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The boat runs,
But the boat sinks.

The whales sing,
But they fly.

Where is the end of the world?
Where the ships sink,
and the fish fly to another dimension.

I walk, and walk
On the water.

But the end is never there.

And the whales,
they no longer sing.
LWZ Jan 29
You’re standing on my head
My face is flush
And wet
I’m sinking further into the cement
Until there’s nothing left

Benji Jan 17
Crushed to the core
sinking like an Anker
To the floor
Pull me from the depths
Drowning in the wreckage
Of a wounded heart
feel the blood from a punctured lung
Tears, Screams all around
Drifting in the water below
Breathing in water through your nose
But when you rise
You rose to fill every expectation
Everybody has an expiration date
this time I’m not gonna fight
to find a way out
Cuz I’m tired of being a fighter
Yeah hold up a lighter
in loving memory
of everything we shared
They gave me more than I could bare
and now there is no flare
to light the skies
God gave me hope, gave me strength to carry on
But you can only keep going on for so long
It was in the way she talked
And in the way she walked
That the poisonous fumes
From the scent of her perfume
Stunned and trapped me in your love
Got tricked into a trap
I’ll never escape from
Take a flying leap of faith
Into the ocean and rocks below
See if I can overcome the pain
The pain of the day she walked away
Swallow all my pride
learned everything from a beating heart
that shined so brightly in the dark
Nobody likes to be alone and apart
Yeah lock my love in your mind
Know that what was mine
you've inherited all of the stars tonight
because without you they just won’t shine
That means I’ll be walking blind
so light up everything we have inside
I’ll be your angel wings in flight
I’ll take you flying through the skies
yeah baby blue eyes
I called her baby blue eyes.

©2019 Written By Benji James
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2018
I fell in love twice the first time.
First pinching myself assuring the initial first.
The initial first I realized how silent love was.
Seeing all but hearing nothing.
This was my first kiss.
Coming into contact with a quiver my lips
have never before felt.
Falling in love twice.
Certain that I am uncertain of nothing.
Learning to speak a new language.
Lips poked out.
Exposed to foreign land.
Overlooking my feet.
My ship never before having sailed.
Day turned to night.
My heart stead fast.
Crashing against the ripple of tides.
The experience of something new,
Tides pulled by the hull of rubber soles.
Our arms like anchors.
Our feet hesitant, losing all feeling of finding ground.
Our tongue the cargo set to provide entry 
into things no longer forbidden.
Night reconstructs day.
The initial first of two times I fell in love.
Eyes closed.
Our breath becoming more shallow,
Passing through the canal of each others mouths.
Overlooking the side of my nose against hers.
An anchor dropped.
Chain link after chain link, plunged deep
Far from the shore of everything I knew.
My shoes soaked.
The pavement with every reason to worry.
Forever fractured.
This anchor falling faster and faster.
Without worry of kink
Olivia Nery Oct 2018
i really thought that you would notice
but you didn't know this
how could you

i guess i thought i didn't show it
maybe just a little bit
but i was wrong

i never thought that i would let you go
but i just had to let you know
that i could

but now
it seems i've lost my anchor
it seems i've lost my boat
i cannot see my future
and i cannot stay afloat

it seems i've lost my anchor
it seems i've lost my boat
i cannot find a shelter
and i cannot stay afloat
Amanda Oct 2018
Memory is an anchor
Dragging down my heart
This weight is slowly sinking me
I'm just not ready to part
Sometimes the very thing we are holding onto is what is holding us back
Glenn Currier Sep 2018
I know poetry is about words
and I do dote on words
I treasure digging up just the right one
to lay out on the carpet and let fly

but I wonder if
it would be well
to just dwell
in the heart space
in silence

to hold the object of my anger or irritation
in silence
surrounded by blood
and warmth
in the anchor of life

I have come to realize
poetry and its cousin prayer
are just as much
about the heart
as words.
Kora Sani Sep 2018
i anchor
to the back
of your mind
you wish
me away
but here
i still linger
her spirit
is there
today with
her dime
that fear
her face
like Nefertiti
but in
a garage
that fit
her sleeve
these peeves
roar her
suffrage but
shakes her
clams in
a menagerie
news scene
sarah Aug 2018
the marshland reminds me
of the soft feel of you

your smell, your warmth,
a solid presence against my back

the milkweed would bow to your existence,
in awe of the halo of sunlight
that seemed to encompass your form

the birds and the wind and the trees
do not dare disturb me
and all the evil things stay hidden
and unseen

they must know of you, My Protector
my anchor of flesh and bone
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