9h · 31
first snow
gonzo machines
blow snow
and leaves
but the
wind also
carries their
load but
wedge the
road there
as ice
melts but
salt exposes
that collects
like dust
to stack
this side
of tarmac
4d · 131
dory days
my wriggling
dory in
nautical wine
that attested
my craw
with my
line high
now artistry
win a
bite-sized cling
that naturally
could sing
and dance
with the
air and
rhythm of
its strand
6d · 80
Model Legs
a lie
letting go
the news
if statuesque
and bronzed
in shallow
field she
roust the
lights then
dressed down
her clothes
and was
the most
desired to
flaunt again
with her
model legs
Nov 5 · 44
an arrogance
lied in
depths of
fishermen as
rine in
shone was
rival law
that quest
always superior
in vapor
and those
inevitable waves
in time
what lore
dithered our
fortune together
with heterodox
A lore of nations
Nov 4 · 147
astral kitchen
a hinterland
there has
corn and
orient ties
in court
with his
golden tight
sweater so
he'd cook
tempura right
with his
catch of
roughy 'bout
now and
in his
kind place
in Montauk
a place in montauk
Nov 3 · 42
read habitual
I'm ecumenical
in dreams
where they
made things
ring their
atolls so
habitual souls
made self-government
clean their
lavish results
on electorate
and made
things iron
clad their
best choice
sequence again
Nov 2 · 39
six heart
I hit
NDA that
❤️ me
the cast
but sight
furious as
her tat
for dark
on screen
and put
her spot
to the
bed she
caught this
action purport
law was
stage guitar
Nov 1 · 79
once they've
established bunts
now there's
fire as
she'd desecrate
the flag
in Orriskanny
whether it
flies round
their loops
that's still
her shape
this world
or bats
in air-conditioning
never heard
of Statius
a note of caution
Oct 29 · 53
tires of
wires that
will a
horse when
hen's teeth
do query
and tread
next to
the fence
yet never
betray his
master's advice
and her
talbot may
foxtrot with
greyhounds at
mercy point
mercy point is a church while a talbir is extinct and  hen's teeth are rare
Oct 28 · 40
a house
of heat
and a
man with
silver tounge
went south
to spread
the news
with divergence
but never
a clamor
in his
throat would
obstruct his
jet in
the would
of Parr
a man of note
Oct 26 · 58
a contractor
Darnell is
trash compactor
a general  
to fabricate
thrift in
whiff of
blustery air
but doctoring
his hallowed
fornicate only
compressed tires
into rototiller
with compost
to enrich
their denizens
with commercial
paper here
a contractor with heirs
Oct 25 · 196
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
Oct 24 · 125
'em cats
a hard
battle won
the filly
that would
frock and
while she
fought for
their favor
and fraught
with flack
when she'd
take their
broken heart
while guns
supplanted the
***** truth
in America
Oct 23 · 94
an orient
of tabulation
well ornament
was polar
as confabulation
sought variation
that once
made neighbors'
diversification and
now their
state proxy
of community
found in
direness and
guarded their
intoxicated draft  
in myalgia
communities in peril
Oct 21 · 134
Eternal Surmise
As he
is a
sign that
all things
save this
mud as
spines wither
eventfully that
he vowed
the riverbed
was her
current that
declined their
notion of
incidence here
with this
eternal surmise
A law of incidence
Oct 19 · 56
brandish hollow
a Halloween
standout in
a costume
that bellows
in neither
lake that
clouds their
garnishment that
brews the
heathen in
this gallery
only to
bear false
witness with
euphoria that
brandishes the
wine here
a mark of celebrity counts here
Oct 17 · 27
princess' charm
a girl
in my
arm that
she would
make harm
then anticipate
this with
her ****
and amplify
nem. con.
but multiply
her seed
with impunity
their ***
in Riyadh
and lace
in Istanbul
Oct 16 · 71
A Neptune
a precipice
of Werner
whereas pitch
was dire
of his
slot save
primeval isn't
wood and
whether his
blocks haven't
exclaimed that
he's solemn
or the
tundra is
still frozen
crystals and
ice house
A. Gottlob Werner  was a Neptunist
Oct 9 · 38
Truckin' Good
If Daphne
she's leaving
behind those
tires that
slay these
roads like
chains for
brighter climes
that diversion
claims horse
and winds
hoofs that
ream dots
in trailers
as nights
turnaround my
love dame
A love of law that my sisters groove on this highway!
