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I'd stink
in pink
till ****
is dart
only to
start a
fight nobody
would win
with the
heart of  
severity when
she may
see their
epitaph here
would din
and mire
little hen
a girl in my heart
as dyne
packed parch
and hard
in pettifog
with hopes
of his
fine lore
would evoke
lavender oil
then exhume
reed with
desire there
longing Rembrandt
but with
gallivant now
ripe with
more gestalt
a gas with a reed
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
a myriad
dice with
death that
she expose
gnaw to
friends and
catch flu
with symptoms
of abuse
then the
healing of
this inertia
in times
like these
that she
was nigh
money machine
was astride
but direly
enured any
time but
for treasury
would still
dilate his
mind if
togetherness was
our kind
when ritual
finally was
to field
but wept
and dined
in spring
A note on highness was the debt
to avoid the pitfall of prospective homelessness
which near future prospect
   induces existential angst i confess.

Today (end of rope rhyme rote
   approximately deux orbitz round the sun),
i wanted ta die and bid god riddance grandly
   going gamesomely gra grave,
   de deum, and cymbal crash

to Bing mulct emotionally, physically and spiritually -
   all the grinding hardships would be gone in a flash
how tempting to seek ot a solution sans hemlock
   or other deadly potion,

   whereby toothless mouth need not gnash
boot simply swallow and drink from the goblet of
   mortal freedoms renting psych *** under
   with purposelessness mine hash

tag, which bout with suicide
   while n the edge of thirteen -
   Anorexia nervosa defeated -
   then as now experience
   10,000 banshee maniacs whip lash

lacerating, flagellating,
   and repeatedly rousing thoughts
   shin to circle back to why death be not proud
   when life on par with a mash

up of ennui, futile gobbledygook housing incubus
   analogous luft waffe bombardiers quash
the joie de vivre per je ne sais quois spritely spring
   in step happy jollity,
   and levity attempt to make light

   of psychological me's mental illness rash
whence thru the (then) lvii roam min years
   as chief garbage taster of trash
hurled my way gnome matter

   the gremlins dwelt within the Wabash
distance to inflict din er of dissonance
   targeted this mortal for'er abash
as soon as he got expelled
   from the womb, his reddened ears did bash
from sonic screaming boom causing astir the nurses

   into the maternity ward
   of me late mum sped like dash
her, and fast as a comet Prancer doth emulate
   a con ***** dancer, cuz ova this rude half
   re: that came a boot
   from genetic chromosomal dna wash.
when skunk
mull mandalay
with graph
only message
there affront
but companion
right to
convene in
this courtyard
with their
music blue
as sheltered
cry which
the world
must hear
on an
october night
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Once I loved my country
Was filled up with pride
That was before my country
Suddenly fell over and died.
It didn’t die spontaneously,
My country was assassinated.
Murdered by people who
Lied, cheated and hated.

The accomplices were folks
Who stayed home and blamed
And insisted that both parties
Were essentially the same.
Those people refused to verify
What was fact from propaganda.
Now half the citizens are facing
A destructive national agenda.

There were thousands of jokes
About the unqualified guy who won.
Some were funny, made us laugh,
But what happened was not fun.
The person who was trained lost.
Now we have a bigot and a racist
Who is eyeing the Constution
And badly wants to replace it.

The people on both sides now
Have no idea what is coming.
They thought they elected a good guy
But he’s a rich kid who was slumming.
They thought he would help to bring
A national hoped-for change.
They will be shocked to death
To discover that man is so strange.

For him it’s about the ***-kissers
He keeps as his personal posse.
Be prepared, this next four years
Will be anything but glossy.
We will witness blood and death
And a crash of our economy
Because Trump and his cohorts
Believe in nothing but autonomy.
Äŧül Oct 2016
But a really dire bitter resentment still stays,
Languishing in my memory are those days,
When she was directionless I guided her,
When she felt loveless I pampered her,
It was when she felt physically unfit,
Then I instilled confidence in her,
My social work's she is an heir.
HP Poem #1204
©Atul Kaushal
Nick Moser Jul 2016
Pass me a torch,

And watch me set the world on fire.

Because I am a whole body full of gasoline.

A human being made of fuel, just searching for love.

A desperate lover with fire burning within, looking for a companion.

A hopeless romantic filled to brim, hoping for someone to burn forever with.

Because I am a whole body full of gasoline.

And I'm just waiting for the perfect "match."
We are like nature. Ever lasting.
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