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not movies
not writing
not dreams
and-god forbid-in public.

but with you
i understand the appeal.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
You are
As **** as
Your thoughts

He had said me once
Genre: Experimental
Theme: May be that's it
I never
Like this

Well then
Let there be art
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
Like this

I woke up
White heart
White soul
White thought

Let no one contaminate
Thank you
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Dope
a bag
of skill
and time
is shrill
there to
bite the
beau with
antiseptic and
kiss the
blues away
the tear
to till
the tack
debonairly so
today is
solidarity my
honey bunch
a time to discuss
Arshu Jul 2020
I wrote this for myself,
not for its appeal,

you can say what you want,
but so can I feel

Freedom of speech,
that is written in ink

you can say what you want
and I can think what I think

Yell your opinion,
try to change my mind

try, try
to make me as blind

It’s my decision,
right to decide,

You can say what you want,
but so can I

Write what you want,
sing your choice of song

you can believe that you're right,
but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong

Just because you have the right to an opinion, doesn't mean I don't.
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong
You can think that your right
but that doesn't mean I'm wrong
I repeat that doesn't mean I'm wrong☺
Simon Oct 2019
Nonsense isn’t clear when self-induce becomes derogatory. Switching off claims to promote a zero-questioning start. Only for calamities to raise the bars of victory without circumstance. Pleading you to forget what you saw and repeat after me. Nonsense without structure, is relaxing too much. Does relaxing come after nonsense when zero questioning permits the struggle of structure? I digress for the infinite that is suggesting you relax when it comes to ******* interiors giving no rise to pressure that exceeds balance. Balance in the face of consequence. Consequence in the doubt of honor. Honor in the… WAIT! It’s nonsense, right? ALL OF IT!! EVERYTHING!!! Plain examples of zero switches without direction. Promoting the structure of pleading facts rubbing with calamities. Ruining what shouldn’t have been. Illusions! All of it. Claiming something, which isn’t a benefactor to logic raising circumstances toward rising the bars of victory. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Any of this ringing a bell people?! Good. Just relax and create your own structure. Even how awfully permitting to other appeals it might seem. Structure is without consequence. Relaxing about regular customs to oneself, permits the desire to act with a calm disposition. Everything being a confused debate of nonsense. Only adding nonsense over something that’s already a relaxing structure. Is structure without relaxation? Enough details… I’m out! Structure your own appeals?!
Pace yourself without claims to malice. Sharing views is good enough without all the NONSENSE! Clear your victories...PLEASE!
Wyatt Jun 2019
She makes a lustful face
in a skin-tight dress that
ends around the thighs.
Nights in low-lights
and scandalous sights that
the dignified call unsightly.
She makes several poses
while getting way too close,
it's just a strange world to me.
I know most guys **** for it,
but I don't think
it's everything it seems.
Don't get me wrong,
I see your appeal in a lot of ways
but if hearts need a key to get in
then why can't mine suffice the same?

Do your clothes have to fall off
just for me to get turned on?
Love shouldn't feel like a light switch.
I might take this all
way too seriously and
maybe I should sit back
and just enjoy your show.
They tell me
"Have fun, don't overthink it.
That's where you
went wrong the last three times."
Should I settle for a gorgeous face?
But appeal for me is better seen
when her eyes gleam
or when her laugh's genuine,
I see it in the things
she's passionate about.
Eventually I come back to my senses
and I say the same thing to myself,
a beautiful body is just a body
without a beautiful soul to match it.
This one is a bit more straight-forward. I hope it makes sense. This is a hypothetical situation, not based off of my real-life experiences.
I don't know what you have that makes me not to stop staring at you.
You have that appeal makes you attractive.
Your height and body is my ideal type.
You have that face that can be cute and ****.
Dear you, save me.
Another one is wrecking me,
Named V.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
It all began, with magic
Let me guide you, home
In case, you forget
Genre: Micro Verse
Theme: Sincerely Yours
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके ——२
दिदार करु आपका मे भरि मनसे
देखकर सरमाए लो व देखनेवाले

इस पलका आपको भी चाहत होगी मनमे
राँहाँे ढुड्ता हुए थक्ती होगी निगाहेँ
मनमे पुछनेको होगी हजार सवाले
देर नकरो, सिम्टादो अब ए सफर

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके
खामोस चेहरा आपका सरमाना मन्जुर नही
महोबत दिलमे हा तो खुुलाना जरुरी नही

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
साथी होडगे बहुत लेकिन चल्ना फिर्ना छोड्दोगे
साथ हमारी पाकर खाब सजाना भूलदोगे

आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
बोल सक्ते लोग चाहे मनगडी बातेँ
रोक्ना मत चाल, आप बीच राँहोमे
आजाव आप कभी फरियाद लेके
पायल छन्काके चुडीया गीत सुनाके ——३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Appeal
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