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Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, and she dreams:?

expired sunset
a multicolored sky fired and met
wings of flee burnt rain
dawns of lasts in unseen flames

the table dines
lions chase forests of mine
like when the first sip shadowed
of the water green in lakes shallow

hands shot eyes intake
tremble ripped canvas of french fake
ashes unknown no name
to reach out faces or claim

polished the twenty third
out of the bathing bird
a Sunday morning motions
a faze of a dark table believed bad omen

Simon Aug 2020
There was once an eternity between two separate individuals. They simply lay claim a very positive reaction that both makes them "richer" than both each other could even predict. Simply put it, they aren't respectable individuals within each of their own rights too essentially bear alone. That's why (one day far in the future...hopefully very soon). They can actually become something more then the two very separate individuals that have lay claim a very rich moral principle in order to make something go beyond each other's very perspective that had controlled them (up until this certain point in time). But what happens if they let this ("claim to be") control the very outcome for both destinies to (sooner rather than later) "connect" into a very "luxurious" positive desire that keeps each another's identity sane...for ALL too essentially bear?! Except the very claim they put there very "trusting hands" in can't hope to truly be trusted, right...? Especially if you can't believe a word this very claim says about the outcome that's VASTLY hinting at being about "eternity" itself. Which is a very stark contrast towards believing in either a (somebody) that was entirely within their own odds as either a connecting embodiment. Or a very luxurious and positive desire that doesn't cut corners for just anyone. Since it takes time for something to truly become "persecuted" by the very outcome that's made to become "disembodied" (first and foremost). Towards the very end! In the end, what happens to these very unsuspecting victims that's part of an eternity together that both can't be fixed (even how hard you try) or even divide (evenly) for the support of a more freer claim (of charge) that can't be masked by the impression that ("eternity between two separate individuals") can be taken seriously as to actually be real? Why can't the both of them stay "together forever" if (first and foremost) they had already ("lay claim to a very positive reaction that both makes them richer than both each other could even predict"?) Simple. Because the more they try to be apart, the more things (than ever before) won't work out in their own internal affairs for the rest of eternity! A claim becoming the more disembodied outcome for none too essentially bear alone...anymore! The more they lay claim for eternity without becoming the separate individuals we ALL "scorn" them to be...will (perhaps) work out in their very favor. Eternity between two separate individuals is not (forevermore) valued between one another. When it's actually the makings of eternity itself (not being what it seems) after all.... When it's really how they lay claim to a luxurious positive desire keeping each other sane for their identities to get a fix on the connection that keeps them (anyways) more positive in the desires to both hold themselves too bear each other more (tightly secured)!
Conclusion... No one is within their right minds too ever become simply connected to lay claim to eternity itself. When it was really the essential connection between two separate individuals who (once...a long time ago) created eternity for themselves too bear (for each other) alone...forevermore!
Detesting yourself (with the spectrum that is logic) isn't the most greatest accomplishment one can essentially bear for the purpose to remain pure...for ALL eternity!
lmnsinner Jul 2020
no fame, no claim, no name

who shall we say is calling?

I am a man of
no fame, no claim, no name,
an average sinner, absent glory

a few seconds of rustling bustle.

did you ever write poetry?

once. but everything of earthly substance,
destined to fade into the ignominy of forgotten
vaults, where time takes it time and erodes all
into dust.

here, every word preserved. there is no time
in the dominion of creators, and you are friend
are numbered in their midst, enshrined in many
hearts and eyes, and with every reading, each
reimagination, you are a reincarnated being
Simon Jul 2020
An impending rate of consequence isn’t about the value of oneself when given the very right to dispose of ALL rates about the consequence that turns into the reigning champion for consequence itself. Since that very champion for consequence is how oneself would then value that very impending rate over itself entirely. Prompting the desires (that at which are forevermore “tempted”) into deceiving itself to see ONLY desires full of the consequence which is full of impending rates that (inconclusively) “shines” every claim you truly desire. Especially if that very desire doesn’t like having an identity for claim to certify it’s right for oneself to be given value over lordship as being its champion of its very own consequence! Showboating something that increases with every impending rate that coasts along without value in an identity that’s meant to be desired upon. Whilst there’s nothing more to be said or shared when there’s NO claim in itself without oneself to actually come out and perfectly express that they are lordship of claims value without a desire firstly. Which oneself is then slowly tempted upon to not see correctly. Hence, thinking they are simply a champion of consequence that performs those very impending rates as their very performance quickens steadily.
The impending rate of consequence isn’t valued upon itself in the service for oneself to simply recognize right off the bat! Since it can ONLY do so, if a desire can ONLY identify the source for a very rich claim to forevermore offer the correct source material away from consequences lining up at an “impressionable” door full of those very impending rates!
diminishable gain
in trade
is this
tax return
only in
public eyes
is statute
for debt
ceiling with
a cry
for future
rehiring with
latter day
pilgrims and
not to
disarm but
degrade weapons
Grace Mar 2020
I do not “have” depression

I refuse to claim it
It is not mine and doesn’t come from my Heavenly Father
Bhill Jan 2020

I've met myself a potatoist
She claims she is, so all over it
She likes potatoes, she said she does
If she eats too many she goes all a buzz
I'm not really sure how the subject arose
I only just know, that it did, I suppose
Potatoism is the word that she said
A potatoist eats potatoes and potatoism will spread....

Jelly, my Granddaughter, is the young Potatoism Potatoist.
Got to love a new word....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 22
Love new words coming from the grand children!
Nina Oct 2019
You call me your girl
But how can i be sure that it's true
When you're thousand miles away
You could be with someone else
So please don't get angry at me
When i ask you who is your girl
I just want you to say it again
That it's me
That I'm your girl
Claim me
As yours
Again and again
I just want you to say it
Say  it again
Because i love hearing it from you
Simon Oct 2019
Being in-between is never the lackluster of choice. I heed choices around like flyers wanting to join a cause. Imaginary circus of arts that never heed the claims of self choice. Choice disregards the claims of the imaginary circus. Disregarding all claims. Flyers flying around the in-between being free. Captured within there realm. Realm full of artistic surges! Extending past its bubble. Purging a focus deeming itself without worthy statements. Since actuality isn’t much of a focus for being in-between. A bubble surrounding even greater surfaces. One marked by choices. Marked by claims. Even marking self choice. Anti disregarding symptoms. Caring for what actually happens. An illusion in the light, that purges the shade holding two halves into one singular point. Points too judgy for claims, such as responsibility. No yes’s and no’s to be the counter balance. Imaginary circus becoming somewhat tainted. Heeds around choices without claims to care. Surging the realm full of arts. Nothing happens, until it chooses to act. I am in-between. And I am balance itself.
Growing up while fissuring my way through multiple crowds, heeding my choices between their claims.
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