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Ray Ross 23h
One shot is all it takes to end the life of someone whose child is born and raised and destroyed in a second, their mother in pain, you send thoughts and prayers and occasional money.
You can't buy life
Is it really right in your mind that you fear your neighbor's guns so much that you too want to keep one, or two, or nine, or ten, do you really need this?
The same words happen. Every time.
"Thoughts and prayers."
"When will this end?"
"Why doesn't it change yet?"
We are governed by buyable snakes in suits, pretty medals and grandiose garland, show off your bombs and rifles and money while your country is killing itself,
So fine, have a parade, bring all your guns and wine and champagne,
Another black kid died today.

Whole-country mass suicide.
Do you really think it's right?
Kore Nov 6
if i hear
one more
speak the word

                          I n d i a n

I will
"I'm only saying it because that's what the text says" my ***
a hard
battle won
the filly
that would
frock and
while she
fought for
their favor
and fraught
with flack
when she'd
take their
broken heart
while guns
supplanted the
***** truth
in America
Alfa Oct 16
I carve myself out of a cardboard cutout,
I wish I wasn't empty,
stuck between two worlds that do not want me.

I am like the globe,

Rushing blood gurgles through my veins to my head, my
words sound like Russian out my hot mouth
"so spicy"
they say it cause I'm foreign to them.
My blood pressure rises,
the tea kettle screams,
on the perfect pictured home oven,
i am fuming.

I look out at the white picket fence,
raised oppressed gates,
overtaxed, overcharged, overfed, rising still.

The fury builds inside me,
I stomp the fence,
break the oven,
crash the globe,
and weep at the **** I was made out of.

we will never win.

but, it doesn't matter if we're the minority or majority,
the darker you are,
the faster you talk,
the farther away from the home land
  ...                                                       ­     

they'll still give you the gun.

           But, they'll blame you for everything that happens after.
A comment on American societies mental illness, health crisis, racial racism/stereotyping, gun laws, my own identity as a first generation american from immigrant parents, and how chaotic, hopeless, and dissociated I feel about my own self. How apart I feel from America's "dream" and what America really is today... thank you for reading.
Alfa Oct 16
How do you make your rice?
is it in a ***? a pan? steamed? heated? not at all?

mine is in a frying ***.

Yellow, with pollo from the fresh market.
Peas, y frijoles on the side.

Mix it up, eat it, keep it for later.

Burn the bottom so you can get la chemada part.

If you like the chemada part, not everyone does.
A poem about my personal views on American society. How a bunch of different cultures live together which is why I make references to rice, as different types of rice making shows what culture you come from. I say I like mine in a "frying ***" because that's how I see America, a frying *** and not a "melting ***" as they say. Whereas a melting *** mixes cultures well, a frying *** keeps people at the bottom "burnt" like "chemada" (burnt rice at the bottom of the pan).
Thank you for being love when my soul craved it most.
Thank you for being refuge when I needed peace.
You are my favorite melody
A song I have yet to sing
Anya Sep 26
I'm not saying
that this is how it is
In all my years of school
the one thing I've been taught
is the American Revolutionary war

Which makes sense
it was technically the official formation
of the country I currently live in

But really,
In 10th grade
I'm having deja-vu back
to fourth grade
when we even had a musical
about it
(I was student #2 by the way)

And now
we have the Broadway musical Alexander Hamilton
I am TOTALLY a fan of
the numerous reoccurring themes
I've had stuck in my face
enough to remember
for the
So, Revolutionary War:

Okay, I don't know if you actually
got anything from that
but basically
it was a rushed (sort of) summaryish
of the American Revolutionary war

Well, I mean I've only learned
about it from one side

Anyway, by now I almost know the facts
we learn in school here
as well
as the back of my hand
which I don't know very well by the way
why do people even use that?

Anyway, it's not completely old material
that we're learning
there's analyzing too

Just today we analyzed the differences
and Anti-federalists
you probably don't want the
nitty-gritty details
And that concludes my
tirade/(I can't really call it a tirade because it wasn't angry
so maybe narration?)
About history class
Hope this quirky
piece of writing
gave you a few smiles!

(Or if not confusion works too.)
In all honesty I started this as a valid poem but my strange mood made it spiral seriously off track.
a bastion
of position
to fend
rife that
any captor
courts acrimony
here that's
really offensive
that ruptures
passage to
the next
realm in
this savanna
with bedspread
if interstellar
jar was
thunder road
a gallant approach
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