skye May 12

your navy blue fleece was soft like the under side of a rabbit's chin
you were the cool darkness that hugged me when there were stars sleeping in the sky.
you were the dissipating clouds that floated through time,
passing through slowly and quietly
i found comfort in the clouds,
because they were you.
the clear, pale skies weren't a home
the sun spoke a foreign language that left a burn where the moon would glimmer on me
you left secret purple kisses on my neck and the day would only make them known
the dew on the grass in the mornings reminded me of you,
the night.
and i would feel so cold in those mornings,
looking at the mountains dipped in white through the foggy glass
and oh what i would give to feel that navy blue fleece against my body once again

Snotty VX Apr 4

Foggy weather blues
Allergies cause me to sneeze
Dead leaves and damp grass

Righteous squib
direly free
with kindly
merchant must
hither upon
his brow
the brand
that may
fulfill any
desire though
with butter
in toe
made greed
wither which
to inherit
safely here
his treasure.

Erin Nicole Sep 2016

Your leaving. Your going. Going to serve your country. Going to serve the Red, White, and Blue. My brother i love you. Don't leave me. You have been there for me through everything. Grandmas death, moms breakdown, soccer tryouts. Everything. You've been there for me since I was born. I will miss you. I don't know what I'd do if something ever happened to you. I watch the videos on Youtube of those soldiers coming home and surprising their families.. I don't want to be that little sister that hasn't seen her brother in two or three years and he just shows up during her school day in front of everyone or that girl that think her big brother that was always there cant be at her graduation. I wanna know your safe and nothing will happen to you. If I freaked about your motorcycle accident what makes you think I could go two or three years at a time without you and without knowing you WILL come back. I miss you already. Don't leave me. Please. I can't take this world anymore. they tell me you will be okay and that you will be fine and nothing will happen. I don't believe them. How do they know you'll be okay.. How do you know..? Stay. Friend. Best friend. I love you bubby. Don't join up... Please...

Kurt Carman Apr 2016

She walks down this path so many Mothers have walked before her,
Crisp uniforms line the path..a heavy heart..Tears in her lap.
An American Flag snaps to attention as if to say we know your pain Mother, but we don’t.
Through this all, she carries on the pride and resolve despite an unthinkable loss.

The twenty-one gun salute resonates through every city in America
Reminding everyone to take a moment to honor this fallen son.
On the 6 O’clock news Taps plays on every television.
And we shake our head in disbelief.

An unbroken line of Patriots that passed before him,
Line the stairway to heaven to welcome their brother home.
And a banner hangs in Moms living room window..Displaying  one Gold, two blue stars
“Lord please bring my boys home safely”, she prays

I hope you’ll think of some of the reasons why our brave sons & daughters make the ultimate sacrifice…..Here are just a few……..

The American Flag
America the Beautiful
Land of the Free
Home of the Brave
4th of July
Memorial Day
The Bald Eagle
Free Enterprise

God Bless America!

In memory of my good friend Billy Brown who died March 29, 1970 in Vietnam and In Honor of the American Gold Star Mothers.. For their Sacrifice & Patriotism!
Heartmouth Mar 2016

"I think someone is in my house," I said into the phone.
He didn't hesitate.
He drove to my house, checked all the rooms.
He walked around outside looking in the trees and bushes.
My protector.
In the navy he is, and he's trained for this.
I was panicking.
If someone else was here, I didn't want him hurt.
"Well, looks like no one is here... Maybe just some punk neighbours?" He said.
I nodded, still too scared to talk.
"Do you need a hug?"
I nodded and reached out for him.
He was warm and well built.
His arms wrapped around me and he said I'll be okay.
I know I can always count on him.

For my best friend. (Who is no longer my best friend. I hope he dies. Or gets some heart wrenching unfortunate news. I hope he hurts like he had hurt me.)
Chill Luciani Mar 2016

How I could have know if I reached out now. right, now im hulu watching bleach right now. Lites Cig while I write this down, for the ink. I see things from your perspective. The water, showing our reflection. Ironically? It falls behind me. Word to the six, whats that Toronto weather like? Im a slide you my text now number, so you can advice. Love your smile, that's a wow. Lets add in the pow. Its Mr. 550 you I gee ma. The only woman that bring the desert to the sea ma. uh, idk you birthday from now you libra. So rachet that's a aquarius . If life fair is, well see. Im tryin to see paris, you.

Vanessa Grace Feb 2016

I guess there's no real way to describe
exactly how deep this cuts.
How his quilt incites small frenzies;
how his smile makes me a klutz.
I suppose if I didn't think about him leaving,
I'd be considerably pain free;
with no time to conjure images
of my newly bruised, newly battered enlistee.

But therein lies the entire problem,  you know?
To not think of him
and how he made me feel
is refusing altogether to remember him,

which is something I just can't do.

I have to reminisce on the time we shared,
joy that never forced the other person
to change, or somehow be destroyed.
God, how we loved one another on afternoons!
Loved 'til heart's content!
We'd cuddle beneath bed sheets
and leave for absolutely nothing.

I miss how he would cradle my cheek
with calloused fingers,
how he'd kiss my forehead--
--and how that feeling lingered.

It really didn't take much
to feel loved.

Simply put, I guess we were two human beings
who looked deeper than the surface.
Two souls who, in each other,
had finally found their purpose.


I'll tweak this later. The important thing was just that I sat down and wrote something.
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2015

Ship's my worship

It's my bread

My livelihood

  " everything

After all,I'm a Sailor- 06.09.2012,Thursday

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