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Oscar Valdez Aug 21
Everything of me hoist its sails to you. My heart and soul sail towards that land of yours that waits for me.
I wish to set anchor and swim towards your continent and lay my head on your mountains, run my fingers through your rivers, inhale the sweetness of your life.
As i journey through the roads of your body from your lips to your feet.
My boat called heart anchored to your world.
Out of my feet i made anchors, I sunk them into the depths of me.
Carved my name into the side of my weathered and bloodied flank.
Changed the bulb in my lighthouse mind, to guide my lost soul home.
Sailing the guilty-seas
as regret trickles down my spine
and unloads
its over-thought-husky-murky-thoughts
upon my shoulders.

My daily rations are here:
shame, regret and guilt.
They’re brewing me to the bone;
into a rotten broth.

My thoughts pace
backwards and forwards
from guilt —
for remaining stagnant,
one of the past.

For being recycled
in this unhealthy cycle.

It is a cycle
of forget me nots;
such vile fetters.

But no dose can
reverse the abused time,
the stutters-and-mutters
the time that slipped my grips
and the sins
that swallowed my innocence whole.

For remorse, guilt and shame
only anchor us back
unless we were to morph them
to fuel and experience
to propel us forward.
Lara Jul 18
like an anchor you kept me safe between the ocean waves
like and anchor you held me steady so I wouldn't drift away
like an anchor you chained me down
like an anchor you let me drown

Ash May 30
he has a brave soul
his obstinacy survived the shipwreck
the enthralled cabin boys on the deck
they tell him he is a hero
but only he remembers the weight of the anchor
some paladin he was when he hit ground zero
he can feel the salty smack of the sea on his lips
as he tried acutely to revive his ship
the intensity of water will haunt him
until someone convinces him that he is loved
and he will be loved
even without his Poseidon persona
right now, his amour propre is cuffed.
Kelly Hogan May 30
I didn't know
That the loss of you
Would stay weighted
Like an anchor on my heart.
And on the days I'm not strong enough
To keep it hoisted
It would come crashing down,
Dragging me into the depths of
maureen Apr 23
you seem like a complete stranger
when i find you at your most vulnerable
it's like i'm looking through eyes
dark, vast, unending,
that everything that's far behind your eyelids
seems so distant

when you're at your worst
and i'm struggling to find
the sense of familiarity;
my footsteps become cautious
every movement becomes uneasy
i would hold you with shaking hands

but i wouldn't mind
i would be here
and keep you close
and tell you to breathe
and offer myself to be your anchor
feel my heart against yours,

for even the stars themselves collapse sometimes.
lovely Mar 15
speak to me
when the silence steal my voice
when the water knocks me off my feet
when the wind knocks me down
when the hatred fills my heart
when the tears fill my eyes
you understand me
oh how you understand me
you’re my lighthouse in the darkness
my anchor of peace
i don’t have to look no further
for you are right in front of me
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