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Owen Jul 2022
This life is lonely.
This life is hard.
Everything and nothing.
Everyone and no one.
Living and dying.
Love and hate.
Pain and peace.
They want all of you,
and none of you.
No Balance.
It never ends.
It never ends.
It never ends.
Elaenor Aisling Sep 2021
Calling all,
This is our last cry before

In the quiet spaces between waves
the last vestiges of humanity sink,
dots, bubbles bursting in sea foam
fragile as mermaids' souls,
dashes, innumerable shafts of sun on water
Cascading to the sea floor.
Cast the net of time wider
The final chorus of lost comrades
fervent tapping of fingertips
Lingering in the swells.
. . . - - - . . .  
     . . .
        - - -
             . . .
The italicized verse is the French Navy’s last message transmitted before discontinuing Morse code in French waters. The Morse code at the end of the poem is SOS.
Owen Jun 2021
I dont care who you are,
please speak ill
of the men and women
that walked through hell
that carried on as their family fell
that gave everything
to include their lives
so you might sleep in peace at night.
Go ahead,
speak ill,
so we may serve you,
so we may silence you.
If you served or are serving you know the frustration of knowing people who will never understand, who will hate you for what you do.
Lawrence Hall Apr 2021
Lawrence Hall

                        “Now This Ain’t No S---”

The old chief took a slug of coffee and said,
“What’s the difference between a fairy story
And a war story?
One of ‘em begins with ‘Once upon a time’
And the other with ‘Now this ain’t no s----'"

And it is so.
Achick Apr 2021
We spent two long years apart
I’ve dreamed every night of you coming back
I’ve cried myself to sleep listening to paramore’s “ all I wanted was you” for two years
The night we broke up
I left you a voicemail calling you a coward
I said I hated you
Even though I didn’t mean it
You blocked my number
You shattered my heart
I drove to your house
I screamed at you and you turned your back
I pushed you too hard
You pushed back
I threw your call sign at you and your ship tag
Told you I never wanted to think about you ever again
I just wanted you to admit it
I wanted you to tell me how you felt
Then we didn’t speak for one year
When you unblocked my number
I noticed you called me
I texted you
You didn’t reply
That broke my heart once again
Another year passed
You finally texted me back
It was Christmas
A very intoxicated me answered
“You came back! I never stopped loving you”
You liked what I texted you
Then you noticed my intoxicative state
You called me and we talked for hours
It was like we never said goodbye to each other
You told me for two years every time you heard  “under your scars” you thought of me
You missed me like I missed you every single day
In just three months my dreams came true
Now I get to wake up next to you
I can listen to love songs once more
I can retire paramore’s song
I’m inspired once more
You’re my muse
You’re my everything
I love you
Man Feb 2021
far off
the jets are being gassed up
preping for launch

far off
the infantry train
in anticipation, for the battle sure to come

far off
the navy men scan the seas
waiting for a blip on the radar

far off
a marine is receiving shock training
and practicing what it is to be dead

far off
icbms with nuclear payloads are capped
their ignition sources itching for flight

far off
but not so much
Alexis K Jan 2021
"You signed up for this."
"You knew what you were getting into."
"You knew it was going to be hard.
So stop crying."

It is easier said than done.
When half my heart is gone.
Chad Young Jan 2021
How did I walk 37 miles in 19 hours?
How did I bike 90 miles in 11 hours?
Inhale in nose, exhale in nose 4x
Inhale in nose, exhale in mouth 4x
Inhale in mouth, exhale in nose 4x
Inhale in mouth, exhale in mouth 4x
And repeat.

You just need enough food and water and a pair of soft and hard soled shoes.
Life's wisdom
Achick Jul 2020
Hey dad
Do you have a minute?
I’d like to reminisce for a minute
Remember that one time
When we went to Disneyland
I think I was 6 years old
Do you remember?
When life was great and perfect
We were the perfect family
What happened?
Remember that one time
When you came home early
You were gone the entire school year
I know the submarines kept you busy
I remember a lady from the office handing out navy notebook folders
You didn’t walk into the classroom
But it didn’t matter I knew exactly where those folders came from
I asked if you were coming and the office lady told me no
That’s when I got up from my seat and ran as fast I could.
My teacher and the office Lady tried to hold me back
I broke from their grasp
I ran out the classroom as fast as my little legs could carry me
Nothing was stopping me
I saw you in the parking lot dressed in your navy blues
I didn’t look both ways
I just ran to you
Tears in my eyes screaming and pleading for you to take me with you
I remember you held me tight and eventually let go
Then Promised me you would be home
When I turned around I saw all the office ladies crying too.
I don’t remember the rest of that day
Do you?
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