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Cherish Jan 22
How far more can we walk together?
I want to walk with you just last one time with the same old feelings

Our smile will be the sweetest
And I’ll be the happiest the girl

But I’m not the girl that you wanted
want you to notice me but you notice her instead

Just know that I’ve been waiting painfully

I hate it that I’m been unstable for quite some time and I really hope you’re not the reason why

I don’t want to blame you, all you did is gave me the best but I took granted for it.

Now you’re looking happier than before
I’m glad you’re fine but I’m not

If the time can rewind
I promise I’ll make you the happiest

Thank you for making a huge impact in my life
In a great way because I really enjoyed those days with you.
I’m sorry
Marthea Flores Mar 2019
She can't explain how she feel
every second by your side.
She seems like the happiest
around your arms.
But she's the loneliest
behind those eyes.
memoona kazmi Feb 2019
i am never going to be happy again,
so don't try to tell me,
i will be the happiest,
when i already know,
i can't get that,
don't make me believe that,
everyone loves me,
when i know,
they don't love me,
so dont try to convince me that,
everything will change,
i will start smiling again...

now kindly read from bottom to top
One is your god

He creates things

Which are good

He creates the good

The devil creates the worst

Make your heart obey him

Make yourself as the slave to him

You will be safe

You will be the first

He comes down every night

To the sky of the world and talked

To all creatures who wanted

His help that was needed  

His cure to heal the ill

His worth to change your life

From poor to be rich

To change your as you wish

from sad to be happy and vanish

Every worst that will finish

You must get up and pray with tears

Fill your eyes and calling with wish

To get your life in peace

Lift your hands showing your weakness

Obey him as you could

Obey him to get his merit

Obey him to enter his heaven

And be the happiest ,to be the first
to be happy must get under the most power,the God
Survived Sep 2018
And the way she looks at me
makes me feel like
the happiest person alive
in the universe.
Raian Maruvin Jun 2018
Maybe I've been the happiest I can be
Maybe I've lost the one I can love most
Maybe this doesn't bother me
But isn't all this sad at all?

How casually I can keep living
How casually I can always hope
Look to another day, keep waiting
For even better, as though there's more.

But maybe there won't be.
The greatness found is really lost.
Though there may be new adventures
I've been to heaven, and was thrown out.
That shortest visit
reaches infinity
miracle so true
never has end in sight

a most difficult task
i do not ask
but begging you
as you've always been
the friendliest, the nicest
like in the old days
when life still had many opportunities
to soar, to fly
peregrination sans limits
to all wind sighs

always think
that ocean glued to the lovely town
is not a small puddle
immensely large and deep,
this great aqua is not to be trusted,
but no need to weep.

Only human beings you wish to cuddle
people in their dust
born on the same ground
and hearts are found

greatest compassion
keeping that knowledge
all at your own

thy existence
as precious as can be
for me
mainly marvelous present memories

drizzling rains
for you and me

fortunately not painful
nor for you or for me

in my mind and me
the Birthday stay
so sweet, tremendous crackling cozy
due to the efforts thou doth

i say it this way
baby, it was an unforgettable stay
thank you !

© Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Sunday, 25th Sept 2016 - 1.30 hrs.PM.
Sunny weather, beautiful rays
happy hearts @J's Inn and more
Celebrating my baby's Birthday on the Day before.
Originally from Dutch dd. on PF 28 Sept.
The happiest place on Earth
Should be you
I mean it
Don't sheepishly laugh
You know it should be true
So stop seeing right through
And be the one that speeds right through
CJ lebron Aug 2015
I can't control my self
Every time I see you
I want to kiss you
Like you haven't been kissed before
If kissing you would **** me
I'd die the happiest man
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