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George Krokos Mar 30
Man's stupidity
has once again been displayed
to what end foretold?

To find a vaccine
is man's first priority
for the days ahead

The instigators
of this world epidemic
to justice be brought

Of this pandemic
called the corona virus
deployed was by whom?

warfare it seems to be like
no one will admit

We may never know
if it was a weapon used
in a secret way

May God help us all
is now an ardent prayer
repeated often
Some thoughts which have crossed my mind over the last week or so due to the global pandemic sweeping the world currently.
George Krokos Mar 30
Let all the warm sunlight in
and the new day to begin
for the night has now been cast
with our sorrows so to last
in those days lying ahead
that many will only dread
this modern epidemic
which is now a pandemic.

And that long finger of scorn
now points to where it was born
at a country that's growing
much too rapidly knowing
as it tries to beat the rest
in its own ambitious quest
to become a world leader
instead became a *******.

It has happened twice before
on this ancient country's shore
where a bad virus outbreak
by carelessness did so make
with a disastrous effect
for not being circumspect
doing the right thing but caught
and this virus to us brought.

The world is now on its knees
for a new vaccine that frees
man from the deadly disease
that's also spreading with ease
as all the casualties grow
and daily statistics show
called the corona virus
which is out to destroy us.

Unless a vaccine is found
to an early grave we're bound
the fate of most of mankind
a result of being blind;
too much pride and ambition
causing this sad condition
and man's own dire end to be
as foretold in prophesy.
One of my latest poems on the current pandemic that's sweeping the world. I hope and pray that it wont be like this poem depicts at the end. God help us all.
dansrdn Mar 22
those times we missed
are back for us to bond
family, friends, pets
all in one place for each other
reminiscing good ol’ times

factories are closed
streets are empty
fresh air seeping back into humanity
dolphins, turtles
are back to the shores
the earth is healing

could it be
just, could it be
we are the virus
and this suffocating illness
was sent as the vaccine
to heal the world?
In this time of misery, please take care of yourself, my friends. Follow all the guidelines your authorities have given out. Don’t believe in everything that was put on the internet. Be educated. Know what you need to know. Stay safe, wherever you are. We’re all in this together!
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I just watched a news report
that infections of ebola virus
are spreading out from
the Democratic Republic of Congo;
1700 people have died
in the last year of infections;

I saw a man lying sickly
in a quarantined hospital bed
suffering from vomiting and diarrhea
mourning his dead wife, sister, brother,
all lost to ebola in recent days.

I wonder
how does the world protect us all
from ebola?
Fortunately, there is a vaccine
which makes people immune to ebola,
but there is only enough vaccine
to vaccinate thousands of people
when hundreds of millions are in danger.
I wonder
when and how will the world produce enough vaccine
to vaccinate all the millions in danger
from ebola?

Dreams and Romance?
Only in poetry!
In real life?
My goodness!
What a joke
. . .

Thank you for inoculating me against this cancer that takes over the mind and heart.
No soul deserves such humiliation.
Obrigada por me vacinares de vez contra o cancro que se apodera da mente e do coração.
Nenhuma alma merece tal humilhação.
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
Ebola, coming from the Continent of our roots
The WHO is exhausted by your contagion
Nurses are leaving their posts, doctors are dying

What can contain exponential growth?
Not the money and debts of this bankrupt America
We print more money and expect
The world to stay the same, but it won’t
Not after you Ebola, a profit mechanism

Vaccines, for each strain and mutation?
Ebola, your incubation period is too long
Your death-conformity is too high

How can you possibly be natural?
Man-made, racially biased, targeting
The weak, the poor, the masses
Ebola, a colonial rampage in your DNA
I call your bluff, genocide, Genocide!

Obama doesn’t mind Ebola, flights stay open
New epicenters for outbreaks arrive
The pundits say it’s already too late

Fluids or air-droplets, both, who is to say?
The CDC seems strangely apathetic
The UN is oddly apologetic
Ebola, are you ready to decimate
The white man, as you have the black?

— The End —