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Lagertha the shield maiden
Lagertha the ice maiden
Lagertha who flies with the Valkyries
Lagertha who now lies with Ragna once more
Fair well
ApocalypsenoW Mar 2019
The Viking King is dead and gone
His memory will live in song
On a frozen night and misty dawn
His body will forever burn

But time has passed as war subsides
New sun has rosen in the sky
The history became a myth
That teenagers will not beleave

Time passes fast for fragile men
And what they fear, will come again
All kingdoms fall, all leaders fail
And soon become a part of tale

As History repeats itself
We will all burn in pits of Hell
But there is no Hell and there is no Heven
Theres only Death.
Mitch Prax Feb 2019
Viking cats live
in such magnificent ways,
and he was no different-
Valhalla awaits him.
Francie Lynch Nov 2018
I am no longer a Roman,
Though my nose would differ.

I'm not Viking,
But my descendants have blonde and red hair.

I am a beneficiary of the dark ages,
The scriptoriums and monasteries
That brought the Greeks and Romans to life.

I am not Gael, though my eyes smile
When I hear the harp and pipes.

Neither am I Saxon nor Norman,
Victorious or defeated.

I, we, have metamorphized,
Casted of the moulted casement,
Spread dry wings and lifted,
Carried on fresh winds
To new worlds
To read, write, fish and hunt,
And I have gathered
My lineage,
Framed it in genetics on my wall,
To point at in fond remembrance
Of what I once was.
Rumbles of
Light the candles of my mind
safely shielded from the
of conflagration
Fire has never been my friend
There are
on my forehead
from the rubble at my feet

Mainsails billow in my consciousness
as a crimson mistral sets my boat
Out to sea
to search for the
                    Giant Drum
That lightning plays upon
when dybbuks from the ocean deeps
                   Rise Up
To sink my craft and all aboard in
                      Flaming Parodies
Of a movie Viking funeral
Not quite sure where this ramble came from.  Or am I?
I cannot see the end in front of me?



Something about two buckets of soil...



How does the Seer work?

Do You





Why are my skinned eyes?

...crows, crows, crows, crows

Look at you.
Getting beaten up,
Being everyones *****.
What have you become?

A tired old man
A broken god
No one remembers the glory
No one remembers your help

The ravens have left you
They travelled south
Looking for other victims
Victims of fame and glory

They tortured you,
Tormented you,
Played you,
Glorified you.

And you prevailed,
Oh you conquered.
You led;
You achieved.

But you're just tired now,
This is part of your plan.
Time to go and relieve yourself.
Meet your Ragnarok
Steinar Lothbrok Nov 2016
I have no fear, for when I die I know I will hear the Valkyries cry. As they carry me to Odin's hall up high. There i will drink my share of mead and hear my brothers sing.
Steinar Lothbrok Oct 2016
We come as warriors, we come as raiders, and as slavers. We take what we want, we are Vikings. We raid and we pillage, for our gods, and for our sons. Feel our wrath in battle for we have no fear. For when we fall we join our brothers in Odin's hall.
Stanley Wilkin Apr 2016
Of terrible storms that broke through the town
Strangling, uprooting trees, slicing away
Homes, a gurgling pulsating fury of air and rain
That lasted four days. Unremitting,
It brought huge waves in its wake
From the tormented sea. All along the assaulted
Coast people choked and drowned,
Their corpses tipped
Onto beaches huddled between ravaged furniture
And drying plastic shopping bags,
Swollen limbs nibbled at by fish and *****,
And scattered throughout the streets
Picked at by dogs,
A feast that set them up
For the coming cold weather. Fleeing birds
Squalling overhead in clamorous flocks, plucked
From the sky and shattered on rocks;
The cats had a field day until
Becoming engulfed too in marauding waves
Deluging the land. Foxes screamed from the hopeless
Shelter of water saturated dens;
Only jagged ruins remained,
Futile gestures to a once-only god.
Towns inland were wrecked by the hurricane bursts
And all fell silent as the storm
Fled like a Viking raider back into the sea, dragging its
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