A double-sided coin -
Now and not.

To be used, it must be used for what it is –
An irreplaceable
To use up to the hilt;
An instant problem to be solved –
Just then.
A life improvisation.

As for influences,
You don’t need to take them,
You can give from what you are
For you are synchronized with universes -
Yes you are.

And so it is.

Cosmic Coordination 10.30.2016
Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Corwin
That shortest visit
reaches infinity
miracle so true
never has end in sight

a most difficult task
i do not ask
but begging you
as you've always been
the friendliest, the nicest
like in the old days
when life still had many opportunities
to soar, to fly
peregrination sans limits
to all wind sighs

always think
that ocean glued to the lovely town
is not a small puddle
immensely large and deep,
this great aqua is not to be trusted,
but no need to weep.

Only human beings you wish to cuddle
people in their dust
born on the same ground
and hearts are found

greatest compassion
keeping that knowledge
all at your own

thy existence
as precious as can be
for me
mainly marvelous present memories

drizzling rains
for you and me

fortunately not painful
nor for you or for me

in my mind and me
the Birthday stay
so sweet, tremendous crackling cozy
due to the efforts thou doth

i say it this way
baby, it was an unforgettable stay
thank you !

© Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Sunday, 25th Sept 2016 - 1.30 hrs.PM.
Sunny weather, beautiful rays
happy hearts @J's Inn and more
Celebrating my baby's Birthday on the Day before.
Originally from Dutch dd. on PF 28 Sept.
Richard Riddle Jul 2016
"How do you know which one to choose", my granddaughter Emily asked , as we pulled into the parking lot of the shelter. "It will be the first one that gets up to meet us" I said, with a bit of anxiety.
After registering at the desk, we began the walk down the aisle, looking at the occupants of those cages that lined both sides. All of a sudden, about 10 feet in front of us, a grey and black striped leg with a white foot, came protruding out from the front of a cage. The paw began "flexing", as if signaling, "Hey! Over here!"
As I held her, and Emily stroked her forehead, she emanated a very strong, exuberant, vibrating, purr; contented, unafraid, her head tucked into the crook of my arm. We had found my Guardian Angel!

I whispered to her as softly as I knew how:

"We are going home-
I will always keep you safe,
I will never harm you
You will always have shelter, food, and water-
I will keep you warm in the winter........
and cool in the summer.......
You will not 'want', for love."

As I whispered those words, her purr grew stronger, her paw flexing against my arm. For you see, I am convinced that God told her we were coming, and to give us a sign to let us know where she was. It was He, who chose her for us. Some of you may not agree with that, and that's okay. It's important that me and Emily believe it. Regardless of which room I'm in(except the bath), she is there, as she is now, asleep on the foot of the bed as I write. My home isn't empty.... anymore.

copyright: richard riddle-11-11-2015

When my wife, Karen, passed away, the "angel" we had, Scheppes, stayed with me until she was twenty. Brie does not take her place, for she has her own place, and is doing quite well as a "Guardian Angel", in training!
*If you wish to do something that will change your life, find your "Guardian Angel" at your nearest SPCA shelter.
Dee Cee Jun 2016
the smooth stay hard shape
brings pleasure so deep
vibrating emotions letting me escape
relaxing, soothing, enabling me to sleep

but how I miss that weight on my thighs
skin on skin, irregular motion, then sudden explosion
deep breathes of emotion that is my prize
poor old bob is heading for demotion.
battery operated boyfriend!
John F McCullagh May 2016
The snow was blowing among the trees. In large wet flakes it tumbled down.
My captain turned, as if to speak, but from his lips there came no sound.
A red rose bloomed there on his chest -staining dark the Wehrmacht grey.
I looked in horror as he pitched face forward to the ground.
“******” I yelled and ducked for cover. The copse of trees echoed the sound.

Somewhere out there he awaits; the Devil’s son, the cunning foe.
He’s stalked our party for three days yet leaves no footprints in the snow.
I served in France in Forty –one; before   these Russians were our foes.
I shiver but it’s not from fear; it’s just that we lack winter clothes.
I motion briskly with my right hand, I think the shooter must be there
my corporal nods and starts to move; perhaps he can outflank this man.

My soul is black for I’ve done some things;
  for which I once would have been ashamed.
I saw the Jewess try to shield her babe
as I placed them in a common grave.

This man out there, a warrior; he risks his life upon command.
He is clever, this one, he waits his chance.
Either its him or me that’s dammed.
The drifting snowflakes hide his breath.
But He’s still out there this I know.

My Captain lies still upon the earth
and is slowly covered by the snow.

We are soldiers who risk our lives.
We sacrifice for the Fatherland.
We dream of a woman and a warm bed
Never of Death’s cold clammy hand

My men cry out, the fox is flushed
The ****** has at last been found.

It’s true what they say of the bullet that kills you;
I never even heard the sound.
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