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20h · 38
what was
at stake
there with
Homeric and
that equality
must examine
rush with
Fredrick now
outcome with
that matter
so embrown
Grecian with
extemporaneous wile
in this
mound of
their debate
2d · 119
tree step
Amy's  a think tank
a big subject in
a troubled world
while her mom was ludicrous
she made her time in Zachary
near sublime here as her picture
in flat and heal in step with courtyard grande
a very nice place to stay and shop outside LA
the weather is nice and the beachs not far away
4d · 31
queen belle
queen was
scene of
Roberts court
and butter
was triumph
a lure
of civility
and must
tell their
decision and
implore a
crux of
opinion and
adroit and
amusing those
waters without
supreme glen
4d · 45
overlord cries
a day
there in
gravel that
yearn with
pit then
a year
to graft
their fixing
and chart
digression in
the swamp
where a
farce in
legion of
Sky to
pay the
overlord cries
6d · 40
Warner Brothers
I am
warner here
of spring
that suffice
the rite
bob wings
and to
sell wares
the callouses
spurn together
over min
and cares
whether or
not the
real praise
would proffer
our track
7d · 23
free fall
a guy
in wild
sox seize
this roof
with threadbare
darts and
trim top
with gad
of post
and prove
velvet goest
with cream
here this
base ardently
shin eaves
in our
free fall
7d · 58
chicken dive
Ja Coby's
father 'bout
the *****
then fought
a tort
in awe
while this
court of
*** was
dowd but
next this
coat of
paint and
their brush
of laughter
and forever
musty last
Feb 9 · 35
red house

mini boon
got you
so soon
this lit'l
boo to
suit and
end the
blues with
petunias that
bloom with
smoke in
their room
and nocturn
with owl
matin was
in the
red house
Feb 8 · 34
Ready A Flight

I miss
grenadine yearly
on the
newt yet
here with
Shultz a
moon in
Jupiter that
everyone slept
their keen  
to surface
now with
brown as
beans with
the syrup
are ready
this flight
Feb 6 · 47
a Baptist
cleric that
was once
monotonous an
underwear vamp
that really
would camp
and throw
flowers with
magnolia in
spring and
barter his
loaf with
Virginia too
a stranger
in flux
for blitzkrieg
Feb 5 · 133
a chaparral piece
a vitamin
no duet
soggy chanty
she gleefully
abet her
set in
bloom with
her trigger
hole fillet
in juice
now feverishly
the vamp
played this
orchestral piece
of mind
there with
her white
chaparral fleece
Feb 4 · 130
Mr. Peanut
when fair
swings with
Chevrolets so
children rush
there when
some peanuts
are fired
when nights
begun barbs
that Randall's
humor still
in stride
when a
plause would
take center
stage with
gossip y'all
Feb 3 · 92
bottom up
my silken
screen take
her skin
bare but
to my
53 lens
she fit
a lure
and maid
engrained lore
and glint
to ail
maple leaf
and bottom-up
field in
Atlanta to
yankee sidelines
Feb 3 · 35
a whirl
on heels
with a
shrew could
strew the
map with
their features
a cartographer
drew in
their wild
fantasy with
red carpet
with their
faction pursued
a revolution
with Stanton
à la carte
Feb 1 · 48
little hen
I'd stink
in pink
till ****
is dart
only to
start a
fight nobody
would win
with the
heart of  
severity when
she may
see their
epitaph here
would din
and mire
little hen
a girl in my heart
I was
no fool                        
and here
my favor
was one
that overcame
a voice
of salacious
mold and
might throttle
my goad
and too
berserk with
her bare
in this
fold with
Carroll Stream

that extreme
today in
Carol Stream
there was
the cold
went to
bed with
a sweater
just to
wake a
buddy in
Claremont weather
that a
whiplash tomorrow
made best
picture in
ole  LA
Suburban Chicago
Jan 30 · 92
if Jūrmala
by Riga
she fettered
goat head
aim for
orient in
sea yesterday
she stank
like the
submarine there
with Latvia
as Über
recoiled their
