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Andrew Feb 5
News flash!
Just had the vaccine
Side effects
kevin wright Jan 14
Two actors locked in a bubbled  world
Imperiously divided by theatrical fatigue
Smearing their world's apart
Fortitude leaking away

Minds and prose encrypted
Acting of seated voids
Spoof audience tones
Droning recordings

Repetitive reactions
Expressive duplicity
Stealing a march
Volunteer or hypnotize a plaque

Shaman inspired acting
Building up the spirits
Delirious and entranced
healing and inspired

A humorous response
Globular concoctions
Two fingered gesticulations
Chains of merriment

Prisoner block tour
Headache and anxiety
Exposed and bare
B cell patrols

Upbeat beliefs
Armed for the fight
Muggers beware

Heads apart
Virtual Readings
Hygienic face pacs
Social distance now Embraced
Two unhinged actors let out into a Covid world, temptation to try and do something for humanity. Reality comes home. This poem was triggered by the tv series staged
Paul Butters Jan 8
The World is all forlorn
As New Covid is born.
Time to frown,
We are getting locked down.

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine
We hear your cavalry bugle call.
Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine
If you don’t work, the writing’s on the wall.

So many dead, it’s hard to bear,
So much menace in the air.
Everyone tired of this stuff,
So many folk having it rough.

One Lockdown was very tough
Having three is more than enough.
Children getting schooled at home
By parents who are on the dole.

Americans fight amongst themselves,
Instead of putting food on the shelves.
Brits have been distracted by Brexit,
Arguably a mistimed exit.

Last March I asked
Will this last a year?
Well the time is coming –
It’s getting near.

That vaccine surely gives us hope
But where’s our second jab?
No more playing rope a dope,
This chance we have to grab.

No jab at all for me,
As I am sixty eight.
I’ll have to wait and see
But am prepared to wait.

Paul Butters

© PB 8\1\2021. First two lines by Norman Stevens.
It began with a text from Norman...
kevin wright Jan 3
Eye of covid
Lipid drops
Sterile cauldron
Now promulgate

Inoculate the many
Blood scouts raising the alarm
Bugles blaring, heat ascending
Cavalry storm an affray

Time to reinforce
Stock up munitions
Train rapacious phages
Prepare the garbage trucks

Its an invasion
Man the barriers
Do not let them pass
Subjugate and destroy

Covid fall on thy eye
Vaccination, human kind fight back
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Who takes precious pearls and throws them to the pigs, I wonder?
Who considers gold and silver better off cast asunder?
Or who sees love as a fleeting thing? As if a crack of thunder?
All these questions lie inside as I sit and deeply ponder.

I have no doubt, folks choose these routes. A disfigured, battered blessing. Hate has wrought all love is lost. Our hearts need an assessing.
Humanity, as you can see, has backpeddled. Now regressing.
The world has fought for hatred to be taught. To love I am insisting.

For I remember a time so very long ago
When households stuck together, and in love they did grow.
When families basked in togetherness.
And each other they did know.
Now broken, battered blessings
This world has now bestowed.

Dont hug or touch. We don't get affection much. We all must keep our distance.
To be alone with hearts of stone.
Humanities resistance
A worldwide epidemic - not the flu,
But hatred is the menace.
Do not come near! Your presence is feared! For closeness makes us grimace.

Now here my plea, open up your eyes and see. Who it is, to be our true enemy.
Each and every one must flee - from hatred, lust, fear and greed.
For the devil has done his job. A job well done - a planted seed.
Dont embrace it or defend it! Fight back! Advice all of us should heed!

People act as if they think a vaccine might be the answer.
While hatred effectively grows inside like an insidious, smirking cancer.
People just don't get it because the truth
Has now been blurred.
Now all are fixated on the ruse -
A great deception has occurred.

This world has become manic and were caught up in the panic, but its our hearts that are diseased.
All in all hate has to stall. Our pride, our sins, must stop, must freeze.
We have to shed this wickedness -
This spiritually infested sleeze.
Come back to the LORD our God -
Come back to our knees.

Love inevitably is the cure, of this I'm sure.
You all have heard my plea.
Lay your sins down on the floor and sin no more and set your bound souls free.
For we were not made to live in fear -
But to be filled with love and filled with glee.
So let us all begin to love each other once again. I will start. I'll take the lead. Once you have revived your hearts then carry love and follow me.
Hope you enjoy.
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
How well I know this place, I’m trapped in these interiors.
I refuse to step on cracks and I avoid the hateful mirrors.

I’m watching like a cat the many motions of the heavens.
I’m straining like a witch to extend my intuition.

I'm looking for hidden patterns in odd numbers that show up.
I’m sorting out the tea leaves that my mom leaves in her cup.

I’m sure I hear the whispering of the moon on predawn walks.
I think I’d hear the angels - should one decide to talk.

Oh, God, I need some answers - I've become a hopeless mess -
show me secret signs or release it to the press.

You know I wait impatiently, with several billion friends,
for my vaccine miracle - when will this virus end?!
virus, virus, virus. Less Virus, less 2020 - come on 2021!
Francie Lynch Dec 2020
I heard there's a shot today.
Kudos to Science. Namaste.
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