Dear  Mother,                                                              Thursday, Nov 28, 1916  

Thank  you  for  your  pleasant  letter,  it  has  clearly  made  me  feel  at  home  again.  I  have  received  it  on  December  1,  1916.  Please  say  hello  back  to  the  rest  of  the  family  with  many  hugs  and  kisses  for  as  this  letter  may  be  the  last  in  my  midst of  despair.  All  the  letters  I  received  from  you  are  in  my  keepsake  box  and  I  am  always  reading  them  every night  before  I  go  to  sleep.  Today  we  have  been  training  with  the  legion  and  had  sweet  red  wine  with  leftover  dry  biscuits  to  keep  us  warm  throughout  the  night.  There  is  not  much  food  except  for  hard  biscuits,  coffee,  cheese  and  apple  cider  vinegar.  Oh  mother,  how  I  dearly  miss  you  and  Nona.  I  wish  there  was  a  heating  pad,  my  body  is  sore,  especially  my  legs  and  arms. 1  week  ago,  I  hurt  my  arm, the  nurse  told  me  it  could  of  been  worse.  Right  now  I’ am  tired,  trying  to  keep  my  eyes  open  to  finish  this  letter.  My  dear  friend  Johnny  Scampi  died  2  days  ago,  I  am  saddened  with  anguish  and  irritability  to  perform  daily  tasks.  The battlefront  has  many  bloody  soldiers  laying  on  the  cold  front  ground.  At  the  time  of  23:00  I  need  to  get  my  rest  so  me  and  the  legion  can  wake up  rejuvenated  for  the  next  day  to train  in  the  trenches  before  France  comes  to  attack  the  battlefront.  Mice  are  lingering  inside the trench  trying  to  find  shelter,  I  have  never  felt  so  afraid  and  lonely  in  my  entire  life.  Soldiers  are  catching  sickness,  lice  and  mental  disabilities  which  have  most  of  our  veterans  sent  back  to  their  families.  Captain Kirk  tells  us,  “You  must  be  strong,  be  a  WARRIOR!  Be  the  man inside  you,  each  and  everyone”.  He  sure  knows  how  to  keep  the  soldiers  motivated.  Tonight  it  is  snowing,  the  sky  is  cloudy  with  a  pink/purple  haze  and  winters  wind  blowing  ashes  and  dust  near  and  inside  the  trenches,  a  little  fire  has  been  lit  to  keep  us  warm.  50, 000  navy  died  and  are  expected  to  live  as  little  up  to  3  weeks.  Germany  has  released  new  carbon  chlorine  gases  and  given  Austria  also  Italy  equipment  and  how  to  survive  when  it  bursts  out  in  the  front.  A  horse  is  out  in  front  of  our  trench  in  case  of  emergencies.

I  have  never  in  my  life  felt  the  truth  of  a  sin  in  front  of  my  Lord God,  each  night  I  pray,  hoping  one  day  to  come  home  safely  and  live  a  normal  life,  which  is  to  be  with  my  family  once  again.

I know this isn't a poet, but i thought to post this for feedback and if i need any corrections through my trench letter of WORLD WAR 1. Thank you. Please comment below on your thoughts.

-Excerpt Forward of Novel
The Beautiful
and The Broken

Surely from the outset
of my earliest age
of adult accountability
I chose that road most secret.
For the certainty of purpose
afforded in the attainment of
those goals established in
my heart of hearts. And that
so ordained in the blessed
mission of my country.

Going forward in blind youth
with eyes wide open. Still
shouting the quiet whisper,
'My Country, Right or Wrong'.
And then with the duty of
commission to set right
the wrongs.

With recognition of a lifetime
endeavor that only
God Himself
might sustain.

Aware that information
is the half
and dis-information
the other
and intelligence
is that which is
the truth, or not.
Within and yet without.

Truly knowing the enemy
demonized is someone with
a purpose of duty. With a
human heartbeat as mine
...or not.

Then always the
understanding of life as
the interpretation of
the whole of existence
in terms of conspiracy
and conspirators.
For and or against
our commission.

The duty of purpose
for those which are
called out so solemnly,
"We the people".

All in total seen
as conspiring for, of, by,
with or against those so solemnly named,
"We the people".

That then is the sword
I live by.

As I look ahead,
around and back again.
Only to see that it is not
that same sword
that I should
perish by as well.

From exuberant youth
realizing fully as
taught well.
"To be inhuman
in defense of
Our humanity.
Brutal in pursuit
of Our compassion.
Myopically single-minded
in protection of Our
disparate diversity."

And yes,
"if there is to be no war
then in the struggle
for peace let not
a single stone be
left upon the other".

Yea surely "these we
conspire with, for, by
and against are the most terrifying people of all".
And yes I am one of them.

With no remorse
or apology,
I am become
the most terrifying
one of all.

For "there is vengeance
in my heart,
death is in my hand,
blood and revenge are a'hammering
in my head."  
And truly the sword
suspended will not
hang forevermore.

"He who leads an Holy War wields The Sword of God."

Just Cause.
Liberty and Justice for All.

God's Cause.
Our Cause

Amen and Verily.