way to
Dow Nation
with centipede
in lore
a middle of the road strategu
Jan 29 · 28
New Hope
I am
limitless and
time in
a whale
that made
dale there
my cactus
so thistly
was my
home now
as I
roam my
intrigue to
New Hope
my senator
pardons me
a lamb
a community in southeastern  Pennsylvania
Jan 28 · 29
Kamala sunbathed
****** art
where in
heart she
fly to
virtual beach
in LA
so Leroy
fell and
took her
task there
in Philadelphia
her adherent
of folk
from downtown
here and
ole USA
Johnny come lately
Jan 27 · 37
Jane 4687
when she
was wise
that underlay
spies with
greater machines
whether grants
alight her
home yet
align a
sentence with
parallel verve
of song
but with
melodious flight
in throes
would spirit
those nights
Jan 25 · 61
this semblance
to taste
hers was
great with
the package
of Delilah
here as
the spirit
level drawn
nigh and
caped him
again in
lew when
feet here
loose alas
to chide
an allay
Samson as Allayed here
Jan 24 · 78
lo mein
oriental gaze
into haze
a superfluous
phrase for
the ribbon
in a
sushi bar
just a
sensation pent
with innovation
that truly
aspires to
the heavens
but nothing
more cosmopolitan
than her
dish today
a cosmopolitan in a strange land
Jan 23 · 56
Super Bowl
infer lower
court a
wall with
DACA while
Mrs. Pelosi
shares liberal
concern i.e.,
morals with
crossovers like
her minority
leader while
McConnell gasps
with Ross
while Mathew
is ninth
circuit in
Hot 'Lanta
is Charlie Carlos dead?
Jan 22 · 48

a ride
with typicality
and a
blender of
transgender and
muss in
this waiver
that manifold
in sequester
with our
probability foreseen
till willful
never subject
to blind
shape matter
now always
in hamper
a transgender
Jan 21 · 63
Gang of
eight  may
play asleep
tonight  if
they wink
here in
MLK while
she'd not
du them
thier voices
for that
oval egg
as Mrs.
Pelosi was
radical as
the futere
in Cain.
Jan 20 · 44
madonna's best
A sizzle
bust draft
once enlivened
thread in
her craw
but love
now hardened
by her
synthetic implant
in her
pants too
that swivel
like the
duck in
the current
where she'll
lace *****
Jan 19 · 112
an art
stand in
Miami deco
by January
dry she'd
be very
warm with
canary yellow
sneakers ran
the heart
of the
sun yet
poolside in
orange jubilee
that orkÿ
would retire
at noon
a girl in the middle
Jan 18 · 20
goose island
a day
tripper on
his snow
board whirled
hurriedly escalade
bare with
frost on
heels with
these swirls
of snow
made fleece
and her
boot in
crystal ice
tracked wholly
astride thunder
rock torrent
Jan 17 · 51
a man
like Rasputin
was dire
with Calamity
Jane as
the plains
now Urban
Cowboy and
a star
hunted in
Texas while
her beck
sleeves would
resign in
theater there
as Theresa
May crown
Jan 16 · 116
German Legion
ice flow
in river
there milt
on milk
island but
that gilt
below steal
bridge was
back flow
and rip
down quarter
as German
maniple wouldn't
impede this
on the
canal in
the junction
my mother
is whether
trump this
newly schooled
design in
threadbare attire
was navel
today but
in her
suit there
was my
heart may
rule again
in bachelorhood
and aspire
proclivity in
flaxen hair
remember that it is trump affair
Jan 14 · 32
a snooze
on anesthesia
though boastful
chunk of
elaboration and
lesson refractory
that omnipotent
was such
rapport with
edification I
lied and
over her
***** that
melded ours
in peals
of natures
finest planet
west of  OK City
Jan 13 · 107
a relic
in tights
was clear
with Mayan
in conte
there a
jazz festival
would mount
in highlands
stage with
entire comp
in Jesus
while ashine
a deep
day siesta
in dream
of nations
Jan 12 · 37
dial of don
he snare
a pair
of lashes
in an
apple orchard
while an
owl fell
its hood
but his
style that
shelter the
dial and
fly again
with minor
prophets but
deft baton
in trump
Jan 10 · 35
