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There is one thing that you cannot replace on this world; the man and the sea,
A magical life runs on his veins, interconnected on the depths of its history.

The sea is a giver, it is a lullaby creeping on the shore. He is the sirens of the storm
If he could only reach me,
I would bear the anchor beneath the waves.

His eyes are sinking ships as the stars crashed on the sky; he is the embodiment  of a lost piece of your dreams,
the heart is as deep as the sea.

The time wouldn't keep us
but my words will linger deep in the sea.
Like holding it down for all causes,
my feet are at the ocean's floor.
And a sinking feeling has me stuck in it's depth.

Could barely swim to save myself,
how then do I save the others?
We're all drowning in something,
question is, how much can your lungs take?

One day we'll meet ashore,
and hop right on aboard again.
Hoping this time it isn't a sinking ship.
For we're all vessels,
with so many qualities of our feelings.

Every emotion you have,
comes with it due caution.
But why be afraid to show a bit,
at least to expose yourself?

I may be drowning now,
but I'm still dancing on my feet.
As we may feel like falling,
though to the ground our faces are yet to meet.

Lord in these very highs of despair,
I ask of you to hold me down.
Then again,
I'm much a fool to act as if you're not there.

Still I feel you attached to me. A Blue anchor.
Sydney Jan 22
Why do i feel like the thought of you is holding me down
like the weight of anchors in the sea

and you jumped ship and moved right along

but you've left me drowning beneath the surface
LC Dec 2020
when her heart flutters faster
than the wings of a hummingbird,
his steady heartbeat anchors her
to the solid ground underneath their feet.
eve Nov 2020
what gets you through
will always pull you out
no matter how hard
it feels
what gets you through
will always pave a way
for you
what gets you through
will always be there
for you
for what you feel
and for what you are.
Janna Orpa Nov 2020
She always kept it in.
No matter how much was thrown in her way she took it in.
She carried a heavy burden on her tiny shoulders.
A burden that always anchored her down.
She cried in silence hoping no one would see her tears.
She didn’t want to trouble them with her wounds.  
She masked her wounds, waiting for them to heal.
The scars never fade.
She kept it in, she hid it well.
They failed to understand her pure heart.
Michael R Burch Oct 2020
Yahya Kemal Beyatli translations

Yahya Kemal Beyatli (1884-1958) was a Turkish poet, editor, columnist and historian, as well as a politician and diplomat. Born born Ahmet Âgâh, he wrote under the pen names Agâh Kemal, Esrar, Mehmet Agâh, and Süleyman Sadi. He served as Turkey’s ambassador to Poland, Portugal and Pakistan.

Sessiz Gemi (“Silent Ship”)
by Yahya Kemal Beyatli
loose translation by Nurgül Yayman and Michael R. Burch

for the refugees

The time to weigh anchor has come;
a ship departing harbor slips quietly out into the unknown,
cruising noiselessly, its occupants already ghosts.
No flourished handkerchiefs acknowledge their departure;
the landlocked mourners stand nurturing their grief,
scanning the bleak horizon, their eyes blurring...
Poor souls! Desperate hearts! But this is hardly the last ship departing!
There is always more pain to unload in this sorrowful life!
The hesitations of lovers and their belovèds are futile,
for they cannot know where the vanished are bound.
Many hopes must be quenched by the distant waves,
since years must pass, and no one returns from this journey.

Full Moon
by Yahya Kemal Beyatli
loose translation by Nurgül Yayman and Michael R. Burch

You are so lovely
the full moon just might
in your rising,
as curious
and bright,
to vanquish night.

But what can a mortal man do,
but hope?
I’ll ponder your mysteries
and (hmmmm) try to

We both know
you have every right to say no.

The Music of the Snow
by Yahya Kemal Beyatli
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

This melody of a night lasting longer than a thousand years!
This music of the snow supposed to last for thousand years!

Sorrowful as the prayers of a secluded monastery,
It rises from a choir of a hundred voices!

As the *****’s harmonies resound profoundly,
I share the sufferings of Slavic grief.

Then my mind drifts far from this city, this era,
To the old records of Tanburi Cemil Bey.

Now I’m suddenly overjoyed as once again I hear,
With the ears of my heart, the purest sounds of Istanbul!

Thoughts of the snow and darkness depart me;
I keep them at bay all night with my dreams!

Translator’s notes: “Slavic grief” because Beyatli wrote this poem while in Warsaw, serving as Turkey’s ambassador to Poland, in 1927. Tanburi Cemil Bey was a Turkish composer. Keywords/Tags: Beyatli, Agah, Kemal, Esrar, Turkish, translation, Turkey, silent, ship, anchor, harbor, ghosts, grief, Istanbul, moon, music, snow
Norman Crane Sep 2020
how tranquil it would be
to sleep as deeply
as an anchor
at the bottom of the sea
Spadille Aug 2020
You are my anchor
Preventing me from drifting away

Securing me in place
Making me feel safe

I fear nothing now
Not even the harshest winds or currents

With you I am invincible
With you I can never go astray
Might contain some grammatical error
Gabs Aug 2020
I love you.

No. Shut up.
You don’t get to love me.
You don’t get to drown me in the sea of your fabricated passion,
Nor do you get to drag me through the gravel of your emotional inventions.
I see through your facade;
Your desperation to keep me close,
The fear of losing me rendering you incapable of rationality.
You convince yourself of these feelings
Yet in the process of fooling me,
You deceive yourself.
You ensnare me in the waves of your fiction,
But clasp your soul onto the crown of an anchor.

Keep lying to yourself.
Soon enough you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the ocean.
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