In Ohio
Valley if
Tecumseh once
treated dear
certainty with
their disgust
and two
by lust
but when
leaders they
ready kissed
her said
why Britton
went there
for one
in Battle
Ground too

Re" Tippecanoe and Presidents
marina Nov 9

little boy when do you learn?
you're already burnt
i can tell you wanna get burnt
but you are looking at me with that irritated smile
i'm smiling with my mask on as we both are unalike

an american girl and a boy can search for so much more
but you are just a mien
see the ghosts inside of my mind as you're to see
were all a little insane at times
when it comes to you and me i see eagerness
but i don't want to be difficult at all

a boy can be a set as a main
a girl can be set as a pleasure
but does not mean we can take them for granted

I was once a young girl who was raised to believe that my worth would be defined by the length of my eyelashes and the circumference of my waistline. I have a feeling that I’m not the only one.

At the age of twelve, I wanted nothing more in the world than the opportunity to shave my blond hairy legs. I remember walking down the endless aisles of products, reaching for shelves I could not yet reach, shelves bearing solutions to problems I was not yet aware of. The culture of capitalism.

I dreamed about backstreet boy friends, crop tops and platform flip flops.

But Charlotte’s inquiry raised a soldier. Her lip-gloss evolved into the ink from a pen and stilettos transformed into boots with steel toes because the wind tunnels of concrete continued to whisper, “who knows?”

I am one pill bottle away from discovering what it means to be American. Because here we like to revive our problems with the quickest fix, money solves it.

I am the American, generation going on 10. But what does it mean to be American? What kind of American do you mean? My skin is fair and my fathers’ bank account is stable. I have choices in choosing yet I still feel feeble.

My traditions consist of silent Christmas dinners, with over cooked vegetables prepared by my mother and an over all dispirited reliance on others.

But still I am blessed. Respecting others’ struggles while trying to give my own justice.

My identity is an imprint of the life I have lived and it vocalizes what I have perceived from it. Relationships, institutions, technology, the culture I was raised in and the events that happen within it, make up who I am. Constructing the interests I’ve developed and the personality traits I reflect along with character I hold. Without asking they pave my path of opportunity. My identity will grow and some of my traits will change, but I know where I have been and I know where I am right now.

Dakota Nov 8

waiting for my dealer on the bridge
i open my second hand copy of American Psycho
for the first time in two years.
i forgot it opens with the gates of hell.
nihilism is seeping from the pages
just fueling my own drug addled reality
that doesn’t quite seem to mimic ‘real life.’
itake my meds twice a day but only
in the mornings do i get klonopin,
the best drug i’ve been on since
my Ativan privileges got revoked.
i used to do Xanax but that’s another poem.
Bateman does a lot of cocaine
but i’ve only done that once,
and it was just parental leftovers
so i don’t know about good
bathrooms to do coke in,
but i know about popping pills in front
of the mirrors, professors in the stalls,
before class, just to keep me going.
my suicidal intent has turned into hedonism
and i am living for pleasure and i find comfort
in knowing i will die, likely by my own hand
but even then, Bateman makes one thing clear:
This Is Not An Exit.

James Taylor Nov 3

The world of today is as crazy as hell
Over populating cemeteries and prisons as well
I don’t know, can I go for a day or a minute
Without the possibility of another getting in it
I don’t mean to judge, but the love, I don’t see it
Seems we're keen to get it on,  if I'm wrong, then  so be it
Now, if you’re reaching this consensus, then the well runs deep
That the world has its issues and the people got beef

The government getting swoll from the toll off the backs
Of the Johns and the Janes, and the Jills and the Jacks
What we earn in return is a zero and a nothing
As the politicians lie, because it’s all about the fronting
Putting on airs for the world and a camera
Need a glass of water, cause their tongues’ got stamina
Smiling real pretty, cool posing in relief
But, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Oops, did he stutter, when he uttered an explicit
Live at five; another political statistic
Damn if we do, damn if we don’t; really
Now, enter Uncle Trump; yeah; this is getting silly
He’s rolling out his plan, but see, the Congress ain’t buying
He’s an amateur, a fruitcake, and won’t stop lying
But, it’s not about you and it’s about me
See, the world has its issues and the people got beef

