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George Krokos Nov 2020
The president of the United States is Donald Trump
and under his presidency the country is in a slump.
Could it be because of the way it has been managed
with all of the scandal and divisiveness seen to jump?

The style of politics that a leader in office exhibits
determines the country's fate that enables or prohibits
its people to aspire to their true potential and glory
which is why the current situation is one that inhibits.

It's much better to face the truth than hide behind a mask
of one who doesn't take responsibility for their own task
that's performed in such a way, blaming everyone else
for everything that goes wrong, in deception does bask.

Abuse of power often comes with the way one is elected
if the people themselves have of their leader so detected;
and asked to stand before them to face their suspicions,
when there's any evidence of wrongdoing to be inspected.

One is reminded of the saying that goes something like this
given by Abraham Lincoln perhaps to describe the time of his
own presidency that encountered strong opposition in the past
of the country's history that was so far from being one of bliss:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln

It must be really hard for anyone to live under constant media scrutiny
with the social unrest sparked by a needless death bordering on mutiny
together with all the media reports about issues, the country's in a mess;
the forthcoming elections will tell which way it'll go to regain stability.
Written in June 2020. Couldn't help myself in posting this poem about the political situation over in the USA. Maybe it will shed some light on what's really going on there. I don't often write much about politics.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Jack and Jill ran up a bill
To private school their daughter.
Jack fell into schemes and broke his dreams,
And Jill came crumbling after.
my bunny
is my
tale so
they sweep
through cities
and farms
with toeholds
their throngs
yet cling
again to
their base
yet yet
baste harmony
in their
drive to
wrap the
vote strong
pirate politic
Jade Apr 2019
For the longest time,
I would wonder
on the mere cusp of 17,
I began to drink.

I'd always assumed it
was because I was so

But now,
while I'm sure that
sadness was most certainly
a contributing force,
I don't think
it was the true perpetrator.

all the other girls
in my grade were always off
******* or getting high
or embarking on whatever
risque adventures
they'd broadcast on Snapchat
the next morning.

I think all I ever wanted
was a scandal to call my own.

I wanted to prove
something to myself--
no matter what
people said about me,
I could be bad too.


This one time,
I bought a squirt gun
from the dollar store.

I wanted to get drunk
the way I'd watched
Cassie from Skins
get drunk
in this one episode.

I filled up my gun
with *****
before holstering it
against my tongue.

I pulled the trigger.
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Anya Sep 2018
Last year
was the worst

loosing half our team
to a discrimination scandal

how could they do that?
how could that say that about those people?

how could they be those people?
how could they get expelled?

how could they sabotage our team?
By doing such STUPID things?

We lost
No surprise there

A losing streak
till the end of the season

Even losing the title of champion
held several years in a row


This year
new freshman

faces shining
as ours had been years past

showing us weary downtrodden sophmores
the reason we played in the first place

not the winning
not even the people on the team


But the sport
our sport

we just defeated our long time rivals this year
and things are looking good
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
No matter how many showers
I take in the evenings
or in the afternoons,
I can't seem to wash away
that musky scent
from my thighs and fingers.
It's not always possible
to know how long the smell
of deception will linger.
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Caroline Edwards May 2018
I used to lay my secrets in the wind,
Secrets that only the wind and I would share,
Secrets that without the wind should drown me,
Secrets I could only tell the wind.

Secrets you wouldn't dare to imagine,
When I pulled the wool over your eyes,
What did you think I was up to?
Secrets only I could imagine.

Secrets that came in numbers,
Just like you and I, a pair,
But you aren't the only half in my pair,
Or a third, or a quarter which comes in numbers.

I can't decide why I cannot be one for one,
For a singleton is never enough, not for me,
The boredom I receive does not suffice,
Not from one, two, or three.

The guilt I carry is but a secret,
A secret just for me,
A secret in my mind, I grinned,
Another secret laid in the wind.
Who's  heart a company's  yours
Were in your soul does it hurt
Does your soul search your spirit
Do they feed on brokeness .
Are they trapped in your wounds
Are theses sores fested from
Who picks up the pieces of shadows
That dance among wolves
Who are theses lame men.
Why do they pretend to care
They put on a pausable act.
They dont fool me.
Because  they have left  many lives in ruin
They have robbed mothers of their first born.
They are the devils  in disguise.
The Trumpoet Mar 2018
I must beg your forgiveness up front for this verse.
I don't want to be ****** or rude or perverse,
but all over the world, things are going oh so wrong,
and it's due, in large part, to the President's ****!

Some leaders have brains and they lead with their mind.
Some lead from the heart and are thoughtful and kind.
But President Trump, he shall reign and shall rule.
Being led from below by his shriveled old tool.

You can tell by the way that Trump likes to abuse
women like they are objects to conquer and use.
Trump surely likes weapons, strongmen and dictators.
Trump labels all challengers liars and haters.

It is this sort of strutting, denial and attacking
that comes from a man who is seriously lacking
in confidence and a true manly demeanor,
and to compensate, Trump is obsessed with his wiener!

Now, I don't want to ridicule, criticize, heckle
the importance and worth of every man's schmekel,
but it's rather perverse and off base and quite sick,
when you turn off your brain and just follow your ****.

It just makes Trump so subject to manipulations
when he's flattered and aided by unfriendly nations.
Through his payoffs to hide his betrayals and ******,
Trump's Johnson has led him to such Stormy seas!

When he calls out Bill Clinton for his cheating ways,
the hypocrisy never shall cease to amaze!
All the cover-ups prove him a liar and a fake -
A pathetic, small slave to his small trouser snake.

Now I hope in your heart some forgiveness you'll find
for me planting these images into your mind.
And let us all hope that it will not be long
'til the world's ruled no more by the President's ****.
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: March 18, 2017
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