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Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2021
Conflicting philosophies begotten
By tribalism; odd in every fixed
Border where the stubborn
Hearts of men are regulary swayed
By division; a faceless internal foe,
Running deep within our sinful species
I was
**** happy
and doted
to her
my grave
that splinter
her trace
with two
me and
you an
ancient love
of fiesta
now in
Maya this
ram of
fire in
lorry's spin
an ancient time of love
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2018
On this beach
It's where , I find peace
Sand between my toes
Waves crash splashing me
She's such a beauty
This beach
A gift of nature
I find such pleasure
On her shores
Miles have been walked
Driftwood gathered
Laughter's echo
Of days enjoyed here
Even buried my Emma
On her shore
It's just a beach
Oh she's so much more
This Mission Beach
© Jennifer L Delong  7/3/17
It's where , I go alot  & my best friend my heart we buried her here.  I get my Driftwood here that I make into art and its where i find I can let my mind find peace !
Zero Nine Mar 2017
When all the water has left
the dry Earth will sing to Sky
Return, please, return!
Both the stone pulling
and the void pulling
like to kiss in the middle
of war. Scorched turns to damp
in the end, providing our
diligence and duty to life.
It's shameful the water goes
now when such destruction
hangs in the near distance.
Diligence may no more undo
the damage, for the time
has gone as well.
We all have our own destiny,
written in the celestial mystery,
Mayan cycles in the eternal so trippy,
transition of ego death can be accepted,
our souls last forever protected,
fear is only a shadow from light of awareness,
experience deathless consciousness,
nothing but a transformative change,
a quantum jump strange,
fictional in the cosmic game,
rearrange dance celebrate and play,
welcome the unknown foresty beyonds,
all webs of being are woven better,
we are all one from the beginning until forever,
ceremonial tribal & shamanic let's gather together.
PrttyBrd Apr 2015
Buffalo abound
Providing all with one hunt
Sustaining the tribe
Lux Capacitor Mar 2015
We can remember it for you wholesale
once we clear the stage of initial erase
Sure I might lisp on a drunk night,
exasperated and claiming in collapse,
I'd rather pack rat the memories in one place
and consign my pain away to tall tales.
I'm drowned, running down wi-fi 6th street.
Printing my soles to follow my heels
as inescapably I lose track of me.
H W Erellson Jan 2014
Oh mother and father
The fields and the bibles
The barns and the woods
A bird cries for more
Green forever

Oh my love; my queen
The carvings and the maples
The sweet lips and gentle
Hands clasping my arm;
Moonlight quiet and sunlit smiles
For a while.

Oh brothers and sisters
Look at the fire
Look at the ash
Look at the skies
Feel my skin

A dry scale on my back

Crawl in the forests
Roll in the mud
Feast on the fallen
Birth to the given
Eyes on the sky and the sky so blue
I am alive
I am alive

Am Alive.

— The End —