Who the hell are our enemies; and don’t you understand it
That the Russians and the Chinese are rolling up the planet
Kim is just a fat boy, playing in his backyard
ISIS is so over, and Assad is just a retard
Too much time on the swans and the bulls
When we need to get a handle on the weasels and wolves
The terrorist not withstanding, we’re gotta have peace
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef

The Chinese are smiling and are as friendly as cobras
Ready to attack, when you bend your ass over
Russians are aggressive, but, sly as a fox
Two-faced as a hooker and  as dirty as socks
Bottom line, I think its time to put faith to the test 
Put diplomacy in a coma, cause it’s time to flex
Raise the bar and push them hard; show we're knocking out teeth
Because the world has its issues and the people have beef

Grab the big stick and leave the Twitter alone
Release the forces, scrap the voices, leave the weaklings at home
The strategies are on point and our forces are primed
Put an end to the posturing and the wasting of time
Time to command, not to pander,  Mr Commander-in-Chief
Cause the world has its issues and the people got beef

summer is not

it is not
a celebration,
it is teddy bears

on street corners,
bodega flowers
on makeshift graves,

distorted faces of
home-printed memorials
on t-shirts

the same color and
texture as what
the dead boy was selling,

summer is nothing more
than closed houses,

decks with grandmothers
scowling down at the teenagers
who are not sure

are even real

Kinda inspired by Danez Smith.
Breeze-Mist Oct 28

Thursday nights are one of my favorite times
Ever since I crossed the license lines
For then I get to drive a car
To the house where violin lessons are

Little 07' blue cruiser with only me in it
On pitch dark asphalt, I'm pushing the limit
I call her blue puma because citrus is taken
Three cross-country moves later, and only a little shakin'
She's not really mine, but actually dad's
But with two newer cars, I'm the one at the brake pads

It's a school night, but the radio's blarin'
Playing rock from Green Day to John Lennon
In bell bottom jeans, a tee, a faux leather jacket and sneakers
Windows rolled down, hair blowing in time with the speakers
And under fall moonlight, it just seems
This is the closest I'll get to the American dream

Zero Nine Oct 23

Sweet TV
You & Me
Got a date
We touch
I learn




These shoes barely fit, but look fantastic
The uncanny caricatures sure seem to be
the ends to my meager means

These drive-thru aspirations taste like shit
I am born nuclear, and I am lightning fast
without self-assessment

Why would I ask?
Why would I want
to be stripped of speed
in a place that wants me
on the floor, dead or poorly
resourced to save the handful
of golden few, who sit in thrones
stitched in skin and filled with blood
at the spine of the world, watching while
me, my family, my friends and the neighborhood
burn up in linen and cotton tattooed with American green

-- I want above, to look down from the top.
Fuck everyone else.

i was born in a pair value village sweat pants
this is for everyone else born in a trailer, born in a project,
born into a broken family, born with preternatural traits in
a society of judges, keepers, and enforcers.

we're not each others' enemies.
we're the foundation.

and who cares who kills who when Elon Musk
will save you from Earth, and take you to space?
Emily Rosario Oct 17

First Trump came for the Women

And I  spoke out

Because I am a woman.
Then Trump came for the Disabled

And I spoke out

Because I am not disabled.
Then Trump came for the Lgbt Community

And I spoke out

Because I am Pansexual.
Then Trump came for the African Americans
And I spoke out

Because I am not African American.
Then Trump came for the Hispanics

And I spoke out

Because I am Hispanic.
Then Trump came for the Muslims

And I spoke out

Because I am not Muslim.
Just because it isn't you doesn't mean that you can't fight
And speak out
Because it helps others to do the same.

Rewrite of Pastor Niemoller "First They Came" poem
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