Oct 8 · 58
rock climbing
He rock
climes and
his foot
is wide
as the
hill top
while the
wind is
very cold
that his
head band
fell to
to depths
that dusky
as he's
crept before
in light
a man in sunset
Oct 6 · 66
window dressing
A sunflower
is dire
of skirt
but house
nigh elude
her while
the basket
which is
life where
she borders
that stream
with chestnuts
her mirth
when gyrations
of their
hoss mount
a ranch
a ranch house with mirrors
Oct 4 · 50
a feature
a feature
of drama
now in
her proposal
my palpable
fave of
penetrable cave
as starlet's
life in
director of
dream she
dance her
tassel to
this soundtrack
of ska
with a
street presence
A concetion
Oct 3 · 43
a fatuous ****** was
a mystery
while political recovery went
to Landon
with a host of boomers
that threw in their towels
and modular things
like miniskirts
that accentuated their legs
with gratitude of marks
whether paper may trigger darkness
while without clement
in stranger areas of lament
that cry for their cement
as Alfred was a governor of Kansas
Oct 1 · 40
a deviant spouse
sleepy hallow
would tell
a sociology
their dark
foment of
capture and
rude awakening
as superfluous
launch of
mystery in
wee hours
that could
creep beyond
there with
a retentiveness
of unfaithful
and deviated
law again
a lawyer's touch
Sep 24 · 51
gorgeous eyes
Petra gorges
sandstone cliffs
this river
she'd drown
her red
rose gem
with jungle
like aura
her pin
did sling
round her
face like
her cavern
of clement
can assuage
hers to
City in her Jordan
Sep 23 · 62
a gateway
a bastion
of position
to fend
rife that
any captor
courts acrimony
here that's
really offensive
that ruptures
passage to
the next
realm in
this savanna
with bedspread
if interstellar
jar was
thunder road
a gallant approach
Sep 21 · 61
tipper gypper
She pipped
a gypper
when she
was arterial
motion that
favor law
not ****
in our
legislature while
her isolation
in craft
are the
same families
with Getty
on Thanksgiving
if Serengeti
whir machine
"Tippef the activist in Senate"
Sep 19 · 54
a wise
of glaze
made the
haze these
reels the
weather that
douse the
sphere still
reek the
notion of
lemonade with
the whir
of midnight
which a
breath was
here about
their demise
Sep 18 · 97
a frost
my sheer
wend this
goal when
score is
low and
pasture is
blue as
our chronology
indigo that
boogaloo in
the steps
that triumph
with such
adversity that
group in
a mantric
frost again
A frosty night
Sep 17 · 63
It was
the green
grass there
between dipoles
holes when
bare organic
meat the
harvest begun
their true
rein again
with a
notorious cut
of beef
ribeyes but
ranches nearby
her Swanee
River oak
a ****** in sequence
Sep 16 · 71
a tie
is strong
smashing debris
that drill
piles a
twist of
hers in
skies that
drew nine
to stay
there in
the tropical
air and
it's kind
daring speed
will bound
the question
swift in relief
Sep 14 · 60
hurricane winds
emanation wise
of trees
whose catchment
grieves silkworm
in its leaves
that ties are natural bounds
to flutters in the wing
and sputters wind in hurricane
their minute features spin
a lasso of fear
a topple
Sep 13 · 64
Yell below
as tule
was Moses
and tor
made Yule
a bundle
of joy
but this
sword was
fought in
Galilee and
minion south
in Hebron
was this
heath as
there's clavicle
rule today.
