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Wyatt Jun 11
She makes a lustful face
in a skin-tight dress that
ends around the thighs.
Nights in low-lights
and scandalous sights that
the dignified call unsightly.
She makes several poses
while getting way too close,
it's just a strange world to me.
I know most guys **** for it,
but I don't think
it's everything it seems.
Don't get me wrong,
I see your appeal in a lot of ways
but if hearts need a key to get in
then why can't mine suffice the same?

Do your clothes have to fall off
just for me to get turned on?
Love shouldn't feel like a light switch.
I might take this all
way too seriously and
maybe I should sit back
and just enjoy your show.
They tell me
"Have fun, don't overthink it.
That's where you
went wrong the last three times."
Should I settle for a gorgeous face?
But appeal for me is better seen
when her eyes gleam
or when her laugh's genuine,
I see it in the things
she's passionate about.
Eventually I come back to my senses
and I say the same thing to myself,
a beautiful body is just a body
without a beautiful soul to match it.
This one is a bit more straight-forward. I hope it makes sense. This is a hypothetical situation, not based off of my real-life experiences.
I don't know what you have that makes me not to stop staring at you.
You have that appeal makes you attractive.
Your height and body is my ideal type.
You have that face that can be cute and ****.
Dear you, save me.
Another one is wrecking me,
Named V.
It all began, with magic
Let me guide you, home
In case, you forget
Genre: Micro Verse
Theme: Sincerely Yours
आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके ——२
दिदार करु आपका मे भरि मनसे
देखकर सरमाए लो व देखनेवाले

इस पलका आपको भी चाहत होगी मनमे
राँहाँे ढुड्ता हुए थक्ती होगी निगाहेँ
मनमे पुछनेको होगी हजार सवाले
देर नकरो, सिम्टादो अब ए सफर

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके
खामोस चेहरा आपका सरमाना मन्जुर नही
महोबत दिलमे हा तो खुुलाना जरुरी नही

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
साथी होडगे बहुत लेकिन चल्ना फिर्ना छोड्दोगे
साथ हमारी पाकर खाब सजाना भूलदोगे

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
बोल सक्ते लोग चाहे मनगडी बातेँ
रोक्ना मत चाल, आप बीच राँहोमे
आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके ——३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Appeal
George Krokos Dec 2018
It’s said that ‘a change is as good as a holiday’
though a holiday might be better than a change.
This depends really on one’s attitude some say
or what appeals to the person who is to arrange.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
awknight Oct 2018
echoes fall on my skin
like ripples of fear
a lonely gaze toward pattern
ignores the warmth behind my eyes
I trace the veins of my hand
rolling bones and tendons
a feeling of solace
the sound of my own breaking
under pressure I caused

a lilac touches the nape of my neck
soft and forgiving
a grace I do not grant myself
serenity found in chills
interrupting ripples
disturbing the disturbance
Of This Whelk Hooked Sluggish Autodidact

Nay, despite failing to make the grade,
     this bluesy well red, duff mute
     average white band hit,
     hard knock school alumnus
jack of all trades master of none bumped along

     *** hole cratered steep pitch
     while riding the bus
bullies skewered kosher me all, cannibalized
     carte blanche timid ego

     brandishing exacto knife
     threatening jugular, cuss
sing maniacally pulling out all stops
     going headstrong for this doofuss

Embracing premonition making me mincemeat
     vis a vis via, Atilla the *** plus
Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore
     after diet of worms

     as hors d'oeuvre hug guess
if given a choice, would prefer Loch Ness
monster, or the whale that swallowed Jonah,
     either t'would be a quite im press

heave feted feat, versus being poached,
      roasted, skewered burnt alive
perhaps sautéed to feed additionally,
     the Gothic (Jacks sin) five,
the latter adorned with

     Bandolier prototype, whence they would jive
to Vandals mess sigh ya,
     these last yet another contra band
     to play on command, or risk not being
     he gee beegee bing  a live

all thee above iterated blather spluttered
     as punishment against revive
ving human sacrifice by pence hoove lee donning
     a new jersey wordlessly trumpeting, and strive

ving assiduously as a one man lobbyist,
     and aye willingly negotiate
     to take more'n one wive

even though that would be big o' me decor,
thus a last minute reprieve given
     without axing por favor
and black keys handed over

     to Holy Roman Empire in ****
rubble ruins (over the Weeknd), thus brutish nasty,
     and short tempered surprisingly
     (boot not prematurely) ******* bon jour

foo fighters actually (grand
     aery an nah - did a three sixty)
     feting me guest of *** or,
boosting self esteem, the first time
     since being a kid in a candy store

which poetic digression
     did make quite a dee tour,
and bringing detente amidst marauding
     village people hoop reef furred war.
Ron Gavalik May 2018
The old cashier at the car dealership,
she chain-smoked skinny, long cigarettes
all day, every day.
Her voice sounded like a bullfrog
that recently learned how to curse and laugh.
The crease lines around her mouth
and the folds in her neck
conveyed a relaxed style, confidence
earned from a hard life
and dangerous choices.

Sometimes there were no customers
in front of the cashier’s window
and no mechanics busting her chops.
That's when she’d rest her elbows on the counter
and cradle a skinny cigarette
between ******* near her cheek.
That woman’s eyes would gaze outside,
glossed over in what looked like daydreams
about all those lovers, in their graves,
and their cliché widows
with their tiresome grandchildren
and their sanitized lives.

Back in the day,
men in gray suits and skinny ties
never could resist her,
but then again,
so few ever tried.
Ron Gavalik Mar 2018
A young woman stands on the sidewalk
in front of a vape shop.
Her long red hair is the dream
of desperate men
that flutters in the cool spring breeze.
She fiddles with her smartphone,
her thumb quickly scrolls screens
in an attempt to fight boredom.
She's waiting, waiting, waiting
for her next adventure,
but those skin tight yoga pants
and her filthy sneakers tell me
she has a long wait.
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