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Getting nowhere!

One whole Earth
round and flat

Here's a balloon
Here's a plate

Reminds me
to celebrate with

An oblate pear
on steroids and
a flat Greek cake

A stupendous combination
The great Earth debate.
Is it round like a ball?
Is it flat like a plate?
Graff1980 Jul 13
Church services will resume shortly,
so, get ready to crowd the rectory.
Confessions are in session
cause these are concessions to con men
plying their moral dissent
to compliment other idiots.

Success, cause intellectual blindness
and devotion to a deity who
doesn’t give two *****
about all of you who
are not rich republican men.

We win, my gullible friends.
Come on in.
Kenneth Copeland
and Cresflow dollar
will be taking your money
to support their private jet
go out and get
more stuff while the poor
struggle in debt.

Why care for those who despair?
Why share what we have
instead of bailing out
big businessmen?
We got to open the country again
and we can start with religion
cause they already believe
that science is fake
and magic is reality.

So, lets get them out and about
who cares if grandma get the disease.

We need to please these rich dudes,
these fox news
red hat attitude
gotta get a clue
red state race bating
confederate flag wearing
NRA make America great…


Yeah, go to church
your pearly gates await
just please stay in
for at least two weeks
when you get back from
hearing your preacher speak.
Claira Lymei Jul 10
Brain: You should **** yourself.
Me: No. You should go to sleep.
Brain: Living is pointless.
Me. No. Dying is pointless.
Brain: Here comes diabetes.
Me. No. Here comes a nice taste.
Brain: You look strange.
Me. No. You look like a person.
Brain: Your voice is stupid.
Me. No. Your voice is communicating for you.
Chad Tannous Apr 28
both truths can exist in the same shared event;
we can each have our own angles.

it doesn’t negate my experience,
it doesn’t negate ur experience

saying ones story is somehow illegitimate
does the opposite of what those who say it
will always say they intend

it doesn’t bring us together
u say ur story’s “better”
you say because it hurts it must be real.
Tora Mar 24
The words in their eyes
showing they know what to say
so I counter it.
a feisty
upstart made
midday there
only would
staff his
well being
and hit
allure in
me and
tally no
longer retribution
of Planet
George to
capture the
moment by
Nunes again
this year
Aaron E Nov 2019
If it's a distance empty from the A to B we can't decipher.
lined along with bricks and mortar, stick and stone left how we like em.
How do efforts scurry through assuming light could bless the shadow
nose to sky with hopeful glances honing in on roads of gravel.

Growing disillusion suits a lofty breadth of chest to beat on
knowing in the end a setting sun eclipses better eons.
Apropos of nothing and devoid of any hopeful signal
known to try imposing gold on weathered stone, and broken spindles

Drew the yoke upon a sect who we prescribed a disposition
drawing red each sordid line, insuring they'll be sent to prison.
Never free. The harvester assumes the fruit have grown impatient
failing here to see them printing license plates on new plantations.

Maybe in the future we'll refuse the craven role, observer,
graduate to breaking through, return the lives we stole with fervor.
Maybe while elites are keen to trim the fat and clip the losses,
we'll discover links they hadn't seen, between our little boxes.
When I played footbal,
I was a Brighton Bengal
A tackle on the offensive line

We went undefeated
Playing games with other teams
Like they were our toys

Maybe I was ahead of the game
With all those new studies,
But I quit football before high school

I focused on my biggest strengths:
Original Oratory, Public Forum, Future Business Leaders of America

Yeah, you got that right,
I was a nerd in high school
The General Sterling Scholar

My brain was always bigger
Than my brawn as they say
And I led the NFL as a Wasp

AKA debate points
Ingram Aug 2019
A single word that can describe everything.
Walking on the edge of two strong realities.
Constantly debating one way or the other.
To live or let die.
A difficult decision that impacts
More than your heavy feet.
All it takes is one slight step.
Then all anxiety can end.
All depression can be in the past.
But it’s not a simple step either.
So many people face these two strong realities daily.
They find themselves,
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