a recent righteous write
Sep 10 · 87
I am
one here
under the
sun and
water grass
this higher
ground with
floods of
deals with
claws by
lake sanders
made a
red dye
that 'twas
sky that
red scare
thread bare
Op-Ed be quiet
Sep 10 · 55
a tank of blither is Cisco
but in the river
and now even bigger
that awe a ******
with her darling croup
in the Hebrides
whereby Minch is ****
but wire took a crimp
that beltway cries heard her snide remark
a girl with  gold glitter
Sep 8 · 67
a demolition
an egregious
man in
his crass
distortion and
tout with
his distinction
upon his
indignation that
steward frugally
with his
abstraction and
that rather
their abreaction
is dare
his buck
tow in
this rec.
assort the derby first
Sep 7 · 48
A Seaplane
waffle iron sessions wire dire
and aloofness doubt
anyone here
that caught this black
gem but
goose lurid quake that hot potato flip witness
that gaff and orient law
in so far as probe
that mound
these overt operations
an official notice
Sep 5 · 87
Friar was
free with
a thong
of girls
here to
ding then
wandered to
a tong
then wired
their president
there asleep
but soon
got home
to marry
who she
let resign
again tonight
a friar's fridat night
Sep 4 · 79
Cupid a
shrink of
regency as
his delinquency
was rampant
and a  
pearl pink
fillet but
his vice
made of
gold was
more satisfaction
to behold
while earth
was blue
his ritual
to date.
a note to date
Sep 3 · 159
I grapple
with soil
and ties
with day
spas that
mineral springs
picnic is
where ornament
lake certainly
must educate
men into
father of
kingdom that
hail to
the chief
on Labor
Day too
an orient of song
Sep 2 · 80
Silver Oar
A silver
oar in
her pant
that must
ignore her
very thought
of amphibian  
forecast in
amorphously quaint
****** yer
attire bare
crest this
ingénue while
robust if
enigmatic and
sinecure features
are superfluous
A man of economy
Sep 1 · 58
Femme Fatale
devise return
that cheat
young glam
in style
of greek
lit that
suppose ****
in rose
knew pink
while law
with taboo
was dark
and shy
the lawyer
so nigh
in briefs
and sets
Sep 1 · 113
Telemundo Fire
tell moon
reverent planet
zebra dies
with lots
of often
lost clothes
there with
clean stripes
of vibrant
news and
laid by
scholarly rouge
well in
his shoes
that ramparts
were so
very mule
a love of law
Aug 30 · 79
Beastly Cadillac
a sleeveless
snook that
shook the
world from
its bar
did then
retort him
as ye
professor traveled
in place
of Trump
where his
Cadillac in
the news
would cordon
worry on
his brow.
Donald on the stump
Aug 29 · 46
he boil    
beauty and
wild beast
only to
circle station
here with
rain and
there supplant
Babylon in
quest of
Stephen the
pigeon"s pain
in air
that christianly
will induce
his call
of life
a city of Wyoming
Aug 29 · 50
Law & Justice
King is
perpetual as
fox in
law and
he will
tender there
as well
his squad
that shall
stoke alarm
to capitalize
streets with
guns as
no one
is dead
and soon
they'll care.
Tallahassee Street
Aug 28 · 75
a martyr
a scab
turn punk
to martyr
like disease
was the
art for
some future
refinement to
paint with
a sponge
in whether
or not
a cape
would subside
in Ayer
with hare
of mine
a string of Thebes
Aug 28 · 70
drive-by news
her spirit
is there
today with
her dime
that fear
her face
like Nefertiti
but in
a garage
that fit
her sleeve
these peeves
roar her
suffrage but
shakes her
clams in
a menagerie
news scene
Aug 27 · 77
A Plea
I'm with
her that
aspire to
a height
never fore
wherein clear
as pleasure
is nigh
its kind
but herd
is rare
aside a
tree and
this auspice
is ours
for a
lasting change
A time for change
Aug 26 · 56
blue horse
a stately
lacquer there
that dance
would wax
*** in
this donor
but wore
queerish charms
that made
an alarm
on her
border which
drew horse
with wish
of stoning
ice in
this accordance
a note on immagration
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