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Cute in  
L'Oréal was
darter of
seeking trail
to open
her romance
in June
on a
fire of
sullen creek's
glen in
the moonlight
of entire
night with
whispering pines
motif this
ring vaunted.
A note with honor
Sharmila Juliet Nov 2019
Dont come near me
I am toxic to consume
Dangerous to let go.
Difficult to measure
How venomous I can be.
I live Entangle within me.
My life dipped in poison
Running all over my vein.
Would make you only numb
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"I fear of having my turbulent waves crash down upon you. I fear of having my chaos entangle you in it’s mess. I fear my darkness enwrapping, engulfing and entrapping you in it’s depths. I fear of leaving you bewildered by the cryptic words that slip my tongue."

- excerpt from an open letter
Devin Ortiz Mar 2019
All roads lead here, the Conduit says.
You cannot count the infinite paths.
To fathom every touch is madness.
But, brick by brick, time after time..

This place has written its own history.

How can it be so, in such a small plot,
To spin the tales of so many?

To be the grand hall of tears and joy,
misery and folly, hope and fear?

Who would we be without it?
How are we so bound to a singularity?

We must marvel at the commonness of it all.
We must marvel and be thankful.
We must marvel but not dwell.

All places, in all worlds are the shapers of creation.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
Peace and Tranquility is what existed before you came
But you stepped in once more
Making my heart create chaos with every rapid heartbeat
Leaving me indecisive between my fragile heart and wise mind every step of the way
You leave me ambivalent, conflicted, entangled within a cobweb of emotions and thoughts
Contradicting one another and tearing me apart
Aleeza Nov 2017
abandoned flower fields and the lazy afternoon sun
our footsteps falling into a steady rhythm
we are almost like music in this place of lost
and neither of us seem to remember

my fingers touch the edges of your hand
trying to establish a connection that I have long craved
and normally it is not okay
but this time you let mine fit in the spaces between yours

we find a place of solace and dry grass
you are a mere inches away but I am still afraid
still afraid of what this is
still unsure of what it may be

we’re both a little tipsy, I must admit
you lie down on the ground and count the grooves in my spine
and I try to think of something to say
but  all my years of words have failed me now

is it okay?
are we really okay?
because it has been a while
and a lot of things have changed
but I still don’t know if we are right

all they have said is that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be
this isn’t how things line up in their world
but we have a world of our own
and I would give anything to be entangled in it

this is the only time we can really escape
from the stares that will judge who we are
from the expectations that we never plan to meet
this is the only time that I can belong to you.
nova Sep 2014
your arms crawled upon my body like vines,
entagling me in a love
that was only fatal.

you made me soft at the edges,
you taught me to forget everything that made me

covering me up
and hiding me.
only taking me out when you needed someone.

no wonder i find it hard to speak.
i found that i really like comparing people to plants. i wonder if that has any meaning.

— The End —