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Jana Pelzom Aug 30
Life is a game
We all know
But what’s the mission?

It’s all pre-planned
This is a stimulation
The endings are countless
Just choose what you want I guess

Freak accidents too,
Do we get a say?
There is no way I can survive
And dreaming’s my only escape.
Stimulations © 2020 Jana Pelzom
Natalia Jul 27
Days go by
Silently and swift,
No-one asks why

They became one.
As the clouds merged
Under the beating sun.

Why fight it?
Damage the soul
And wound the spirit?

Let the days go,
And blend together.
Ending that happy glow.

The darkness comes
Calling once more,
As everything numbs.

It feels unsteady
To rise alone.
I promise you're ready.

The beating you hear,
Shocks you at first
It's foreign to the ear.

Feel its essence
Let it remind you
Of your existence.

How beautiful it is,
Unique and bright,
A wonderful oasis.

That no-one can take,
Distort or damage,
Bend nor break.

Listen to your heart,
It beats for you.
To set you apart.

Rise up dear one
The world awaits,
Your time has begun.
I don't write these for anyone but me. If you get any emotions or feelings from it, I am honoured that you even took the time to read it.
May the sun always shine down on your beautiful soul.
Moth Jul 21
s t  r   e    t     c      h       i         n       g
long corrrrrridors
ache with those
who once

 T                   l
   H                     k
      E                      e
         M                      d

can you hear their echoes coming back?

from so             F A R              away

                    these mirrored halls?
that distorted the truth
                           and their reality?
thinking about the distortion from the TMA podcast...
I picked up my pen,
I took my notebook and just then,
All my thoughts are gone..
At times you want to write down what you feel.But it never becomes easy when your mind is preoccupied with a thousand thoughts.
Easter is
in Charlotte
again with
hemp in
their lots
the petrified
scars' cry
and lawyers
will hold
them recondite
till the
pandemic has
closed their
schools hitherto
the government
is another
peltry year
Mpho Apr 6
You speak pretty words
but your actions show a distorted reflection.
Pretty lies are merely the echo,
your actions make the real vibrations.
jonas tate Jan 31
You chase your dreams
While I run far away from mine

I drag myself along by the neck to a state of delirium
Where all I can remember is the jolt from my subconscious if I start to slip into sleep
Dreams I cannot wake myself from lurk in the corners

Where foreign hands curse my skin again
And I scream myself raw.
Begging for help that never comes
Lost in the distortion of dreams.
January 30th, 2020
I've been sent to prism
For minor refractions
My days of frequent violets
Are now in the past
As the light in me
Is slowly emerging
Tomorrow I'll open my eyes
And find correction of vision
Mingled with distorted spectrum
When answers to puzzling questions lead only to more confusion.
This is the second day of discourse
And I'm still feeling worn
My heart is torn, crying tears
That mirror melting paintings
And feet withering away
On paths they tread on

My eyes are closing
Only to dream of nightmares
And these words unspoken
Are all but ideas now

That have left their
Stations of innovation
Further to fade in my mind
And further to drift apart
From my creation.
This piece was written not necessarily as a 'part 2' to "Another Moment," but could be considered as such. It's a latter poem within the same vein that was conceived the same week "Another Moment" was written.
LWZ Jun 2019
Warm like the sunset.
Brisk as November.

I lie between your thighs with meaningful intent.
Orange and yellow phospherence fills my space after you have left.

Dense air fills the area.
Smoke infiltrates my lungs
inhaling the poison, I become addicted.

The aura grows demented.
Brown and yellow.
Orange and green.
The haze is to be seen as if in a childhood dream.

Something quite familiar,
but nothing like I've ever seen.

Distillation of my soul.
What has once been lost,
is now sure to be found.

Distortion of the mind dominates the spirit.
The heart inevitably beats pure, white, innocence.

I'll judge myself more frequently than anyone else.
Passion explicitly rests in the mind.
My desires are a gift to me.
The sun setting will always be free.
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