Excerpt from Novel;

The Beautiful and the Broken
A Story of Love

A Novel
By G.Rog Rogers

*Certain paraphrase quotes acknowledged from
John L'Carre

Paccius and Titus

Excerpt of the Forward
from the Novel

The Beautiful and The Broken
A Story of Love

by G. Rog Rogers

a handstand here shake but enlighten her
that sink tanks with mats while driven leagues
under the sea dissolve a seance
with earthly her satellites only survey pride that behold riff
in scholar that best compose symphony
and virtueless connect the dots

Stay alive in Groton
everly Aug 10

Tio Daniel,

I'm really happy that you decided
to join the Navy.
Just finished boot camp and then off to Japan, right?
I tried to go to your graduation
but my dad wanted to go himself
since he wasn't allowed to be there
for most of his little brother's life..

When we met for the third time
in San Diego, we spoke for
a while and I told you about
how I write and
how my mom is really tough on me about grades.
and you just sat back in your chair for a little bit
then looked at your girlfriend (who everyone despises)
and started telling me of how much I look like my father
but I'm like titi krystal because she always kept
journals when you and her lived in the group home
and that was her outlet
to get away from everything.
And through it all she turned out just fine.
A single teardrop made its way down your cheek
going right over your smile and then
you hugged me
and told me I'll be better despite everything.
Despite our family's past.
Despite what we still go through.
Despite our fear of the uncertainty and uncharted waters.

I love you so much, even though we've only met 4 times I feel like I've known you for so long..
The Trumpoet Jul 29

Johnny wants to be a soldier. Johnny had a schlong.
Johnny now is Jenny and The Donald says it's wrong.
Jenny loves her country and she wants to serve and fight.
Trump says she's not worthy and no longer has the right.

Susie was born as a girl but knew she was a guy.
Susie now is Sammy and he only wants to fly.
Went to join the Air Force - Was rejected on the spot.
Knew that he was qualified, but Trump says that he's not.

Trump was born an ignoramus - still is one today.
Never served the military - always got his way.
If you're not the same as him you are the enemy.
You're not worthy if you're poor or a minority.

Started with transgendered, better watch out if you're gay.
Blacks, Hispanics, women, he would love to throw away.
When nobody's left the military will be grim.
Trump will have nobody left who wants to fight for him.

If you're an American and if you long to serve,
better not be different or they'll label you a perv.
If you say you're boy or girl and ready for your chance,
all that matters now is the equipment in your pants!

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written: July 29, 2017
skye May 12

your navy blue fleece was soft like the under side of a rabbit's chin
you were the cool darkness that hugged me when there were stars sleeping in the sky.
you were the dissipating clouds that floated through time,
passing through slowly and quietly
i found comfort in the clouds,
because they were you.
the clear, pale skies weren't a home
the sun spoke a foreign language that left a burn where the moon would glimmer on me
you left secret purple kisses on my neck and the day would only make them known
the dew on the grass in the mornings reminded me of you,
the night.
and i would feel so cold in those mornings,
looking at the mountains dipped in white through the foggy glass
and oh what i would give to feel that navy blue fleece against my body once again

Snotty VX Apr 4

Foggy weather blues
Allergies cause me to sneeze
Dead leaves and damp grass

Righteous squib
direly free
with kindly
merchant must
hither upon
his brow
the brand
that may
fulfill any
desire though
with butter
in toe
made greed
wither which
to inherit
safely here
his treasure.

Erin Nicole Sep 2016

Your leaving. Your going. Going to serve your country. Going to serve the Red, White, and Blue. My brother i love you. Don't leave me. You have been there for me through everything. Grandmas death, moms breakdown, soccer tryouts. Everything. You've been there for me since I was born. I will miss you. I don't know what I'd do if something ever happened to you. I watch the videos on Youtube of those soldiers coming home and surprising their families.. I don't want to be that little sister that hasn't seen her brother in two or three years and he just shows up during her school day in front of everyone or that girl that think her big brother that was always there cant be at her graduation. I wanna know your safe and nothing will happen to you. If I freaked about your motorcycle accident what makes you think I could go two or three years at a time without you and without knowing you WILL come back. I miss you already. Don't leave me. Please. I can't take this world anymore. they tell me you will be okay and that you will be fine and nothing will happen. I don't believe them. How do they know you'll be okay.. How do you know..? Stay. Friend. Best friend. I love you bubby. Don't join up... Please...

Kurt Carman Apr 2016

She walks down this path so many Mothers have walked before her,
Crisp uniforms line the path..a heavy heart..Tears in her lap.
An American Flag snaps to attention as if to say we know your pain Mother, but we don’t.
Through this all, she carries on the pride and resolve despite an unthinkable loss.

The twenty-one gun salute resonates through every city in America
Reminding everyone to take a moment to honor this fallen son.
On the 6 O’clock news Taps plays on every television.
And we shake our head in disbelief.

An unbroken line of Patriots that passed before him,
Line the stairway to heaven to welcome their brother home.
And a banner hangs in Moms living room window..Displaying  one Gold, two blue stars
“Lord please bring my boys home safely”, she prays

I hope you’ll think of some of the reasons why our brave sons & daughters make the ultimate sacrifice…..Here are just a few……..

The American Flag
America the Beautiful
Land of the Free
Home of the Brave
4th of July
Memorial Day
The Bald Eagle
Free Enterprise

God Bless America!

In memory of my good friend Billy Brown who died March 29, 1970 in Vietnam and In Honor of the American Gold Star Mothers.. For their Sacrifice & Patriotism!
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