a kinky swell
a man
with his
wit and
babe a
star there
want for
a law
that require
stodgy this
lure that
furnish a
cart and
tie in
mag with
view highly
to snag
the brink
Jan 7 · 94
Christmas Divine
I am
a rock
that sock
her dangle
on wiles
and her
heart dials
a profligacy
where croft
bovine her
crèche this
epiphany shall
divine with
nativity that
would roster
a king
in Bethlehem
a Christmas in nativity
Dec 2018 · 80
when ****
day afternoon
was really
something to
behold in
Nashville with
catastrophic notes
that mother
backs another
day and
timbre her
fortune with
a dainty
song and
hence wake
in market
of blues
Dec 2018 · 55
planet of theives
an ark
of Noah
would disembody
a silvery
horse with
seraphim whether
res publica
rained on
earth with
quiescent nomads
and to
cloud their
creation in
planet of
thieves with
periods of
sporadic sea
Planer Thieves  by  Dan Krokos a movie
Dec 2018 · 60
a word
with a
skirt that
hotly hitch
bow ties
with the
present that
clasp in
her sleeve
and riff
in heart
ready in
just her
tip that
begun with
a grin
in seance
Dec 2018 · 100
a targetable
liar lured
her church
with cunning
that it
mixed fashion
as salsa
as she
danced while
her culprit
was hers
and swayed
in the
belfry but
a  mare
of thorn
in reality
A Selma in reality
Dec 2018 · 98
a treaty
that allure
is her
franc desire
but her
weight abreast
the top
that applaud
appeal with
her oats
but oleoresin
that you
infer her
armature is  
not a
pogrom nor
a sham
Dec 2018 · 94
yet a
nomad and
a silver
sunset and
***** that
air her
subsequent line
will ark
of love
bloom here
in natural
time to
shine her
bare but
infinite skin
this season
of sublime
Dec 2018 · 36
A Posterior
a mouth
of ****
begun to
compromise its
tire that
she felt
how naught
this nocturne
slept on
eves of
foundry she'd
wreak of
ire in
flux as
her scaffolding
had reproach
of baroness
Dec 2018 · 131
A Green Monday
a president
had once
played in
hall of  
mountain King
and laud
him shelter
there on
the plat
and while
this side
of an
armature frothed
quicksilver on
his clothes
in black
and white
Dec 2018 · 62
an American
tree with
mandarin flute
that made
cute in
her high
shoes where
courtier still
glazed midland
snow with
mistletoe on
this street
as lit
for shop
till the
new year
was shone.
market street in usa
Dec 2018 · 98
an argent
moon will
soon betray
an anxious
picayune till
the sergeant
has captured
such incident
but their
noxious foment
as rife'll
stoke desire
with hoofs
and guffaws
swaggeringly wade
their passes
in sanctity
A note on ******
Dec 2018 · 128
Allysa's Place
She's me
chat that
back her
stack as
eyes gleam
and conglomerate
of ceramic
taste that
steal the
heart away
for cause
of now
that mayn't
bring her
down to
this gloomy
bile of
pancakes grief
on a turnpike
Dec 2018 · 115
post modern
a noble
dap in
Naples note
his fascination
was joint
and drew
the line
with paint
but her
****** will
batch his
tweed jacket
furthest along
the map
that she'd
wed post
modern here
a post modern dap in Italy
Nov 2018 · 85
fish fry
a union is granted a pie
and cleanse their rye
when a tunic can sequester mobs
only cries in these houses pale crumbs
as they succumb to climes in poles
that keep their fry hush in throes
and below the ground frowns peal the town
as ice is temperately bound
whether ponds here roast white supremacy
as rhetoric was xenophobia
and rose from their chaos
now the national street
that sought their limb
and the financier in London
a word on democracy
Nov 2018 · 78
flue gas
as dyne
packed parch
and hard
in pettifog
with hopes
of his
fine lore
would evoke
lavender oil
then exhume
reed with
desire there
longing Rembrandt
but with
gallivant now
ripe with
more gestalt
a gas with a reed
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